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Comments  They really don’t need to be connected to an article:

Of course you’re on the “side of RIGHT-ousness”. Having righteous anger is good and normal when you know you are right, you can see the criminals seemingly skipping along, raking in the money, getting the accolades, and on and on. However, anything based on greed, selfishness, social-standing (I call these “sheeple-people” that follow the ringleaders, who are often sociopaths and don’t really care about animals in the least, “social club rescuers” because they would NOT be a part of “rescuing” if they had to do it by themselves using their own money and without any accolades…..they also will NEVER do “the heavy-lifting” of animal rescue by themselves either because they might have to tell their kid they can’t go to Disneyland yet again, or “mommy can’t make it to the play you’re in”, or say to their daughter “sorry sweetheart, we’re going to have to pass on that horse show because mommy spent the entry fee money on rescuing a horse”.

But guess what everyone? More and more people are finally seeing what’s going on as it happens to them when they never in a million yeas thought they could, or would, be a target. It’s called apathy, and as long as this scam stayed more hidden, people that think that it would never happen to them wouldn’t take an interest. But NOW it IS happening to more and more of the people who thought they could never be attacked for how they take care of their animals, so with this fraud and criminal activity happening to more and more animal OWNERS (and yes, we are owners), whether rescues, breeders, or private owners, we are gaining the numbers by leaving comments on wonderful blogs like this, sharing blogs and Facebook pages everywhere, calling “a spade a spade” when it comes to the textbook progression of these scammers who I assure everyone are NOT animal lovers as evidenced by how easily they kill the animals who can’t or won’t “do” for them, or how they sell them when a good enough offer is made that will improve their material wealth of “things” just like animals are “things” to be bartered for favor, or sold for coin, or material crap, or to gain favor with other scammers. Rest assured though, people like this would eat their own young if it will benefit them in their narcissistic quest for money, attention, applause, etc, and anything based on this approach of lies, lies, and more lies will collapse when the TRUTH is exposed, even when that truth takes a while in coming.

We will triumph here folks, it will just take more time as we gain numbers through the criminals shady, greedy, and “in your face” actions of feeling untouchable committing fraud, theft, lying to cover lies until the story will have so many different versions and people will compare notes, etc. Their house of cards will tumble with just a push from a mere breeze once people who know the truth begin to band together, organize, work toward legislature (and yes, many legislators have animals that are “working animals” like border collies on ranches and farms, they have horses they use for work, show, and pleasure, they breed cats, dogs, horses, and many other types of animals, etc, so if we unite and organize, we will have support) to put laws in place to protect people from these zealots whose only “religion” is money, material things, and accolades.

Patience, although hard to exercise, will win out in the end, I know it to be true because I am already seeing more and more attention and action from the side that is RIGHT, and that would be all of us true animal lovers, who also respect and love animals enough to fight these thieving, lying vermin so that animals that truly do need help will get it through the laws already on the books in most places, and not slip through the cracks and die.


I have noticed that many of the animal rights people, who are not the actual animal “rescue” that is mostly interested in making a living off of “rescue” and not working at real jobs and live off donation money and the retail sales of the FREE animals they get through seizures and/or buy and maintain using donor money (because far be it they should ever spend their own money on rescuing and taking care of animals, and also not wanting or needing accolades and pats on the back every 2 seconds in order to rescue. Anyone else ever notice that these types of social club rescuers can save a mouse and they will plaster the news all over Facebook so people will tell them how wonderful they are? lol), are usually out-of-shape people who they themselves cannot deal with heat, cold, wind, dirt, manual labor, etc, so they want everyone to treat every animal like a hothouse flower, whether you have 1 or 2 animals like them, or 25, 50, or 100 animals like some rescues that take in the unwanted animals have because the animal has no where else to go, and basically ruin a lot of animals immune systems with vaccinosis, feeding too much processed food which makes them sick and/or obese, over doing it with meds, flea spray and baths, deworming, etc, (and a lot of these types of “rescuers” seem to be really bad hypochondriacs, and are always referring to issues they have to get sympathy from people) but at least the way they “take care” of animals makes them feel better about their insecure selves, and they are also a part of the “social club rescue” scene, which is the ultimate important thing to them.

And I think they should have their nose rubbed in the fact that none of those border collies died from the cold because they are born and bred as working dogs able to withstand extremes in weather, and that is why a lot of farms and ranches have them to tend their livestock……because they are TOUGH, unlike more and more people in the world of the United States today and their unfortunate animals who they are “killing with kindness”. We need more canine husbandry rammed down peoples throats to make them pull their heads out of their butts, be embarrassed in public, and then slink away because someone whupped their ass with solid education.

It does start with the ringleaders who are usually out for the donations, the free animals, and the accolades of how “wonderful” they are when all they really are common con-artists, liars, and manipulators who rally mobs of people to go on the attack, and then the politicians “roll” to show they are “doing something”…..we need more politicians with balls to say “go the hell away and take care of your own animals, and leave other peoples animals alone” (and the sad part is that there are animals out there who DO need help, but if those animals have no value for rallying “sympathy donations” and/or can be sold, they are ignored by the “social club rescue” crowd). AND, if people do need help, the animals should stay exactly where they are, the rescue can get in donations, and then they can furnish the better dog houses, sheds, food, etc without stealing other peoples animals and also ruining the people too. Many of us know exactly why these “rescues” want to seize all of the animals, so it is up to us to educate as many people as possible to these seizure scams, and turn things around so that rescues really do need to help, and not steal animals instead.


I could say so much here!  I choose to list Points to ponder… Bible readings teach that MAN came first upon this earth and he was appointed dominion over the ANIMALS…… The first man upon recognizing he was naked, made shawls of fig leaves which evolved into the use of animal skins which was also provided by God for mans use and enjoyment. Animals have been a major protein source for the majority of humans since creation….. Man built his home to provide protection from the elements and privacy. Animals such as dogs have been a chosen companion to man and man has provided food and shelter as man has deemed fit ……some animals would surely not have survived without mans intervening and helping to provide their needs… Many animals would be extinct in this day and time had man not intervened in their care. If man had not tamed the beast inside the animal, many animals and also humans would be in survival of the fittest mode all the time….. Animals were created with the ability to survive the elements of nature and when the natural surroundings are not available, man provides what he deems as close a similarity in provisions as the animals would find on their own if allowed, or even better….  THEN,

WE have Animal rights oriented people as they call themselves….I personally believe they are humans who have been perversely molested as children by other humans and or animals. OR just raised ignorantly with no experience in animal husbandry practices or anything else in REAL LIFE experience ….they have no clue as to what they are speaking of or of how to care for an animal at all…..I do pray for these ignorant imbiciles and for the people and animals which have been destroyed due to their meddling and hell-raising in the name of rights for animals! GOD BLESS US ALL!


It starts with the dog owner. Never allow them in the door. Always ask for a search warrant. Once the dogs are taken, it is almost impossible to get them back. Always file a lawsuit against the county. Find and get together with local dog owners/breeders and create an opposition. Attend all county hearings. Stress the confiscation was illegal. Illegal search and seizure! Collect data on the numbers of seizures in the county…the animal rights will lie, lie, lie. Have friends call county board of supervisors to complain, the numbers of seizures never warrants the county costs. At hearings stress these seizures are not warranted because there are so few of them—always go back to the costs to the county. Put together a opposition group and raise money, and more money. A/Rs will seek a dog ownership “limit” . Always oppose, because once it is established, that limit will be reduced yearly until it is useless.
Years ago, dog owners and breeders in California faced similar laws by the state and were able to defeat them. We put together a group under PetPAC of over 70,000 dog breeders and owners—you and your supporters can do the same.


Tazers are meant to be used on a violent suspect -ONCE. They might be used two or three times if the suspect is high on drugs or otherwise resistant to that one application. But by the third time, it should be obvious that it’s not working. The tazer obviously worked on her the first time, so they used it again. And again. And again. Up to SEVENTEEN TIMES. Think about this. You’ve probably seen what happens when a normal person is hit by a tazer. They fall fast, as if electrocuted, because that’s basically what it is, is a type of electrocution.  A stun gun is similar, except that it does not shoot barbs and only lasts as long as it’s held in contact. The only reason an officer in closed quarters would use a tazer instead of a stun gun would be that the officer is just plain chicken shit and afraid to get close to the person. And once they’ve shot those barbs into you (unlike a hypo, there’s no law saying they have to be sterilized), they can activate them again and again till the battery is dead. A 5-second burst seems like an eternity if you are on the receiving end.

Repeated bursts by a Taser can be lethal as evidenced by the death of the Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski in the Vancouver, BC airport (in 2009) where he died after an RCMP officer, in spite of his training, repeatedly stunned him with a Taser.

Does the victim need to have blisters and open wounds to prove misuse of the tazer? I don’t believe so. The cops should be made to prove why they needed to blast her SEVENTEEN times, “to protect her from herself.” This argument is so similar to the one where they murder dogs and cats to “save them from an accused abuser.”


Why in the world would law enforcement, who as the dispatcher testified, took suicidal threats seriously, shackle and cuff this woman in her own home and take her to the JAIL???Would it not appear more reasonable for a knowledgeable officer of the law to try and talk with this woman and then if they believed she was suicidal then TAKE HER TO THE NEAREST E.R. FOR A PSYCHE EVAL??? What kind of freaking law enforcement department exists in this place! I mean really!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


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