message from TX-RPOA~Sea World and dog/cat breeders

>From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
February 25, 2014

Sea World is an inspiration to all animal owners who must address lies from
the Animal Rights Movement. Counter aggressively with the truth!

Excellent blog from “Animal Agriculture Alliance:”
Excerpts Only: (See Link for more info.)

Blackfish” – a downright misleading documentary profiling Sea World and
their animals, mostly focusing on their killer whales.

The ultimate message of all of SeaWorld’s efforts is abundantly clear: This
film is not an objective, science-based portrayal, but rather a piece of
emotional propaganda perpetuated by animal-rights activists masquerading as
Sound familiar?

So what’s the secret to SeaWorld’s success? Well, I would say for starters
their approach was bold. No guts, no glory–and guts were definitely key to
this equation.

We [Ag Community] haven’t always come out on top. Instead, we sometimes
stick with the “Ostrich” approach to crisis: burying our heads in the sand
and waiting for the storm to pass.

Sure, SeaWorld, when faced with this negative publicity could have rolled
over and played dead, but it didn’t. The fine folks at Sea World recognized
that the documentary was ridiculous and that they had truth on their side.
So they launched a full-scale, and dare I say “aggressive” counter campaign.
And the results are nothing short of inspirational.
Oh, and did I mention that all the major film festivals won’t be awarding
BlackFish any acclaim?
(See link above for rest of story.)
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