message from Texas-RPOA

These donations to Texas RPOA are for legislative purpose and does not make any other claim to money sent for that purpose. Without this money there would be no TX RPOA or lobbyist. It is important to realize that without donations there would be no representation. Please follow the link, no amount to small and of course you don’t have to be from Texas to donate.

Today at 11:55 AM

>From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
Crossposting is encouraged.
February 8, 2014

“People who fight may lose. People who do not fight have already lost.” – Bertold Brecht

Something new! This RPOA Donors Report will be published each Saturday.
RPOA provides a “reasonable” voice regarding all Local, Texas State and
Animal Issues.

Thanks to our recent donors “who make all things possible!”

National Toy Fox Terrier Association $50.
Lone Star Fox Terrier Club $50.

Individuals in Texas (identified by area only due to animal
“rights” extremists’ harassment):

Mountain Home $250;
Wharton $100;
Dallas $100;
Temple $65;
San Antonio $60;
Bergheim (Monthly) $50;
Lancaster $25;
Austin (Monthly) $20;
Houston $15; and
Boerne (Monthly) $10.
Donate with PayPal or mail in:


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