UPDATE-Federal Case Against Marion County-for Documentation

Sheriff David McKnight took the stand: “I don’t feel like anyone’s constitutional rights have been violated by myself, officers or any officers in the past year,” McKnight said.

But this did not happen this past year…it occurred a few years ago when he was a deputy and not Sheriff-Why didn’t Sheriff McKay testify as it was under his watch!?! Is Sheriff David McKnight insinuating that before this last year there have been violations when Larson  and other cases had civil liberty abuse?!? Well I suppose tomorrow is another day…

“He added that he thought the use of a stun gun was especially appropriate in this situation as a compliance method since Lawson was kicking an officer.” SERIOUSLY?!? They weren’t invited to her home, they DID handcuff her, shackled her and he thinks it’s OK to then use a stun gun…Am I missing something in this testimony?!? I too would be in fear of my life and wouldn’t go down without a fight…Especially after just having had them use a stun gun on me. Wait, I was on fear of my life while I lived there with out the use of a stun gun-of course we were staring at assault rifles-HELLO!!! We finally FLED Marion County, Texas and breath a little easier now!!!

Lawson has nothing to apologize for as far as I’m concerned…she had been home alone and had a few drinks-Most certainly she hadn’t expected guests or this intrusion…They used a stun gun on her-Hadn’t she seen the tape before trial?!? I might have said a few derogatory words myself or are derogatory words a crime these days!?! Matter of fact, I believe after a few days at their ‘Hilton’, I did use some rather colorful words-HA!

Lawson, is a former military police officer and former patrol officer for a police department; she KNOWS the law and KNOWS proper training so if she says it is so, it must be!!! Considering there are so many claims of lawlessness in Marion County…

OMG!!! Here we go again…The first call to Marion County about a roaring (deceased) lion came from convicted felon, Jeff Kozlowski, BANK ROBBER and owner of Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue (WBCR) FROM WISCONSIN-WAS THAT CREDIBLE TOO?!? McKnght says that “James Compton, who requested the welfare check, as credible when he called the sheriff’s department from Canada” -HOLY MOLY you just can’t make this stuff up!!! And there must have been numerous phone calls seeing as how I was questioned about him and that place repeatedly over the next several days during the warrantless searches…Kozlowski then showed up with a uHaul Truck and illegally transported my youngest and most valuable big cats to Wisconsin!!!

-A sheriff’s patrol car was some welcome wagon…Took me to a place I had never experienced before and not on my list bucket list…Matter of fact…Don’t recommend even driving thru Marion County unless you have no other alternative-especially if Rover is with you!!!-If you have no other option but to drive thru the county, I recommend that you drive under the speed limit and don’t stop for nothing-just keep on keeping on!!!


Woman details officers’ actions in case against Marion County, Jefferson

A Marion County woman suing law enforcement officers, the county and the city of Jefferson told a jury Wednesday how she felt “trapped” when officers detained her at her home without giving a reason why.

Elizabeth Lawson, who is asking for $500,000 in damages, claims the officers, while acting under the authority as members of the police department and sheriff’s office, violated her constitutional rights when they responded to her home in November 2012 after receiving a call that she was suicidal, detained her without probable cause, searched her home without a warrant and used a stun gun on her multiple times after transporting her to the county jail.

“I’m feeling trapped, wondering what I’ve done wrong. I was in my house. Yes, I was depressed, but I was in my house not hurting anyone, minding my own business and now these officers that came to ‘talk’ and help me have arrested me,” she said in the second day of her civil trial.

Marion County Sheriff David McKnight, who also took the stand Wednesday, said he believes the two sheriff’s deputies and one Jefferson police officer acted appropriately.

“I don’t feel like anyone’s constitutional rights have been violated by myself, officers or any officers in the past year,” McKnight said.

He added that he thought the use of a stun gun was especially appropriate in this situation as a compliance method since Lawson was kicking an officer.

He said officers stated in their report that they knocked and announced themselves several times at Lawson’s home and testified that they asked her to take her hands from behind her back.

Lawson, who is a former military police officer and former patrol officer for a police department, testified that she always kept her hands revealed to the officers.

“Anybody, whether you’re a cop or not, knows better than to hide your hands from the police,” she said.

McKnight said they also considered Lawson’s friend, James Compton, who requested the welfare check, as credible when he called the sheriff’s department from Canada, because he left his name and a phone number.

“He called twice,” McKnight said, also noting that he sounded concerned that Lawson was suicidal.

Lawson testified that she did tell the mental health worker that evaluated her at the jail that she did make suicidal statements to Compton, and mentioned committing suicide by police, but said she was only joking.

“I stepped on the front porch. (A deputy) asked me to step down a couple of steps. I stepped down a couple of steps. He grabbed me and placed me in handcuffs,” she said, adding he then pulled her on the ground.

She said when the three officers started talking among themselves, she decided to slip her hand out of one of the loose cuffs because she wanted to go back to bed.

“The cuffs weren’t tight. I slipped out of one. That’s when they locked it and pushed me back down,” she said.

She said she still didn’t understand why she was being detained; She thought the officers just wanted to talk. And after being told that she wasn’t arrested or charged with anything, she said she attempted to get back up and walk in her house.

“One grabbed my leg and they put handcuffs on my legs,” she said, noting they pushed her back down.

She said after not getting any answers, she agreed to call for an ambulance and was denied.

She said officers asked her to get into the squad car, which infuriated her.

“At this point, I’m getting angry and did threaten to kick one of them,” she said, describing how the cuffs were digging into her ankle.

She said that’s when officers took the chain from the cuffs on her ankle and hooked it to the cage in the squad car.

“At that point, I’m very irate,” she said. “I’m kicking windows at this point. Not a single one of them gave me any answers.”

Lawson, who watched the videotape of her actions in the squad car, said she’s ashamed of her behavior, and embarrassed that she called Jefferson police officer Terrance Mems, who is black, a racial slur, but said she was angry.

She said she also didn’t realize she was intoxicated because she only had a few glasses of wine.

“It was horrible,” she said of her behavior. “I can only say that I was very scared and angry because I didn’t have a clue what was going on.”

She said after arriving at the jail, officers carried her through a door. That’s when she saw the restraint chair, and decided to put up a fight.

“I tried to make myself dead weight,” she said. “I didn’t feel like they had the right to take me anywhere. I wasn’t going to hurt anyone, but I wasn’t going to make it easy for them.”

She said a jailer ended up removing her from the recreation room and took her to a separation cell, where she continued to demand answers.

She said jailer Dan Ross and Mems put her back in the restraint chair because she wouldn’t calm down.

She said as Ross held her down in the restraint chair, Mems produced a stun gun.

“He stuck it down on my abdomen and left it there,” she said. “After that, I don’t remember a whole lot. I don’t know if I lost consciousness.

The trial continues this morning with U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap presiding.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 6, 2014.

5 Responses to “UPDATE-Federal Case Against Marion County-for Documentation”

  1. It’s funny, but the first article specifically mentions the jailers using a TASER on her several times. A taser is far worse than a stun gun.

    And of course McKnight would say he doesn’t believe his guys did anything wrong, and acted totally appropriately. I’m sure it’s also totally appropriate for a city police officer to be working outside his jurisdiction, outside the city limits. Oh, yes, in the first article, it did say something about this guy Mems having “statewide jurisdiction” -which I’d really, really like to see proof of. Unless he’s a state officer, no city officer gets statewide jurisdiction. -Just like Harrison County officers do NOT have jurisdiction to join in a search in Marion County. But then, who am I to claim any knowledge of the law? 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have known these things, but thanks to McKnight and his friends, I sure do now.

    • Our neighbor…David McKnight -What qualifies him to even know what’s constitutional or not?!? Maybe this attorney should test the water seeing as how McKnight opened the door with that statement!!!

  2. OMG! Just OMG! Imsure hope t
    Her attorney recalls that sheriff and
    Asks him about deprivation of constitutional
    Rights to anyone in the past 2years or so..or does
    Maybe he believe the statute of limitations has expired after
    A year???? I think not…..not on this one! WHEN you are wrong, you
    Are wrong!!!

    • LOL!!! He’s been the sheriff now about a year…It was Bill McKay when this occurred but I truly doubt anything has changed much considering he was abusing constitutional rights before he got they job-Even if they require a certain amount of schooling I truly doubt it sank in…He is still trying to cover up what they did in the past!!! He won’t recall…Seems to me if you abused your neighbor you’d recall!!! Especially when the new neighbor lost their life and wasn’t suicidal when making that statement…I lost my life due to what they did and more importantly, how they went about doing it is unacceptable…He KNOWS it, I KNOW it…THEY ALL KNOW IT!!!

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