Message of EXTREME IMPORTANCE!!! ~HSUS/THLN want STRICTER Texas “Puppy Mill” Law!

The importance of the following post from TX-RPOA is AWARENESS!!!

Elections have reached an all time importance to realize what someone running for office stands for and just how important it is that you realize the animal issue is on the table!!! Campaigns have already begun for next years election

How about STRICTER rules for breeders of animals-Remember these rules not only apply to dogs and cats. Texas is already and animal rights state, you just don’t know about it and not because of the “puppy mill” law but because of the Texas Civil Seizure Statute 821 is unlawful, unconstitutional and does nothing to fight against animal cruelty. The “puppy mill” law combined with a civil suit to take away the animals=extreme abuse of US citizens.  Combined these two and  we will see even more civil liberty abuse the likes of which could make even you with only one dog, Rover, guilty of animal cruelty. Maybe Rover will be caught humping the fire hydrant!?!-OMG!!! -I guess they didn’t cut enough of his genitals off…Better euthanize that one-then sell the woman another pouch…Double bang for the money…especially if that pouch has been sold multiple times and a strong possibility these days!!!

The state of Texas does not benefit from these forfeitures and therefore NOT adhering to it’s own rules for forfeiture. Those that benefit are those that promote animal cruelty and support EXTREMISTS groups such as HSUS/ASPCA/PETA and others.

If this is happening in Texas it is probable that it is happening by some other lunatic where you live…DO NOT SUPPORT ANYONE THA SUPPORTS HSUS/ASPCA/PETA AND IN TEXAS…THLN!!!

Careful who you campaign and vote for, what you support and WHO you support just might come around and bite you in the arse!!!


HSUS/THLN want STRICTER Texas “Puppy Mill” Law!

>From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
Crossposting is encouraged.
February 18, 2014

2nd E-News Notice for today, (against our rules!) but information is pouring
in regarding a new HSUS “Puppy Mill” campaign in Texas for the 2015 TX
Legislative Session, so this is just a heads up! Follow up later. FYI:
All dog (and cat) breeders are “puppy mills” to HSUS and their Texas
affiliate “Texas Humane Legislative Network.”

RPOA has just “been saying” that HSUS isn’t near through with us yet in
Texas and here’s the proof. Same goes for the federal level with USDA.
These zealots are so predictable!

It’s against IRS 501 (C)(4) Nonprofit Organization rules to “endorse” a
candidate but THLN flaunts the rule with their endorsement below. Perhaps
they feel Lois Lerner (with her HSUS connections) will still have major
influence, although she has left IRS.

The attached flyer to the email below states: “The Texas Legislature Passed
a Law to End Puppy Mills in 2011. BUT Bureaucrats Weakened the New Law!”
After the Legislature left town, Bureaucrats weakened the new law. One
expert called the standards of care passed by the Texas Commission of
Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) “a disaster for the animals.” The same
expert said “… we have something, and that’s better than nothing.” Puppy
mill opponents say only the minimum was done to shore up protection for
animals. CHART WESTCOTT believes that’s wrong.
Chart Westcott will go to work in Austin to end Puppy Mills once and for
all. CHART believes that Texas should be a state that illegal animal
breeders fear and we should lead the nation in ending animal cruelty. And
Chart Westcott supports making Dallas a “no kill” town for its animal
Texas has taken the first step in the right direction, now we need CHART
WESTCOTT to help finish the job.
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———- Forwarded message —-
From: Shelby Bobosky <<>>
Date: Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 11:23 AM
Subject: Chart Westcott to Fight to End Animal Cruelty

Friends of animals-
Please see the attached flyer. Chart Westcott is one of the candidates for
State Representative in District 108 (election to replace Dan Branch). I
know many of you either live in his district or have friends, relatives who
live in his district.

I have never seen a candidate come out against puppy mills like this before.
He would be a great asset to the animal community and he will help us in
Austin in 2015.

Please post, cross-post, put on your FB pages and spread the word.
Thank you-
Shelby Bobosky
Vice President & Legislative Co-Chair
THLN [Texas Humane Legislation Network];;
214.708.4292 (cell)
Donate with PayPal or mail in:



Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned…Follow this blog -B


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