YIPPEE-YAHOO!!!~Oklahoma investigation!~HSUS

Another call for investigation into HSUS…Anyone connected to HSUS and GFAS and other affiliates-Countless number of affiliates-they all need to go down for the illegal SCAMS for donations and WRONGFUL use of donation money!!! Too bad Texas allowed HSUS sister organization THLN to invade the state…


Oklahoma to investigate the HSUS

Big news out of the Sooner State: Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt announced yesterday that his office will investigate the fundraising of the Humane   Society of the United States. Speaking to the state farm bureau, Pruitt  said:

“I think there are many across the state of Oklahoma when they give to the Humane Society they think it’s going to local concerns. They believe they are actually benefiting an organization that helps make sure animals are taken care of locally and at the state level. And there’s a concern that that is not happening. As those dollars go nationally, there is a concern, perhaps, that they’re not coming back.”

That’s absolutely true. Our polling has found that most of the public—and even HSUS donors—think that money given to HSUS largely   helps shelter pets. You know—the cats and dogs that HSUS liberally stuffs its   fundraising appeals with.

Instead, only 1 percent of HSUS’s budget is given to local shelters.

The case seems airtight. You have the ads with dogs and cats that give off the impression that HSUS is   all about rescues and finding homes for animals, and you have the outcome of   what HSUS’s own donors think. In fact, most HSUS donors we polled think HSUS misleads people.

However, we’re sure   HSUS—which employs dozens of lawyers in-house with the money it deceptively raises—will try to weasel its way out of any accountability for its manipulative fundraising by saying that it never actively made misleading statements. But according to the Federal Trade Commission, “Most deception involves written or oral misrepresentations, or omissions of  material information.” (Emphasis added.)

Omission of material   fact—such as an ad that does not have a disclaimer that HSUS is not affiliated with local humane societies and that HSUS does not run a single pet shelter. According to copies of TV ads we received, between Jan. 2009 and Sept. 2011 about 99% of HSUS’s ads did not have a disclaimer that it is independent from local humane societies.

A full investigation into the nitty-gritty is necessary and timely. General Pruitt has taken a bold, and necessary, step toward keeping HSUS accountable. At the very least, the outcome will hopefully result in significant monies going from HSUS to Sooner shelters, which is likely where Oklahomans thought it was going in the first place.




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~ by topcatsroar on February 19, 2014.

7 Responses to “YIPPEE-YAHOO!!!~Oklahoma investigation!~HSUS”

  1. Been wondering where you were on this one, Top Cat! Yee-HAW for the Attorney General in Oklahoma for sure!

  2. YAY!

    Now to get people who have been the victims of “seizure scams” to send in complaints to their states attorney generals office regarding fraudulent fundraising by the so-called “rescues” who steal the seized animals, collect “sympathy” or “pity” donations on some of them, then kill some of the animals after every last penny of donation money has been squeezed out of well-meaning people, and then they sell the other animals and profit even more.

    • EVERYONE who has had an animal seized is a victim when there is no intentional cruelty…When their animals were lost to civil forfeiture-many with no conviction…HSUS is responsible if not immediately responsible, because of their doctrine…I am a victim, never to see my animals again because of improper due process. I have no money to speak of and no life…Wrongly went to the justice of the peace court manipulated thru the justice system -We were deceived every step of the way…Yeah, the end result was CV but the warrant, the warrant affidavit, the justice court docket number, the justice court judgment all have a CR number and no mention that it was civil anywhere although it was a civil judgment…Spent a week in their fucking jail and at the bottom of the PR release and on all the PR Bond papers it shows class A misdemeanor…’You are to report to court for a class A misdemeanor’ Yes, on appeal the number changed to CV but no one said for what or that the court it went to had no civil jurisdiction-not that we didn’t ask because we did ‘that is the case number because it is’…Everyone of these people have no guilt or remorse for having done it…They actually have the balls to boast and gloat about it-Brag about it?!?-WTF?!? Triggered again…

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  4. Justice will be yours because of your great and very informational blog. It may take a while, however, it is apparent that MORE and MORE people are being attacked and beginning to pay more attention to what is happening because many people are NOT staying silent about what happened to them.

    Nothing can bring back your animals, and that is heartbreaking, but as many of us have to do when we have suffered losses that never should have happened, but did because of people who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder which makes them abnormal and not fit to be in society, we expose them for the abnormal monsters they are, and also expose their fraudulent behavior, and the fact they are con-artists and run “welfare rescues” to self-profit using others peoples money in the form of “sympathy” and/or “crisis” donations, and then self-profit again when they SELL (not adopt) animals they have stolen.

    Their day is coming, so we keep marching forward, being patient when we don’t want to be, and victory will be ours when the truth becomes clear to more and more people.

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  6. […] Links of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/02/19/yippee-yahoooklahoma-investigationhsus/ […]

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