Holy Molly!!! Heads Up New York

There is no reason for there to be civil action where the courts already  allow the illegal taking of whole collections or herds of animals…NFP organizations awarded the animals…

To take entre collections or herds of animals is completely illegal-Property owners are protected against the abuse of the law.

Penal Codes and laws that demonstrate a crime has been committed is more than enough for protecting any animal from abuse.

Giving away property is a serious matter and the creation of laws that govern the taking of animals must be created in the best interest of the property owner as well as the animals.

The following directive scary indeed…



from Eric Schneiderman-Attorney General New York State

Animal Protection Initiative

Fighting animal cruelty is both a consumer protection issue and a public safety issue. The New York State Office of the Attorney General’s Animal Protection Initiative is aimed at shutting down criminal animal fighting rings, protect consumers from unscrupulous pet sellers and prevent cruelty to animals.

The new initiative aims at ensuring compliance with New York State’s Pet Lemon Law, designed to safeguard the public and to ensure the humane treatment of dogs and cats by requiring pet dealers to guarantee the good health of any such animal sold by a pet dealer to a consumer. Also, charging those who abuse or neglect animals and cracking down on the abuses of so-called “puppy mills” in order to protect the welfare of the animals being sold and the consumers.

This new initiative will use civil and criminal remedies to target allegations of animal cruelty and unscrupulous sales of pets and other animals. The Initiative is comprised of Investigators and Assistant Attorneys General across the entire state, from the OAG’s Regional Offices, the Consumer Fraud Bureau,Criminal Enforcement and Financial Crimes Bureau, the Organized Crime Task Force and the Investigations Bureau, who will work to bring the perpetrators of these and other animal crimes to justice.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 12, 2014.

21 Responses to “Holy Molly!!! Heads Up New York”

  1. More bullshit to win favor with voters with an attorney general trying to act like the good guy when he should be protecting the business owners/breeders from illegal seizures by the extremist ringleader manipulator “rescues” whose followers are nothing more than social club rescuers who want to feel like they’re “doing something” as they mob and swarm people, drag them through the mud, threaten them, and steal their personal property.
    Here’s where the apathy comes in from some people when they think it’s a-O.K. to take peoples animals until it happens to them, and then they want everyone to help them.
    Gosh, why doesn’t this AG enforce the LAWS already on the books instead of spending more tax payer money having rescues that are literally for-profit businesses do the stealing under the guise of “doing good” and being “non-profit” when they aren’t?

    • “Gosh, why doesn’t this AG enforce the LAWS already on the books instead of spending more tax payer money having rescues that are literally for-profit businesses do the stealing under the guise of “doing good” and being “non-profit” when they aren’t?” Frankly, of course I always am…it seems to me the reason we have so many new laws surfacing is because they aren’t enforcing the laws they already have on the books and by creating new ones they appear to be busy passing new laws as if they were needed, when we don’t. It’s so much easier to prosecute these cases rather than chasing real crime and criminals where by all accounts point to FAIL!!!

  2. What NY needs along with all other states in this day and time in the form of laws and statutes is……..to respect and follow the existing U.S. Constitutional demands and definitions. We need no further laws pertaining to animal cruelty, but in addition to seeing to it that the constitution is adhered to regarding this….they need to see to it that the persons LIBELING, SLANDERING, AND THIEVING PRIVATE PROPERTY as described in the CONSTITUTION ARE BROUGHT TO TRIAL AND SENTENCED PER THE LAW! The AR followers are VAST CRIMINALLY minded as far as I can see as of late! THEY, NOT OUR FARMERS, BREEDERS AND PET OWNERS ARE THE ONES NEEDING charges brought against them! These folks to which ridiculous charges are made should be protected and supported! I know many of these folks and to this day have not seen one guilty of a crime! Lord, help us all and our country and its leaders! We need leaders who are strong enough to resist the AR agendas!

    • Civil laws pertaining to animal cruelty are not necessary and a BIG waste of taxpayer dollars especially when the victim was OBVIOUSLY SET-UP and the paperwork and their stories are not consistent with the evidence or the record. Laws are improperly executed when there lacks a directive and is NOT consistent with the state constitution…No way should the lowest court in the county be making decisions on ‘an animal/”the’ animal in a hearing which lacks a jury (!!!) when it’s doubtful that a judge of the lower court even understands that the warrant pertains to ‘an’ animal/’the’ animal and NOT an entire herd or collection of animals as stipulated by the law. But, then again, the prosecuting attorney wrote the hearing as a class A misdemeanor and stated to report the following day to court (justice court) from a criminal warrant, jailed until some of the property was give-up (a full week) Provide court appointed attorneys who also believed it was a criminal hearing and obviously the judge did too…even though he is not allowed to hear a case of class A misdemeanor…With a civil judgment that lacked what he was ruling on. We can only assume he left that part out to avoid the victims from realizing the deception…And the first time it becomes a civil matter is on appeal which is considered TOTALLY impossible yet happened…the court appointed attorneys suddenly dropped us explaining that it WAS civil and not criminal-amazing no one knew isn’t it (?!?) especially since TWO attorneys were deceived not just the people they were representing BIG QUESTION-Why didn’t they report this immediately to avoid further embarrassment and a REAL crime to deceive the accused saving the tax payers thousands of dollars as the case went to federal court and the truth will surface on appeal…Innocent victims don’t just stand there and take crap from people elected into office and paid with tax payer money-Let them go to jail for the REAL crimes they perpetuated on members of the community who pay their salary!!! Feeling much better now and back at it exposing the truth about animal rights extremists and all the money they make doing it!!! By the way, it is the responsibility of an attorney to report a crime when he knows about it…This case does not stand alone with the abuse of the community…Stay tuned -B By the way, almost forgot the most shocking part…the justice court is NOT allowed to hear a case of class A misdemeanor per government code and the appeal was sent to the county court whose directive by government code is not allowed to hear a civil case…

      • I do BELIEVE the AR’s community is sitting back and LAUGHING AT OUR COURTS systems and the way in which they (the AR’s) have successfully manipulated them into masterfully screwing up the duties and the “who does what and within what timeline?). The loser is nearly always the animal owner who has trusted the lawyers and court systems to point them in the correct direction…….AND THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW!!! HOW can they count this against so many in the end results, when those who should know the laws DO NOT???

    • Unless more people, whether breeders, private pet owners, animal rescues, etc who have been unjustly harassed, accused, libeled, had animals seized, etc band together in a linked-up group from all over the country (and yes, what is happening is epidemic in the US and in the world), it is hard to fight the authorities, that seem to be more than willing to let animal “rescues” go in with their own motivations of collecting donations, collecting free animals they can then sell, and get accolades, when we are not organized and have strength in numbers.

      Many of us are doing what we can to bring this huge issue to light and express to people seizure scams and cons can happen to ANY animal owners, but things will ramp up more quickly if we had an organized unit to get the word out all over the country.

      • I am more than willing to create another blog where that can happen…Issue is that most people who have been “unjustly harassed, accused, libeled, had animals seized, etc” have trust issues and suffer from PTSD. I deal with my own trust issues on a daily basis…but not to the point where I am not speaking out and willing to go the long haul whether we lose or not is not the issue-The issue is to expose the truth of what happened and more importantly, what they did to get away with it!!!

  3. […] https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/holy-molly-heads-up-new-york/ […]

  4. If everyone who is upset with all this “animal taking” would start letting their ELECTED OFFIFIALS know that they are not going to stand for this anymore… and then VOTE them out of office… things will change… the first thing to do is start publishing what your elected officials are doing in YOUR community! The majority of Taxpayers are unknowingly paying for all this CONVERSION of private property to private citizens operating under the guise of animal rescue… You can write all you want about how you feel on blogs… but who REALLY sees it??? Others who are looking at the blog… .. BUT if you do not stand up and actually do something in your own community… YOUR rights to own property will soon be GONE!!! That is their plan… and the longer we all sit by, moan and groan, but do not let the mainstream public know what their hard earned tax dollars are being used to accomplish in our own community… the quicker we will lose our constitutionally protected rights! IF you are really serious and want to do something… then let your community know what their elected officials are REALLY doing… does anybody “get it” yet?? First they take the animals, then they take other personal property… then they take your kids – or simultaneously with your animals… and then they take YOU!! Hitler might be gone… but the mentality – twisted as it is – is still alive and well… Remember, the only thing that evil needs to triumph, is for good men to do nothing…

    ….. just a few thoughts… Lady Liberty

    • One of the main purposes of this blog is to inform people who otherwise wouldn’t or do not know what’s going on. The advise is good as people start asking questions about going pro active-During the legislature and most elections I provide information to have every one voice an opinion if they wish to be heard. You and I both know, you can led a horse to water but you can’t force him to drink.
      Many followers of this blog are pro-active and I am so proud of their interest in the subject matter of this blog and doing what they can to voice their opinion in their community and then there are others who are actively seeking to stop the abuse, posting in every news article they see addressing animal forfeiture. Starting in their local community does make a big difference…then again, it can be frustrating dealing with an out of control Humaniac on a killing spree just sayin’ B

    • Answer to Lady Liberty: while I do understand that people need to get their heads out of their asses locally, quit whining about more and more laws restricting our rights, weed out the politicians who are infiltrating from other areas bringing their restrictive laws and they had to move probably because they couldn’t get elected where they were living because no one liked them, quit being apathetic because “yes, it can happen to you”, etc, most peoples tendency is to cover their own asses if they see this happen to a friend, acquaintance, and even their own family members if they too have animals and are afraid they will be next by the whack-job animal extremists in collusion with the county/city, law enforcement, etc (and we had more than just those agencies after us because of the “rescue” con artists that came after us and because of something else I had “spoken up” about that was also theft on a large scale ) who really don’t give two sh**ts about the animals and only care about money, control, power, and accolades (because most of them have narcissistic personality disorder)
      Most people also cannot afford an attorney, they don’t want to lose their other animals, their kids, or their other property if they managed to retain them to this point, and if they’ve already been thrown in jail, many cannot afford to even get out of jail and have to have a public defender that knows just as little about this scam as most private, high paid attorneys do, so they end up pleading to things just to get out of jail and hopefully get their kids, and some of their property back.

      Here is what I wrote yesterday about starting a Linc of people to get info out there, link together, and bring awareness out of what is going on People would be able to remain more anonymous in case they are in a Podunk area with out of control whacko “rescues” AND authorities:

      I completely agree about people having trust issues because most people who have been attacked have them, we are stressed, we are angry, we are frustrated by the apathy other people have who think “that would never happen to me” when it easily could, etc.
      However, if people had somewhere to go where they could get information and advice on what information to gather against their attackers (like do they have “real jobs” or is “welfare rescuing”, pan-handling, and begging donations their “job”?), when to speak up, and when to be quiet, who to observe and what to observe, WHO to gather information on that is damning (and it is very valuable to do background checks on “higher up’s” in various positions in county and city government, find out if they have animals, what types of animals they have, how are their animals kept, etc, and also who their family, friends and associates are, do THEY have animals, and if so, what kind of animals do they have, how are they kept, etc, then find out who they are connected to politically, what orgs and associations they belong to, what orgs and associations they are connected to in the animal world, what previous jobs they have had, etc (and these kind of surface investigations are relatively easy to do, and not all that expensive either) because almost all of the people in a position of power have skeletons in their closets, they often have friends, family, or associates in “conflict of interest” positions, they may have moved to an area from another area to escape associations with issues, other people, etc), how to put together timeline files showing a “textbook” progression of events by attackers that clearly shows the scam/s in action, find out how many other times they have done this, find out if they have a fully separate and designated bank account that is for targeted donations and for that particular seizure or animal only that they are asking for donations on as per IRS laws, find out if their PayPal account is a designated and legal non-profit account and if not, they should be reported to PayPal as committing non-profit fraud, illustrate how MOST attackers would NOT be able to do seizures unless funded by donations which would effectively make them “hoarders” since the definition of an “animal hoarder” would be people having more animals then they themselves WITHOUT HELP can financially take care of, how to go over the heads of the local officials and go to larger agencies to get results legally, how to legally record conversations, how to get and organize information on animal husbandry on different species of animals that refutes the bullshit of a lot of the ignorant animal activists accusations, ask publically for these “rescues” to post vet reports from veterinarians, and also the costs of the veterinary care (the bill in other words because all of these “rescues” inflate and embellish on the cost of things), and if they won’t, they are being evasive for everyone to see, and if they do post vet reports and billing, the vet will then be under scrutiny as people go over the reports with a fine tooth comb on each and every animal and could then be subject to complaints to the veterinary association if things don’t match up with particular animals and their treatment, possible malpractice, kickbacks, etc (and vets that are legitimate will pull back from the scammers because they value their DVM licensing and don’t want to have to go to court over and over again), detail how to file complaints with the IRS, attorney generals, we could have various people study the statutes for particular counties and cities and make sure agencies are not over-stepping the laws that are already on the books, and a lot of other things. It is impossible for people to hide everything about themselves, so having more people out there checking up on people on behalf of members of our Linc would make it very difficult to hide small, medium, large, or huge issues from many people that are looking for info. Maybe we’d even get some attorney’s, private investigators, CPA’s, paralegals, veterinarians, etc to take an interest because many of them are probably tired of dealing with the whack-job animal welfare extremists bullshit too.
      There is a lot of fraud, money laundering, collusion, racketeering, perjury, and other crimes being committed every time a seizure is done, so we need more numbers to have a louder voice, and often, when people who have been traumatized actually have a positive outlet for their frustration and realize they are NOT alone, they unite and really get going on making important changes so this issue doesn’t snowball out of control and can’t be stopped.

      Our opposition is counting on the fact that we are fragmented, that people are demoralized, scared/terrified, beaten down, heartbroken over losing precious animals, destroyed after losing their livelihood, businesses, etc, and that many people simply want to get on with their lives, move away and stay quiet so they fly under the radar.
      They will try to keep us divided in order to conquer us and keep us isolated.
      And even the things I am writing here are obviously for public consumption, so people should never write anything in a public forum that they are worried about being read by “whomever”.
      We actually want some people to be looking over their shoulder and know that they are being monitored daily by various people, just as we must assume that we are being monitored too.

      And unfortunately, there are the people who were attacked that it is going to turn out they don’t want to do the time consuming, hard work necessary to do all of the stuff I’ve outlined above and would rather simply continue to complain, but won’t go forward with problem solving, and want others to do it for them instead.
      We can unite and try to help one another, however, the people who were attacked will have to do their own “heavy lifting” once they have the ideas and information that can hopefully expose exactly what happened.

      And once we have an informational Linc formed, we will have more and more information there, and THEN people can print flyer’s and post them on every bulletin board in their community, get more people to visit the blog, FB page (and quite frankly, I liked Facebook for doing rescues, then I hated FB when we were attacked, but now I’m using FB to repair our reputation and expose our attackers for what they are doing, so FB does have it’s uses if its worked correctly), and really start to get the word out even on Craigslist (which a lot of the whacko’s troll to try and get free horses, dogs, farm animals, etc and which people should be aware of when they post an animal for sale there).

      So basically, if we can begin to organize and have an informational location for people to get ideas on what their rights are, how to gather info, file complaints, what things to ask for to be posted publically from the so-called “rescues” who many are no better than pan-handlers and con artists who may have done this stuff before in other areas and who live off of hard working peoples money, etc, we’ll be a step-ahead of where we are now.
      I do also share this blog all the time because it is very informational regarding how huge the problem is, and how bad the corruption is in so many areas.
      I also want to stop these whacko’s because the more they do what they’re doing, more and more animals die during illegal seizures, after the seizure when they are found to have no value so they are killed, but also and even more important, animals that really do need help are falling through the cracks because they often do not have value and no one wants them or cares about them, or whether they live or die.

      I love the line in the Shawshank Redemption that goes something like this “You can get busy dying, or you can get busy living; I choose to live” (para-phrased obviously).
      Everyone has to make their own choice, but when people know they are NOT alone, the choice to live and fight and go on the offense becomes a lot easier.

      • Small links have already begun…so many seizure victims out there, we can’t help but run into one another-The victims are the only people who really know what’s going on and hopefully supported by their friends and family…Unfortunately the loss of both occurs as well. The ever mounting question of How did they do that is sometimes never answered…But I have yet to see a single case where civil liberties weren’t at issue.

  5. And here’s another blog where they are having a conversation about the killing of shelter animals:


    I also posted the link to this blog for those who are reading there and maybe people will begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

    • Love YesBiscuit!!! A very smart blogger informing the public as to what is going on and trying to tally the troops to stop the REAL abusers and stop all the un-necessary killing of animals with out homes. It is so hard to plug away at it day after day, week after week…Before you know it the years have gone by and just when you hope there might be some progress, a new, maybe bigger issue arrives on the scene. Yes, we keep at it in hopes that one day the war is over where we return to the day when neighbor helped neighbor and they actually spoke to one another when life was beautiful everywhere, all the time!!!

  6. One thing I do know can be an issue is peoples perceptions of “how animals should be kept”. Many people have an almost total lack of animal husbandry knowledge, even wih many that have been around animals their whole lives, and that is why they are prime pickin’s for con artists, spin doctors, and manipulators to tell them what to think, what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s good, what’s bad, etc.
    Unfortunately, there are some who believe, or are told to believe, that unless a dog, horse, cat, etc can be pampered, the dogs all live in houses with people, the horses all have heated barns, or perhaps shelters they will never use, etc, these people believe the animal will be “happier dead”, or in the case of horses, they should be shipped to slaughter rather than be old, or somewhat lame, have some chronic issues (so similar to what people live with).
    That’s why I think people are being “groomed” to accept euthanasia rather than even people “having” to live with infirmities, so even though in the case of horses with “issues” they live peacefully with other horses as is the nature of horses if people don’t screw them up mentally, many naïve, misinformed, ignorant people actually believe the animal equates what a place looks like, how fancy it is, etc, with social standing just as stupid humans do, and most people with any brains or knowledge know that is absurd in many/most cases

    Hate to say, but the “social club rescuers” would have to be excluded from groups relating to the huge issue of seizures of animals because quite frankly, them belonging to a group that helps them feel less insecure about themselves and who constantly tell them how “good” they are, how great their animals look, how if they just send more donation money “we’re in the trenches for you” but their money is what “helps”, even as it is used to kill more un-useable and un-adoptable for a fee animals because they have issues, etc is what matters most to them, and they are too sheep-like to understand the broader issues here, too insecure to help, and too cowardly to stand up for what is right but may make them a target of insults and bullying by their “friends” who aren’t, but which they need to really feel like they “belong” to the “right club or click”.

  7. Just as in the Salem Witch Trial days when what was happening was called “social madness” and what is happening now with the use of FB and other social media to whip up mobs could be called “social media madness”, it wasn’t until the wealthy and powerful people were accused of being witches that the whole witch hunt got shut down by the governor because oh my gosh, you can’t have the “people that matter” getting attacked.
    So if people “have the goods” on their politicians, law enforcement, the families, friends, and acquaintances of the politicians, of who has animals, how do they keep their animals, what affiliations they have in the animal world, etc, that is a pre-emptive strike that can be used. Another issue that should be noted is if the so-called “rescue” that is seizing the animals can and will do so without the use of donation money and can finance it themselves without any help from outside money.
    Too many of these groups posing as rescues are nothing more than “welfare rescues” using other peoples money to steal animals which they then sell retail. So it would be better to tell the county or city that yes, perhaps someone could use some help getting back on their feet in order to take care of their animals better, however, the county/city should be seeking out a LOCAL rescue that will rally for donations to help the animals exactly where they are at as a first option, and not have it always be about seizing the animals.
    Furthermore, many/most of these welfare rescues who seize animals do not have a fully separate bank account, PayPal account, or other rescue accounts set-up for donations for that particular seizure as per IRS laws so that donations can be fully monitored, so complaints should be filed to the states AG’s office, and also to the IRS if the offending welfare rescue is in fact a registered 501c3 (which many of the not-for-profits are NOT actual 501c3 tax exempt organizations with the IRS) if the laws are not being followed by the welfare rescues as they often are not. Fear of being audited would shut many of these con artist/shysters welfare rescues down in terms of attacking if they fear they will be prosecuted for committing fraud.

    Also having the facts of animal husbandry at hand helps, as well as statements from vets, feed suppliers, and other professionals helps too.

    I think the biggest problem for MOST people is that they have NO idea this type of crap is happening in epidemic proportions all over the country until it happens to them (I know I didn’t, and I consider myself fairly savvy about scams in the horse world at least), and unless we figure out a way to get the word out more quickly, and instead remain fragmented, it may be too late to stop the scammers who are so good at lying, cheating, breaking the law, etc under the guise of being “rescuers” when all they really are are people who have narcissistic personality disorder, they are sociopaths, and they don’t think they’ll ever get caught breaking the law.
    It is hard, time consuming work, and it costs some money too, but unless people go forward with filing complaints that must be investigated, these scoundrels and vermin will continue to do what they’re doing.

    • Interesting suggestions and I totally agree; Frank Losey is on the right track against HSUS and only a matter of time. Gives me something to smile about-and the rest come tumbling down. Unfortunately, the seizures continue at an alarming rate-there is no rash of animal cruelty as you very well know. Stop the breeders and we loose the breeds as well as the mutts-the don’t grow on trees. Already people are quitting and with horror stories like mine ..I can understand why!!! Seizing animals and making their owners guilty has crossed the line…and the civil laws make it a real simple thing to do…Depending on the presentation they give to be AWARDED the animals requires a conspiracy to do it…The civil law is a judgment of the animals and is supposed to be titled as such…No one is guilty of anything in a civil suit; taking the animals is not considered a punishment (-BULLSHIT!!!) However, by law, it is not-a punishment is a fine/jail/or probation and a result of a criminal offense. Nit all owners of seized are even brought up on charges…There you have it…so your husband the sheriff or the mayor and becomes an easy project for ‘fame and fortune’ never mind who suffers as a result. Well, I mind…What’s next?!? Your home, your car…they can do it with animals then some will reach for the world. Some already have as their community project of building a facility getting closer to completion-Are they also so well connect with the appellate court as well?!? Bet not…The smart ones settled before it got to that point…They might win in the appellate court but at what price did they pay for that win?!? In the end, everyone meets their maker and will regret their crimes against innocent people.

      My favorite line is that she didn’t like the verdict and wants revenge-WRONG-100% WRONG-I want to expose the truth about an illegal unconstitutional statute and see that justice is done so that no other member of the community will suffer…all we can do is try and give it our best

      • In our case, I have physical threats from someone with a federal agency writing under a phony name but we figured out who it was. They also posted on our attackers fb page, so they were in collusion because this person had no reason to be on their page.
        Then we have the “leak” in the county agency who was sending info to our attackers, and now they are no longer employed by the county….oh, they also had a little drug problem too according to the small town grapevine….lol
        I also have people who are “friends” on fb with county officials, but the officials don’t know who they are, I have people who are “friends” with several of our attackers but they also have no idea who they are, and also have people in all over the place passing me info on people, agencies, rescues, etc.
        So much dirt out there, really incredible. Oh, and then it is incredibly easy to pay a small fee and investigate people and find out what aliases they use, what violations they have, divorces, (and I have gotten in touch with several peoples ex-spouses and have plenty of info from various people there too), where they used to live, where they have been employed, and on and on.

        As I said though, most people never in a million years think this could happen to them, so they aren’t prepared to go on the attack themselves. So if we had an informational blog, FB page, and even a website where if people did an emergency search as they are in the beginnings of being attacked, they could get busy rallying, it could save many people from learning how wicked and nasty this scam is, and also perhaps keep them from losing their animals, their children, their freedom, and they could perhaps nip this in the bud before it ever gets going.

      • The issue is finding appropriate representation that will investigate a case…Our case began with 3 days of warrant-less searches…Search and seize bears a CR number…The Offense is PC 42.092 in the warrant that has no directive to seize any animals but applies to non livestock yet they took “All animal, alive, dead and unborn”…Jailed with the same CR number…arraigned with the same case number…PR bond with the same case number…”to report to court for a class A misdemeanor”…Justice court holds a hearing even though it can not hear a class A misdemeanor…NO WHERE, including the judgment, does it state the appropriate TX H&S Code #…Appealed in the county court with a CV number-Stop right there.
        No matter the state, a CR is appealed as CR and CV is appealed as CV…so which is it and does I matter considering the county judge has no CV jurisdiction…Property value $207,000.00 Does anyone or any court actually believe that anyone would intentionally or even unintentionally believe that someone would be cruel to valuable expensive animals?!?-after going to the expense and trouble to purchase property and relocate 1,200 miles away to keep their animals?! This actually happened 4 years ago!!! -B

  8. At some point, I believe it becomes for all of us not as much about who attacked us, but more about the fact this is allowed to happen in the US at all.
    I think there are A LOT more people out there that this has happened to, however, they are scared, demoralized, and feeling alone, so they are lying-low.
    If there was a place for them to go where other people who have been attacked and victimized offer support and suggestions of how to go forward, perhaps we can stop this lunacy by the con artists posing as animal lovers and rescuers, and also expose them to the mostly misinformed but kind hearted people who are naïve and trusting and believe their lies.

    • The WHO is no different today than four years ago, maybe a new face here and there or they just change jobs around as someone retires…They continue to lie with he claim that they have never breached anyone civil Liberties-no one has effectively broken thru…Too many cousins…!!!

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