The Killing of Retail Rescue Pets~Seized Animals

Not much of a rescue when they kill the animals they are saying they rescued!!! I’m familiar with this mentality-Boy am I!!! When animals have something treatable and no member of the public is in any danger, there is a moral obligation of the rescue group as well as the vet who assumed the responsibility!!! No excuse is acceptable when 1/3 or 1/2 (or MORE) of the animals are killed!!! These are the vets you do not want to have work on Rover that’s for sure and humane societies or rescues you do not want to support!!! 

Animal advocates call for Wake Pound director’s resignation over killing of “rescued” cats 

When more than 90 cats were taken from the home of Raleigh resident Carol De Olloqui earlier this month, Wake County pound director Julie Federico, DVM, decided to kill 60 of them. Now animal advocates are calling for her resignation.

Dr. Federico said the cats were suffering from upper respiratory disease, and several were emaciated and dehydrated, had ringworm and/or nails grown into their feet. All of these conditions are treatable, as Dr. Federico, a veterinarian, should know. But instead of sheltering them, Dr. Federico killed them.

In their petition, the advocates point out several other factors that they believe were not taken into account before the mass cat killing:
◾Ms. De Olloqui was physically restrained and not allowed to provide veterinary documentation to support each animal
◾Four of Ms. De Olloqui’s personal cats were destroyed
◾Four of the cats present on the property at the time of the raid were being held as a courtesy for an owner that recently lost her home in a fire
◾Several of the cats euthanized were under various area veterinarians’ care. The veterinarians were available but not allowed to present any documentation at the time of the raid
◾Several of the cats euthanized were the property of other rescues
◾Calvin’s Paws Rescue and many other rescue fosters were in route to Ms. De Olloqui’s home to retrieve animals and provide them with shelter but were turned away. Many are approved partners of Wake County Animal Shelter.
◾Ms. De Olloqui granted access to Dr. Frederico and her team into the home of her own accord
◾Calvin’s Paws Rescue is an approved partner of the Wake County Animal Shelter

Dr. Federico deflected the blame for her pound’s killing of the cats onto Ms. De Olloqui. But while Ms De Olloqui almost definitely had more cats in her home than she could properly care for, those cats were alive when Federico took them, which means they all had a chance at health and a home where they were loved. Dr. Federico took away any chance of that by choosing to kill them.

Killing is the ultimate form of violence. While cruelty and suffering are abhorrent, while cruelty and suffering are painful, while cruelty and suffering should be condemned and rooted out, there is nothing worse than death, because death is final. An animal subjected to pain and suffering can be rescued. A traumatized animal subjected to savage cruelty can even be rehabilitated, as the dog fighting case against football player Michael Vick demonstrates. Dogs who the Humane Society of the United States lobbied to have killed because they claimed they were dangerous as a result of the abuse went on to loving, new homes and some even became therapy dogs, bringing comfort to cancer patients. Where there is life, there is hope, but death is hope’s total antithesis. It is the eclipse of hope because the animals never wake up, ever. It is the worst of the worst–a fact each and every one of us would immediately and unequivocally recognize if we were the ones being threatened with it.” ~Nathan Winograd, “Animal Lovers Need Not Apply.”

This is not the first time Dr. Federico has been quick to choose death for a pet who had other options. Almost a year ago, Danielle Miller says Wake pound staff assured her they would find a home for her dog Tucker. Instead, they killed him 45 minutes after his arrival, despite having told her in two previous phone calls that Tucker was doing just fine. “I told them I was coming back to get him, and they said, ‘Don’t bother. He’s already dead.’ I said there must be some mistake.”

Dr. Federico said the 45 minutes Tucker was given to “chill out” in his scary and strange new environment was actually longer than she and her staff usually give pets before deciding to end their lives.

Also during Dr. Federico’s watch: earlier this year a volunteer who had previously been a full-time employee was charged with molesting at least four dogs at the pound after he reportedly went to a website that features bestiality and posted at least three photos of himself having sex with dogs.

Previous Wake pound director Dennis McMichael resigned after three months on the job amid controversy, including the killing of a TV station’s Pet of the Day on the same day the dog, Sassy, appeared on the newscast.

Wake County pound staff killed almost 50% of the dogs and cats who came into during 2012.


Animals in USDA approved transport cages is not a reason to seize animals…Animals that were judged due to their confinement in USDA approved cages and cages sold for pet containment is not reason for a single animal to be killed…Not having space in a clinic is not a reason to KILL…Agreeing to care for the seized animals and killing 1/3 the following day is completely unacceptable!!! To KILL without testing is unacceptable especially if treatable and no threat to the public…So why are vets getting away with it and then complaining when and how the public finds out about it if they believe they were justified in the killing??? These Angels of Death should not be caring for any animal; not anywhere.

The Angel of Death’s clinic is closed (not that I know why) and hope not putting her filthy hands on another animal…Then again the Humane Society of Marion County’s building is now going up…The founder and president of The Humane Society of Marion County actually helped and watched the vet do it (APPROVED you might say)…This is completely unacceptable, unreasonable and disgusting yet, they move right along and improperly housing animals themselves as all they can provide is outdoor chain link caging or to take animals to the next county’s animal control where most have been killed (guess the Humane Society in the next county will not accept animals from them-I would not be surprised as this pushy woman moves right along promoting animal cruelty as their mission -NOW they have changed on their FB page-gee I wonder why and why all the posts have been removed-looks like a dead page…kind of like the animals they took responsibility of-GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN…) Giving the Sheriff a Humanitarian Award for looking the other way and helping-OMG!!!…even more unacceptable; especially while falsely accusing people for animal cruelty (Do not bear false witness against thy neighbor and he is/was my neighbor with a free pass to the “county Hilton”-Beware of the “Welcome Wagon”!!!)

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions  of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 25, 2014.

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