HEADS UP New York!!! Seized Today and For Sale Tomorrow~ Well now, wasn’t that an amazing recovery for the abused animals!?!

Please tell how it’s possible for animals to be in danger of a life threatening situation that would call for immediate seizure and to jail the owner  who by the way owns many champion show dogs, for cruelty and suddenly available for adoption (RESALE-Became retail pets) After looking at the pictures, I can smell the Animal Right’s Nazi Gestopos from here. TWO large seizures of animals from breeders = the creation of more very bad laws in New York State as openly stated by the Attorney General of New York. Difficult to hide the corruption when it’s being jammed down our throats

http://wnyt.com/article/stories/s3318908.shtml  [Video at the link]

German Shepherds seized in Greene County available for adoption

The Columbia-Greene Humane Society and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office removed 39 German Shepherd dogs and one cat from homes at 596 Morrison Road and 221 Hervey-Sunside Road.

The dogs were found living in such horrible conditions that investigators say the smell made their eyes water.

If you are interested in adopting the dogs, call the shelter (I do not advertise for animal adoption RETAIL RESCUE PETS for animals taken from seizure)

Dawn Verdeschi, 44, has been charged with animal cruelty.

A second suspect, Christopher Cella, 55, of Durham is wanted for questioning.


More BULLSHIT that you didn’t want to know…And as usual someone stating this is the worst case of animal cruelty I have ever seen…right bud…UNTIL THE NEXT ONE RIGHT?!? Just more BULLSHIT LIKE I SAID ~They Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo are taking orders for these dogs -hummmm, just like Girl Scout cookies…


Dozens of animals removed from Durham properties, woman in custody

DURHAM, N.Y. — Dozens of dogs and a cat were removed from two properties in the Town of Durham Sunday, and a woman was taken into custody, according to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities called the conditions inside the properties deplorable.

Deputies said an anonymous call stating concern for the animals sparked the investigation at 221 Hervey Sunside Rd. as well as a second location on Morrison Road.

Members of the Columbia-Greene Humane Society also responded. They removed 39 dogs and one cat from both properties. Seven of the dogs were puppies.

One humane society member said a dog found inside one of the homes did not have water and quickly ate snow when it was brought outside.

Greene County Sheriff Greg Seeley said 43-year-old Dawn Verdeschi was charged with one count of Failure to Provide Food and Water. More charges may be filed.

The animals are being examined by a veterinarian at the Columbia-Greene Humane Society. There were no animal deaths as far as the humane society knows.

Deborah Albanese walked into a shocking scene when she checked on her rental property over the weekend. She said she was disgusted to discover dozens of dogs underneath garbage.

“You didn’t even know where a dog was until it started to bark,” she said. “My eyes started to water. That’s how bad the smell is.”

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant Sunday at the house at 596 Morrison Rd. and began a rescue and investigation into the actions of Verdeschi.

“I can’t close my eyes to that,” Albanese continued. “I had to call the police. I called 911.”

Seeley said Verdeschi was breeding and selling the dogs.

Officials said 29 dogs were seized from the property after Verdeschi refused to surrender the dogs.

“Some of them were so skinny and scared,” Albanese said.

“Really, in my 30-year career in law enforcement, this is the worst animal abuse case I’ve seen,” Seeley said. “There was cages on top of cages with dogs in each of the cages. There was feces on top of the dogs that was running down.”

Eleven German Shepherds were seized from the property on Hervey Sunside Road.

“That is the best feeling out of this whole thing is that those dogs are saved,” Albanese said. “I can replace everything that’s in that place, but you cannot replace a life.”

The sheriff’s office said Verdeschi made bail Sunday night. The dogs remain at the Columbia Greene Humane Society


So hungry they ate snow…are you kidding me?!? Those dogs are NOT underweight furthermore any dog might do that to play in the snow…Can someone tell me if permission was granted by a judge for the media to be trespassing on the property?!?

Those dog don’t appear to be in bad shape to me…And while the conditions are tight inside it appears she was keeping the younger dogs warm onside…OMG!!! There’s some torn newspaper scattered on the floor…BIG WHOOP…I do NOT see piles of feces or puddles of urine to make anyone’s eyes water…Matter of fact, I’ve heard that statement before yet not a single tissue appeared to wipe their eyes, no face masks and bet no meter (sniff test)…BULLSHIT Deborah Albanese-WALL OF SHAME!!! Just how long have those dogs been there and you are just now noticing them-LIAR!!!

Quick, call in your order before they run out of dogs to get on the list-SERIOUSLY?!?

So lucky to have GREAT neighbors here…All have animals and everyone minds their own business but invited to stop in a anytime-Just please call first because I still freak out when cars drive by…and for no reason accept for suffering from the abuse of authority from law enforcement!!! Interesting most are from Texas isn’t it!!!

There was yet another article but why bother presenting stories where the adjectives escalate…The New York Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo  are excited for the bounty they will receive-Wouldn’t it be hilarious if awarded to someplace else-Maybe someone or another NFP should stake a claim to these animals if to be awarded to a NFP and watch the feud for the bounty of extremely valuable animals that will likely be S/N or changed out with another and remain as breeders…Yes they do-You know they do…Happens all the time and a transfer in the paperwork or change of registry…No different than Hitler who did eat meat as the VEGAN law certainly didn’t apply to him-Sound familiar!?! It should after all, Hitler was the first to create animal rights as law in Europe-Can’t experiment on an animal; just skin a human being or gas em…Now that’s deplorable!!!

So that’s number two in New York in a matter of a few weeks time, who’s next?!?


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 13, 2014.

10 Responses to “HEADS UP New York!!! Seized Today and For Sale Tomorrow~ Well now, wasn’t that an amazing recovery for the abused animals!?!”

  1. Another example of theft by the DOG NAPPERS!!
    These dogs are beautiful.

  2. if you want to know about a warrant, I suggest you call and ask.

  3. You are extremely delusional if you think that these dogs were well cared for.

    • I beg your pardon-Delusional-Oh Hell NO I’m not. Delusional is believing that dogs would die if they weren’t removed immediately without providing proper notice and STEALING them IMEDIATELY and available for adoption the following day-THAT my dear is delusional!!! PROTECTED Civil Liberties for life, liberty and PROPERTY!!! Those dogs are considered PROPERTY!!! Get a grip-they will be coming for YOU and yours next-1 dog-100 dogs even better-more MERCHANDISE to SELL!!! It is considered a SALE-SALES TAX DOES APPLY-Call it what you like darlin’ dogs are property so get over yourself. -B

  4. Top Cat Roars is correct and I respect your comments and the defense of our civil liberties.

    Mr. Delusional, I mean Pat, is likely one of the beneficiaries of the illegal raid, and based on his comments he seems to feel he understands what actually happened those three days in February 2014. Unless he was a member of the raiding party, he wouldn’t have any idea what really happened, and if he was one of them, he also knows how illegal the raid was.

    The fact is Pat, why don’t you make a call verify the following. The search was illegal, and it violated the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. I suggest you look up some Supreme Court cases regarding illegal searches. I could provide the names of the case is but that would make it too easy for you.

    Why don’t you “make a call” and check out the details of the search warrant. If you are familiar with the case you’ll be well aware that law enforcement entered and remained in two homes without search warrants and stayed in control of those homes and search those homes for 18 hours prior to getting a local judge, which lives less than one mile away, to sign a search warrant. Law Enforcement used the facts gained during the illegal search, after their warrantless entry, to apply for the search warrant. not sure what country you live in Pat, and I’m sure I could probably guess, specifically where, but in either case in the United States that’s illegal.

    Why don’t you “make a call” Pat, and verify that law enforcement entered the house between 4 & 5 p.m. on Saturday February 8th, in the two search warrants were signed following morning Sunday February 9th between 10 and 10:30 a.m.. By U. S. Standards, that’s a very long time to be searching a house without a warrant.

    Once you made your calls Pat, to verify the above information why don’t you come back to this site and explain how you believe that to be legal in the United States.

    That day our government stole ppersonal property which happened to be dogs , but it could just as easily have been some other type of property. It’s called policing for profits, and it’s becoming a real problem in the United States as local law enforcement acting like a paramilitary groups believe they have the right steal people’s personal property for their own benefit.

    The details of this particular case, are not public yet. it’s been a one sided story told by the same people that benefited by stealing personal property. Everyone in America needs to be worried if this type of behavior is condoned by courts and by society because today it was someone else property that was stolen, without Due Process, but tomorrow it could be your property.

    I’m looking forward to hearing Pats response.

    Top Cat Roars, keep up the good work

    • TY-No intention of stopping -This business of taking animals from their rightful owners has to stop!!! People are becoming more and more outraged with this matter. Case after case demonstrates that the raids are not legally done and without reason. The only abuse that rally exists is the abuse from those claiming that abuse exists when in fact, no abuse ever existed. Days of warrant-less searches is not corrected when they then go and get a warrant and most warrants are without probable cause and based solely on personal opinion.

      • An update on the Durham.NY, German Shepherd seizure in February 2014, is that the local judge assigned the case, Judge Lee Davis, finally did the right thing, and dismissed ALL charges against both defendants, Dawn Verdeschi and Christopher Cella in July 2015. His ruling stated that the Greene County NY Sheriffs illegally entered the two homes, with no warrant, no probable cause and no exigent or emergency circumstances, and and violated Dawn and Chris’ Civil Rights granted in the 4th Amendment.

        The sad part, is that 3 months later none of dogs or personal property illegally seized after their illegal entry has ever been returned. Many of the dogs are with the very same people, Sheriff’s and.their families,.which illegally seized them.

        And yet, to date, their is not one single article or news story stating the.case has been.dropped by the DA and dismissed by the Judge. VERY SAD and concerning, to all Americans.

        Dawn and Chris deserve to get their dogs returned, and anything else, rewards the the Greene County NY Sheriff’s and the Columbia Greene Humane Society / SPCA, CGHS/SPCA.

        This story is not over and I know that Dawn and Chris, will not give up the fight to get their beloved dogs back.

      • While your animals and other property hasn’t been returned, you are very fortunate indeed to have an HONEST judge-Not so many that lucky!!! Time to lawyer up and file suit I would say-Please update-We’ll be routing for a win!!! -B

  5. I’m hoping the injured parties will be able to find a good civil lawsuit attorney to take their case on a contingency basis (maybe even pro bono – you never know) and sue the hell out of the county/city/individuals/etc as we are doing on our case.

    With more and more people fighting back that have unlawfully been attacked, terrorized, dragged through the mud, had animals stolen, sold, and killed, more attorney’s like ours are cluing into this facet of the law and are more willing to offer their services.

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