HSUS spends 5 months in TX “undercover”

Now this is what I would classify as extreme BULLSHIT from HSUS/THLN/ASPCA and to has to stop…Maybe we need a demonstration at the capital next January!!!


>From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
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February 21, 2014

The HSUS “Whack A Breeder” Campaign rolls along!
Is this insane, or not?

HSUS has no authority to police any animal owners in Texas, but recently
“investigated” 19 pet stores (and flea markets) across Texas, demanding
names of breeders — the source of their puppies for sale. Flea market
puppy sales are already illegal in San Antonio and many cities. But the
HSUS linkage is obvious and so are the lies.
Thanks to this notice from Sue Cone: A must see video at:
Animal advocates go undercover to expose Texas puppy sellers
by Phil Anaya / KENS 5
San Antonio, TX

“Buying a dog or puppy is supposed to be exciting, but that can all
change when the animal you purchase turns out to be sick.
The Humane Society of the United States said that often happens because
people aren’t aware of where dogs come from when purchasing a puppy from a
third party like a pet store, flea market or even online.
That’s why HSUS spent five months in Texas conducting an undercover
investigation. The non-profit said the goal of the investigation is to
expose where puppy sellers get their dogs from.
“Often times pet store owners don’t give the information about the
origins of the dogs to the consumers, or they outright lie about the origins
of these puppies that they sell in their stores,” said Melanie
Kahn of HSUS.

Kahn spoke to KENS 5 via Skype about the HSUS investigation. HSUS also
provided KENS 5 with their undercover video inside pet shops around Texas.
Some of the video shows pet store employees not telling HSUS investigators
where puppies come from, or breeder information …..
The investigation of HSUS itself has begun by IRS. We can play that game
too!  [Bloggers note: WooHoo!!!]

HSUS, Texas Humane Legislation Network (the HSUS affiliate) and ASPCA have
already turned in over 400 Texas breeders’ names and websites to Texas
Department of Licensing & Regulation that RPOA knows of; triggering the
$1,000 “Breeder Bounty” investigations. Most Texas hobby breeders are under
the requirement to be licensed.

According to HSUS, San Antonio pet shops are “good” only if they sell
puppies from Animal Care Services, where Parvo and Distemper reign.

However the countdown is on until the Texas Legislature convenes in January!
So HSUS is working the media as usual in preparation and has publicly
announced their dissatisfaction with the “weak” USDA rules for administering
HB 1451. USDA regulations weak? Another lie.

The California Superior Court of Los Angeles County has ordered “Barkworks,”
a Los Angeles area pet store chain, to disclose their source of puppies for
sale … settlement stemmed from years of Best Friends Animal Society
harassment of Barkworks. Sounds similar to Petland in Texas.
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2 Responses to “HSUS spends 5 months in TX “undercover””

  1. As usual, another great and informative blog! The HSUS and others have no business, I mean NO BUSINESS harassing pet storeowners in Texas! Or any other state! This is a shame and a disservice to the citizens of Texas and of the USA. The HSUS and others including the cult led Best Friends Animal Society, PETA, ASPCA and other such organizations that “go after and destroy animal related businesses in order to take control of them and dictate what YOU THE PUBLIC can choose from as your next pet” are WAY out of hand! They most usually are not legally connected with nor have they had any law enforcement experience or training, although they swarm in like blackbirds on unsuspecting animal owners, followed by the media. The AR folks are on TV describing the “deplorable conditions” and show and filming the next door neighbors property, property next to the area where animals are kept, literally manipulating the scene prior to the arrival of the media and cameras other than their own…..Then they confiscate the animals, the media allows them to speak of how bad the situation is and describe in their scripted words, then say the owner would not answer the door to speak with them. Does anyone ever wonder why? The owner is devastated! The owner loves their animals in most cases, they are tearful and UNABLE to MUTTER a word to anyone as the AR’s take over their world. Then they read or see where the “rescuers are being “busted” themselves and the animals they supposedly rescued are in much worse filth and confinement! What does this have to do with HSUS, etal? They who blame all the evil of the animal related world on the breeders and or the puppy store?…people are IGNORANT! And I mean that in the real meaning of the word! Uneducated as to what really goes on when these organizations target a breeder or pet store or rescue who isn’t paying their dues! They are NOT as they appear, and the wolf in sheep’s clothing fits them all so very properly! Hopefully, they are ripping the seams a bit in those sheep outfits with recent EXPOSURES! We can only hope AND pray! I, too used to believe their lies and rhetoric, NO LONGER! I KNOW for a fact and have researched high and low! These folks actually REHEARSE their “LINES” and practice before they go out to do their thieving and devastating! There is proof! And it will come out! The members will stop at nothing to achieve their goals of animal extinction! To them lying, cheating, killing a few, throwing things around and even hauling junk in to “doctor” the scene to go with their agenda is all justifiable as long as they get the animals to sell and can destroy another breeder, seller, etc. Get rid of the competition! I MUST SAY, THEY HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB IN THE PAST, BUT I DO THINK THEY ARE BEING CAUGHT UP WITH AS OF LATE! Some of these animal owners are standing up and fighting them no matter what in many different states! Kudos…..I urge you whom read this blog to research yourself and keep in mind what you read here on this blog!

  2. Next I suppose they’ll be going undercover at meat markets, to force butchers to reveal the names of the farmers who provided the cows, pigs, and chickens whose products are on the shelves. Then every pair of leather shoes will also need a label giving the name of the farmer, and animal, the leather came from. Why stop there? Milk will need to have the farmer’s name, and the name or number of the cow that gave the milk in that particular carton/bottle. Same with eggs, cheese, and ice cream.

    One thing in particular I noticed about that article (linked in the blog):
    “HSUS said it went to 19 pet stores and flea markets across Texas. During that time HSUS claims it came across 400 puppies at 24 shelters near those sites.”

    Notice the 400 puppies were at 24 shelters, not the pet stores and flea markets HSUS went to. They don’t say what they found at the stores and flea markets. That’s like saying I went to Walmart and counted 2,000 cars in neighboring parking lots. I have no idea what the shelter dogs have to do with the store dogs, unless that’s supposed to mean they want you to skip the doggie in the window in favor of a mutt behind bars.

    By the way, did HSUS do squat to help those 24 shelters? Whaddayathink? Spend some of Pacelle’s retirement money on them? ROFLMAO!! You wish!

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