from HumaneWatch~Exposing the Truth About HSUS


You getting it yet or are you STILL a doubter!?!

HSUS/ASPCA/PETA get what they want by PROMOTING animal cruelty and if nothing else you hopefully are already aware of this if you have been following this blog!!! Do not support bad cruelty laws that have not purpose other than take animals to make them into Retail Rescue Pets…This is the reason so much supports goes to these groups as they are using the laws created by these groups for profit-But you say it’s a not for Profit-they aren’t allowed to have a profit…You are correct but they benefit from big salaries and an expense account…And if you work for HSUS, you have a big retirement program to bank on…PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT any Animal Rights Nazi Gestopos or any organization that has been less than honest  about what they do to, for and with the animals or actively promotes they are against animal cruelty-Who isn’t?!?

Why promote it unless they have ulterior motives?!? And certainly not to the extent of prosecuting the innocent who were only willing to give up the rats and the tarantula-all these people deserved animals with reputations to match theira…After all, the small NFP refuge just moving to town seemed like a threat-put your dirty hands on my animals, not to mention destroy them and give them away; then plan on suffering from my rath…The refuge was already destroyed thru EXTORTION…1/3 the animals were already killed without medical testing or permission from anyone, including the judge…There was no expert in charge, just a vet who specialized in cleaning dogs teeth so she had to consult the Internet in order to find out how to care for the animals-come on…this was BULLSHIT!!! ~This their expert witness!?! That vet clinic has since closed  (thank Goodness!!!) after having no business to speak of I suppose-but she’s still out there putting her dirty hands on animals…

The rest of the animals needed to come home. The deception of the case appalling…the suffering ever since astounding…Do not support Humane Societies that KILL and the vets BENIFITTING from it!!!

Do not support any humane society that has ever made the claim or that their mission as against animal  cruelty; or use any vet that support them~ You better believe that they benefit from it- THEY PROFIT IN THE NAME OF ANIMAL CRUELTY AND RESCUE…

How Much Cruelty Does HSUS Defend?

Our education campaign telling the public that the Humane Society of the United States only gives 1% of its budget to pet shelters is truly a David-and-Goliath affair. HSUS has about 50 times our budget. But despite this, we’ve had success over the last four years in garnering half a million Facebook followers and spreading the word across the country.

But when you’re effective, and your opponent has a lot of money and a cynical attitude—this is a group that raises $100 million a year from donors who are in the dark, after all—the response from HSUS has been to smear us and, frankly, spread false information. This has not only occurred on its CEO’s blog and Facebook page, but there are surrogate groups—who either have a lot of spare time on their hands or are getting paid for their help—that parrot HSUS’s misinformation and takes it to even more libelous extremes.

The biggest problem with discussing animal issues is that it’s almost impossible to have rational debate. Take the issue of pregnant pig housing. Veterinarians endorse the common form of housing called individual maternity pens. HSUS doesn’t like this system because it restricts movement, but it does allow for individual care and feeding, protects the animals, and meets the animals’ needs.

HSUS claims that this is a “cruel” form of housing. Therefore, by taking the pro-veterinarian position that we have, HSUS can say we “defend animal cruelty”—even though that’s far from the truth. If HSUS is the only arbiter of what’s “cruel,” it can say whatever it likes. [Bloggers note: Do whatever they like as long as we remain compliant-Take a stand against anyone promoting animal cruelty!!!]

See how this smear works? Well, it actually cuts both ways.

By its own logic, HSUS is advocating animal cruelty. You see, when sows are moved into group housing, they fight for dominance and animals can suffer significant injuries. (It’s the “nature of the beast,” so to speak.) If we wanted to borrow HSUS’s level of discourse, we could start running TV ads of lacerated, screaming pigs and say that HSUS supports animal cruelty. [Bloggers note: Not a bad idea if anyone is willing to use the HSUS recommended care for animals]

But that’s not all. Along with trying to silence debate with slimy tactics, HSUS and its advocates have resorted to telling lies. Here are some you might come across on the web.
◾HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle says we’re “almost certainly funded by” seal clubbers and puppy millers. No, we can say with certainty we’re not, as we have told him before. Note the word choice “almost certainly.” It’s weasel words. Imagine if we wrote something like “HSUS’s CEO has never denied being an embezzler.” That might be technically true the way it’s parsed, but it’s still defamatory and sleazy—just like his comments about us. And for the record, we’re open about our funding: Foundations, individuals, and food and restaurant companies.
◾HSUS surrogates say we “defend” crush videos, which involve killing small animals for sexual gratification. In fact, it’s the opposite. We’ve called people who like crush videos “perverts.” They say we defend killing contests. We never have. Shark finning? Another thing we haven’t defended. They say we defend illegal fur trade and dairy cow abuse. We do not advocate illegal acts or abuse. They say we defend horse soring. Again, we do not defend this or other illegal acts.

It’s preposterous. It’s hard to imagine what defense they would have in a libel lawsuit. Would it be that they live in an alternate universe? It’s even more bizarre considering this group of malcontented HSUS backers has already retracted false and defamatory personal attacks it made against one of our staffers.

Intellectual dishonesty is bad enough. But lying about us is another thing.

Almost no one is for animal cruelty, even if they disagree on policy. The best thing anyone–any rational reader–can do is to take a calm approach to animal issues and look at the arguments on both sides.


Most of the big cats are deceased and stopped tracking the animals as trying to get information about them became impossible, and too painful to learn of their deaths. How can anyone think that a single animal was sent to responsible good homes when they sent animals off with a convicted felon-a bank robber and son of people who reside in Marion County.

There was no cruelty and knew it but by manipulation of the laws and the cruelty statute they were able to take control of them leaving me, the rightful owner suffering knowing full well there was no cruelty-never was…The record (now recovered) will demonstrate that…TOTALLY COMPLIANT!!! Still so willing to stick to their lies, twist their tales and deny that there was EXTREME civil liberty abuse to do it!!! Lucky to have gotten out without further incident from corruption out of control!!! Denied a fundamental right to a jury trial…Will wonders never cease to amaze me?!? Hell, it happened to me -lived it and still can’t believe that they were all in on it-from the sheriff department to the lower courts and so far, have gotten away with it…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Everything said in this blog is of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B


~ by topcatsroar on February 14, 2014.

One Response to “from HumaneWatch~Exposing the Truth About HSUS”

  1. Great post Top Cat! Uneducated, and I do not mean stupid or formally un-schooled, but the un-educated or ignorant to the fact readers also need to know that SOME LOCAL HUMANE SOCIETIES which boast NO-KILL ethics DO INDEED KILL! And other NO-KILL Humane societies have been seen TRADING LESS MARKETABLE (less adoptable) ANIMALS TO NEIGHBORING KILL SHELTERS for MORE MARKETABLE animals. IT IS A RACKET! Immoral, unethical and evidently inconceivable if you have not personally been involved with these so-called facilities or know someone who has! I URGE ANYONE who GIVES A DAMN (REALLY GIVES A DAMN) to search and research –DON’T NECESSARILY TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, but do know I have been researching this particular subject and sending to attorneys for quite a while now. My research and their knowledge of the LAWS (which did you know you can be convicted in a court on charges even though you have broken NO Laws?- it is so!!!) has helped some animal owner to re-coup some of their animals and other losses.

    PEOPLE always tend to say things such as “if they weren’t guilty, they’d get a lawyer and go to court”. TRIVIA BUT: DO YOU KNOW THAT CURRENTLY, there are MANY ANIMAL RELATED CASES in COURTS across our country with ATTORNEY FEES RANGING FROM $50,000 up to well over a MILLION DOLLARS!!! CAN YOU SEE why COMMON people can NOT JUST TAKE THEM TO COURT…….and the societies KNOW THIS AND PROFIT IMMENSELY from this fact. DO you also know that MOST ATTORNEYS DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING MUCH ABOUT ANIMAL CRUELTY CASES, but admittedly say they KNOW THE LAW and the law, even if not broken, should prevail………..BUT IT DOES NOT ALWAYS PREVAIL FOR EVERYONE, AS THEY CAN NOT AFFORD THE ATTORNEYS’ FEES OVER an average of a 5 to 10 year legal battle…..And in the end, when they WIN??? Where are their animals? If they are still around….they have been forced to live in small confined CAGES and crates for all these years??? I visited a local facility who has been holding someones’ animals and saw how they were stacked and crowded in the cages. There was no available water there in the cages, there were rows and rows and stacks and stacks of these overcrowded cages with dogs begging to be spoken to and petted…..not the skittish, scared or pitiful faces you see in commercials…..but how long can they be forced to live in such a manner, by a humane society which refuses to give them back to their rightful owner even after a court order and a jury trial?????JUSTICE/GREED/DAMN RIGHT, WRONGFUL CONTROL……WTH…….I AM JUST sick and tired of this type tyrannical hurtful nonsense! GET SANE…..Re-Think HUMANE!

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