Love a Happy Ending…The Kennel Owner Will NOT Be Charged!!!

So the sheriff in upper New York State bends because of having to answer to a few extra phone calls and makes an agreement with the breeder if he will surrender a few of his dogs…Breaks that agreement and goes in for the rest of the dogs-of course he did…they were threatening to sue the county/town…whatever…

What Bullshit-that goes both ways as some counties have found out. Doesn’t work that way…either they have an agreement or they don’t…Clearly a message here:

Never accept a ‘deal’ thinking they will do as they state they will and most certainly the lesson to be learned!!!  

Spencer County rocks and owes it all to the Spencer County Judge Executive Bill Karrer for making the right call!!! Too bad other judges don’t know how to think for themselves and do the right thing for citizens living in or have just moved to the county…after all, who has the bigger lawsuit-The guy they abused or some Animal Rights Nazi Gestopos?!? Lesson to be learned!!!

Vicious Animal Rights Nazi Gestopos that promote animal cruelty have messed with the wrong judge and A/C. I hope they both live up to their word on this…time will tell…some have not…

Links of interest:


Spencer Co. kennel owner won’t be charged

Pictures of alleged animal abuse in Spencer County are making the rounds on the internet. But county officials are standing by their decision not to charge the owner.

The photos show dogs chained up outside in frigid temperatures, kennel floors covered in ice and water dishes frozen over.

The images have gained so much attention, an online petition to shut the breeder down has nearly 3,000 signatures in only a few days.

But the person those thousands are trying to convince — Spencer County Judge Executive Bill Karrer — says the breeder has done nothing wrong.

“I don’t see any animals up there whose lives seem to be in danger,” said Karrer. “I did not see the filthiness that people were trying to portray, it just wasn’t there.”

Karrer says he visited breeder Laura Pope last week, and again Monday, and believes the photos are some what disingenuous.

“Here’s this frozen dish, yeah but right next to that dish was a dish of heated water that wasn’t frozen. So that was unfair to be singled out that way.”

He also said although adult dogs were kept outside, they all appeared to have access to shelter and puppies were kept in heated kennels.

“Puppies are in igloos with heat lamps–and in some cases even have heat pads.”

The petition describes dogs “in filth and soaked in urine, their own feces, and even blood from fights.”

It also vividly describes the scene as you enter Pope’s property.

“Dogs upon dogs line both the left and right side of the gravel road. Big dogs chained with heavy metal chains, poor constructed shelters made from wooden pallets, tin roofing on some, and buckets of solid frozen water. It’s not hard to tell the dogs have been here for quite some time. Giant wear marks in the ground recount the dog’s footsteps as they have paced back and forth, back and forth. No grass beneath their feet. Only mud, snow, and ice.”

But animal control says, from what they see, Pope isn’t breaking any laws.

“Myself, I think there are too many dogs,” said Nolan Bryant with K-9 Rescue and Enforcement. “But there is nothing the county says that she can’t have that many dogs.”

And Pope is no stranger to the law. According to court records, she was convicted on one count of animal cruelty in 2004. The conviction came after a judge allowed Pope to take an Alford plea on 95 charges of animal cruelty in the second degree.

Because of that, Bryant said he put a pending kennel license on hold once complaints started rolling in.

“Once all this came up, with the issue that happened ten years ago, we wanted to proceed with caution, make sure what we were doing was correct,” said Bryant.

He has yet to cash her check for the kennel license, and said they will continue to investigate. But at this time, it is likely she will get her license renewed because county officials don’t believe she is in violation of county ordinance.

“What it boils down to for us, is not what I think or like, but what’s legal,” said Karrer.

Current Spencer County ordinances do not put a limit on the number of dogs one can possess.

Although it does rule against tying dogs up for over ten hours a day, Karrer admitted that ordinance is almost impossible to enforce.

“For me to know that, I would have to monitor it for 24 hours or better. And that becomes unenforceable,” said Karrer.

Karrer added that the city continues to watch the situation closely.

“It’s not a dead issue, we will continue to monitor and investigate the situation,” said Karrer.

Spencer County officials aren’t the only ones “okay” with Pope’s breeding practices. Just this past September, the American Kennel Club found her in compliance with organization standards.


“What it boils down to for us, is not what I think or like, but what’s legal,”-not all law enforcement or judges and prosecutors think alike that’s for sure!!!

[So the fu*king judge took all the animals in a case he never should of heard in the first place…but listened to what his advisor told him he could do…Decisions were made to be reversed…It WILL BE reversed-Sometimes the government just won’t/can’t win…Even against pro se litigants especially when the suffering continues and what they did was 100% WRONG!!!…Judges with no jurisdiction; another judge errd -all will be exposed in due time…]

NEVER EVER make an agreement with the devil (lying BASTARD)l!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 26, 2014.

4 Responses to “Love a Happy Ending…The Kennel Owner Will NOT Be Charged!!!”

  1. That “situation” doesn’t belong to them to monitor or do anything about, and they’re well off their reservation. Do they have any concept of how stupid they look?

    • Guess not but then again when others infringe on the rights of others then we get a full blown situation at TAXPAYER expense!!! They confiscate a car for example-The government has an ‘interest’ in that car. The government seizes animals and there is no government interest -the interest is FOR whom will receive those animals…the same ones who filed the complaint and assisted in the seizure. Of course the very same group is promoting animal cruelty as their main mission all along…unless they recently change their mission-doesn’t matter when you’ve screen shot all of it…or use the programs to bring it all back up although it was deleted…After all, nothing is ever really deleted off the Internet now is it!?! -B

  2. About time! And boy oh boy does this not coordinate well with another case which is going on now in another state. This crap should not be allowed to happen. THIS IS AMERICA! And we need to be able to hold our heads high and know that justice will prevail! This has not been the case in most of the accused animal cruelty cases I have followed, but it appears to be turning around for a few! Woohoo!

    • Time will tell…Actually, A/C officers would prefer to start handling things the old fashioned way rather than abusing people with claims of animal cruelty and going thru that process thru court. It’s messy, expensive to the taxpayers and totally unnecessary. Any excuse for not providing someone with enough time to rectify a situation, I consider unacceptable and considering that the majority of these cases are not even issuing proper search warrants and hearing people state that they never received a citation before seizure is alarming. Even more discerning is all the media coverage which ends up destroying lives and frankly I am wondering what right the fu*king right the media has in TRESPASSING on PRIVATE PROPERTY WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM ANYONE TO CROSS THAT LINE FOR A NEWS STORY!!!-Especially with posted n trespassing signs-apparently it is NOT a state tort but instead an abuse of discretion (1983)…as it is a criminal offense.

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