Zoo Wars-Wisconsin Alert~Stop the Ban


At Issue: Bill would prohibit personal possession of dangerous exotic animals

From the comments:
Bob Oblak

1.  Radical Animal Rights groups such as PETA and HSUS are steamrolling their  “model legislation” through our “legislature”. The HSUS lobbying documents for  our state were recently made public, and it shows that HSUS bribed the key  legislators pushing this bill with $1000+ “campaign contributions”, for a total  of $28,000, so far, and this bill hasn’t even moved out of the committee yet, so  we expect them to throw even more money at this. Our government is nothing but  an  Organized Crime Syndicate that sells out the taxpayers to any special  interest group that throws cash their way. The legislature must be completely  devoid of any sense of shame to sell out the taxpayers so cheaply. The state  capitol has been turned into a house of prostitution. Our so-called legislators  are nothing more than corrupt whores to the lobbyists that own state  government.

2. Deer, Dogs, Horses, and Cattle cause more harm/death per  year in our state than all captive  ‘wild and exotic animals’ do nationally.  I  contacted our state dept. of vital records that keeps statistics on all causes  of death and injury and they told me there has not been any cases of any captive  exotic/wild animal incidents in over 15 years in this state, and that it would  be difficult to retrieve older records, but they think there was also little to  nothing prior to that. They did say that the primary animal causes of death and  injury in this state is car/deer collisions (~15 deaths, numerous nonfatal  injuries-we need more wolves to thin the herd), dogs (in 2013, there were over a  dozen serious high-profile dog attacks that resulted in around 3 deaths and at  least a dozen serious disfiguring and life-changing injuries in WI, in addition  to the usual “run of the mill” biting the mail carrier (~30 bites just in the  metro milwaukee area, according to a USPS report), and routine less-serious  bites (~1000/year statewide)

3.  This legislation would cause an increase  in workload for city and county employees, which would most likely call for  hiring more employees at a time we’re supposed to be trimming our  budget.

4.  Dangerous large animals like lions, tigers, etc. are already  federally regulated, and are also prohibited on the local level in all WI  municipalities.

5.  Just because other states have these laws does not  make it necessary for WI to create them as well. I have lived in WI for over  sixty years, and at no time in my residency have I come across anyone who has  seen any animals on this list.

6.  You may have heard that the reason we  need it is due to the ‘incident in OH’ – that happened in 2011. There is nothing  in the proposed legislation that would  prevent such an incident from  occurring.

Wisconsin does not have a ‘dangerous animal’ problem. There  are plenty of other things the legislature could/should address to make things better for the state. This bill is not one of them

The Article:

In a nutshell

Under current law, a person generally can’t possess a wild animal that is native to Wisconsin without a license from the state Department of Natural Resources. There are certain exceptions to that for some animals, including chipmunks, pigeons and mice, and for some organizations and groups, such as zoos, circuses and veterinarians.

But the law, in general, doesn’t apply to wild animals that aren’t native to Wisconsin, unless they are endangered or threatened and native to the United States or Canada — or considered harmful.

A bill that the Legislature is considering would essentially prohibit the possession, propagation and sale of dangerous exotic animals, including big cats such as lions and tigers, non-native bears, apes like gorillas and chimpanzees, alligators and crocodiles. Organizations like zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, and research facilities would be exempt.

The bill, AB 703, which was introduced by state Rep. Warren Petryk, R-Eleva, would also prohibit people from allowing a member of the public to come in direct contact with a dangerous exotic animal, and would require the owner of the animal to notify local law enforcement if the animal escapes.

Anyone who already possesses these types of animals at the time the bill passes would be able to keep them if the person registers the animal in the municipality where they are kept.

The case for it

The Humane Society of the United States says that the law is needed because Wisconsin is one of only six states with few or no laws about keeping dangerous wild animals as pets. The group says that private individuals lack the expertise needed to safely and humanely house these animals and provide for their specific needs.

Melissa Tedrowe, the group’s Wisconsin state director, said: “There are certain animals that belong in the care of trained professionals, both for public safety and the welfare of the animals.”

Tedrowe noted that the bill has bipartisan support and the backing of a broad base of public safety and animal welfare organizations. Other groups that are registered in favor of the bill include the Wisconsin Counties Association and the Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

The case against it

No one is registered in opposition to the bill.

To get involved

To contact your lawmaker about this or any other bill, call the legislative hotline, which is staffed from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. weekdays at 608-266-9960 or 800-362-9472. To send an email, go to the Legislature’s website at legis.wisconsin.gov, select “Assembly” or “Senate” and then “Email directory.”
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~ by topcatsroar on March 4, 2014.

6 Responses to “Zoo Wars-Wisconsin Alert~Stop the Ban”

  1. Wow… we REALLY need a serious pro exotic animal ownership group, REXANO and UAPPEAL are great and all but they have no real power… we need to convince someone with real money to give one of those groups serious financial backing capable of taking on PETA and HSUS

    • Exactly but you’re talking about going against well capitalized lobbying groups with legal teams of their own as well as support from ALDF. The republican party is against Agenda 21 yet fails to recognize that Maurice Strong-author of Agenda 21 is an HSUS board member and gave NFP, non-government agencies powers against private citizens and their property…Problem is-no one wants to hear it and treats Agenda 21 as if it’s a myth yet we are loosing civil liberties more and more. All animal owners and lovers should be on alert as ownership is becoming quickly of question…even non ownership when you read that an 81 year old lady with medical problems remains in jail for feeding crows for crying out loud…I hope her family sues the judge!!!

  2. Yes but why isnt there a pro pet group as powerful or more powerful than them? Owning pets is so common that it has become human instinct, a part of our nature, why would anyone challenge it? Its crazy and the large majority of americans would agree. We have most people on our side, but they are uninformed and not at all involved. There are other groups that represent extremely common activities, (taxpayer groups and such) why dont we have a major one for pet ownership? And most importantly, what are the few small organizations we do have doing about bills like this? And why arent they appealing and trying to change laws in places that already have passed laws like this? We need to go on offense and try to repeal bad laws, not just play shitty defense and only “advocate” to whoever will listen when our rights are attacked and stand back as theyre steamrolled right in front of us.

    • You ask about pro pet group- TX-RPOA is pro animal welfare (If you live in Texas I recommend supporting this group!!! HSUS/THLN are busy expanding in TX-I don’t know what part of Texas you are from but law enforcement that can’t solve real crime or has little to no crime needs reason for grants and such-think about that!!!) All states have RPOA groups but they are not as well capitalized as these animal rights groups that are basically nothing more than lobbying groups, and when people are led to believe that so much cruelty exists when it doesn’t, then there is no pro-pet concerning bad laws and statutes really…no one likes cruelty so if their platform is against animal cruelty (and therefore promoting cruelty) people get behind the law believing the BULLSHIT-There never has been a public safety issue…mere ownership does no indicate a public safety issue or a cruelty issue-Humaniacs want you to believe otherwise…You fight these laws then they say you support cruelty-BULLSHIT!!! -But they win now don’t they!!! The cruelty law has no lawful directive…ALL OF IT IS CORRUPT!!! TX-Health and Safety Code 821 et seq is not only unconstitutional, but does nothing to stop cruelty-it’s civil for crying out loud…People are so dumb as to believe that the taking of animals has a thing to do with the treatment of animals.
      The Penal Code addresses a crime of animal cruelty but that too has no proper directive. So if you refer back to state laws then warrants become general and seizing unlawful…There is nothing specific about “All animals alive dead and unborn” And they all claim deplorable even if the floors were freshly mopped and the litter boxes cleaned and/or the cages clean with fresh food and water…Let the name calling begin…These laws were not created to address long nails or dirty teeth…they were created to address intentional animal cruelty…How can they address intentional cruelty when there is none and people having recently entered the county with an entire sanctuary with all the supplies to build an educational facility!?! And can not be explained or addressed to the court that simply…That’s why people have lawyers yet lawyers will not touch these cases or shy away from them in Texas!!! I imagine there is a lack of education and/or skill…easier chasing ambulances…etc…my only explanation of it…

      • Thanks, I live in waco and I support the RPOA all the way, im just saying they dont have enough pull in these fights because our side is losing all the time, I want to own exotic animals someday but it looks like soon they wont be legal anywhere! Its down to only a handful of states as it is. All the pro-pet/pro-exotic groups are so much smaller than all the ones against us. Even when going to the websites of many of these groups they just dont look as professionally designed as the big animal rights sites. And do these groups even lobby the legislators? I think they mostly just provide information about the cause. And its probably because of lack of funds, I wish I had the money to give but I don’t, and its likely that nobody else currently active in this cause does either. The exotic animal “industry” consists mostly of small breeders, dealers and farmers and a few trainers and performers and the like, theres no major money in it so its hard to get it funded, but who are most of animal rights’ supporters? (Stereotyping here) probably jobless vegan hippies, so how do they get money and become so powerful? Through massive fundraising campaigns. Our groups need to do the same, people dont think of pet ownership as a political issue, if they knew there were groups actually against owning pets (which most people do) they would be shocked and completely against them, the problem is that right now they believe these groups are helping animals. We have to get the truth out somehow, but our groups are not able to do it, someone somehow needs to raise enough money to fund a massive truth campaign about bad laws, animal rights craziness, and how HSUS is actually a scam. Once people know, funding will come, and funding will slow down to the AR groups (hopefully) then we will be able to take them on in courts and advertisement campaigns

      • There’s not enough support-and limits to the number of lobbyists…then there’s the local ordinances to deal with…Texas is being bombarded by all animal rights extremists organizations-HSUS/THLN are major contributors to the problems concerning animal ownership-with members broad reaching. Pro-Animal groups do not have the support of attorneys in Texas as they should considering so man are breeding, have exotics, or trophy hunters… Animal Rights is ALL legal-what do they know or even care about proper animal welfare when the best they can come up with is long toe nails on a dog and win a cruelty case…more than just my case here that I am referring to…While animals become associated with family they are and always will remain as property…although one state has now given animals rights-which is wrong on many levels…but hey, used to be you got in trouble at school, you were punished Today, the same offense they make an arrest and haul the kid to juvie…then hold the parents responsible and to top it off, when they get it wrong, it costs to correct and file suit…not to mention all this crap costs the taxpayer…The average John and Jane Doe do not realize what’s going on. Maybe the dog is having puppies…the cat got out and having kittens, there’s a fish bowl with a goldfish so they could easily be accused of being a puppy mill especially if they keep those puppies and those kittens and lord knows that was cruel confinement for the goldfish…YES, It is all that absurd…
        Now I knew things were going on but had no idea that it had escalated to such a degree where this country is allowing abuse of the law and it’s citizens!!! I find it sickening that instead of doing educational shows right now I am educating about laws and abuse of the law to steal animals.
        The government has no interest in animals-the whole entire problem leads back to control…We either allow it or fight against it…

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