from HumaneWatch -Animal Activist Speaks Out Against HSUS [image at the link]

Even Animal Activists Don’t Like HSUS

A number of animal activists in the “no kill” shelter community aren’t fans of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), to put it mildly. Perhaps the most vocal is Nathan Winograd, who told USA Today that “If [HSUS] actually spent as much time, energy and money on saving animals as they now only pretend to, not only would they not have to cover up their failures to do so […] they could truly be the heroes they now only pretend to be.” And the dislike appears to be broader.

We’ve found an interesting account from Ric O’Barry, an animal activist who is a former dolphin trainer turned dolphin rescuer. In his book To Free a Dolphin, O’Barry recalls his interaction with HSUS concerning dolphins the Navy wanted to turn over.

In short, O’Barry describes HSUS as a money-grubbing outfit interested in marketing. “The Obscene Salary Watch,” he notes, “lists HSUS’s officials as some of the greediest in the business.” Though HSUS officials were happy to help themselves when it came to salaries, HSUS wouldn’t even buy lunch for O’Barry and his colleague when they flew up to D.C. from Florida to meet with HSUS personnel. “It wasn’t just the money,” he writes, “it was the predatory attitude. That I should have noticed.”


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One Response to “from HumaneWatch -Animal Activist Speaks Out Against HSUS”

  1. As I have said before, the absurdity of many that are followers of the HSUS because they are naïve, ignorant, uneducated with animals, and misguided, and some because they are the ringleaders who are just like the HSUS and only are “into rescue” for the money and accolades and use the HSUS name to gain credibility for their often unethical, immoral, and sometimes illegal behavior, is breath-taking.

    However, there does seem to be some light-of-truth beginning to shine through the dark clouds, and the exposure of the vicious, wayward greedy folks, and also those who need far more education in various kinds of animal husbandry, is slowly coming about.

    Everyone that is really in this fight for the protection of animals AND for the people who love them, and also don’t want the animals that REALLY need help to fall through the cracks again and again, will continue to share blogs like this and keep getting the word out about the “seizure scams” that are epidemic in the US, and also around the world too, and get the word out about the corruption that abounds in many so-called “animal welfare” groups and so-called “rescues” that are NOT.

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