Glen Highland Farm Wants Your Hard Earned Money to the Tune of $350.00 per dog

Why bother selling the dogs when you can collect $350.00 for each dog…OMG!!! Already vetted and going to foster homes-Come on!!!

PLEASE go to the link and take a look at those dogs-Look at the number of sponsors for a weeks stay-maybe two… Are these people so stupid that they are willingly giving up $350.00?!?-IDIOTS!!! Maybe I am on the wrong side here because all we are seeing is big bucks going to Animal Rights Nazi Gestopos.

Do any of those dogs look like they needed to be rescued to you?!? Not to me and not a single dead animal as originally claimed. Not a single dog was sick from the weather-These are working dogs and breed to be outside-actually Border Collies require being outside as they easily become antsy if not allowed out-The reason they do NOT make very good house pets!!!

The so called ‘rescue’ so much money it is more than sickening!!! I might not be collecting large sums of money but I certainly am on the right side!!! ~Great News my arse!!! Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo working to it’s fullest extent; proclaiming themselves as great heroes-BULLSHIT!!!

GREAT NEWS TODAY!!! (2/4/14)

The 10 Flat Creek dogs being ‘held’ (from the 1st confiscation) possibly to go back are now FOREVER SAFE! They were fully relinquished today to the SPCA who has officially signed them over to Glen Highland Farm!!

We will post new pictures and soon they will be off to foster homes to continue the journey of a better life!!! Thank you for all the support to make this happen.

There are 11 more ‘in limbo’ that we are waiting to help (from the 2nd confiscation). Hoping to hear good news for them soon, too.

We have no information on the puppies that were removed prior to the State Police confiscation on 1/22/14 and have no information on the 4 young Border Collies or the Shih Tzus still at Flat Creek.
Glen Highland Farm responded to the request to help the Montgomery County SPCA in the removal of 35 Border Collies from Flat Creek in Sprakers, NY. This is an active court case so we cannot discuss details of the dog’s conditions except to say, they were far from ideal.
We wanted to provide a glimpse of some of the dogs. Almost all are young adults. They are all eating well and are VERY content to be inside. In fact, many have no interest in staying outside whatsoever. Their timidity is obvious, based on their previous life but we are optimistic we can help them find the love they so richly deserve.

Thank you for all the incredible support for the Flat Creek dogs – every one of them now has an angel! Plus, so many of you have donated additional funds to help with all their care which is so deeply appreciated!!

Each of these dogs has had routine vetting and spay/neuters and dentals (when necessary).
It has been a VERY costly endeavor, but with your help, we will continue to say “YES” .

One 2 year old in foster care was the first to undergo a dental procedure because she had stopped eating. SIX teeth had to be pulled, very unusual for such a young dog…these are costly procedures and clearly, critical to the well being of the dogs. We have so many with similar dental challenges as well as other medical needs, so need to ask for continued support from all of you who can help.

Please donate [BLAH-BLAH-BLAH…]


The rest was not included in this blog post as it deals with collecting even more money…MORE MONEY for this rescue-I wonder if they are even a 501-C-3-HA! Each dog has already brought in $350.00 -What a scam!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on February 6, 2014.

10 Responses to “Glen Highland Farm Wants Your Hard Earned Money to the Tune of $350.00 per dog”

  1. I noticed the remark, “We have no information on the puppies that were removed prior to the State Police confiscation…” -Of course they wouldn’t. Nobody is required to keep information on what may have been taken in an illegal unwarranted search and seize, whether it was done by seizure mill LEOs or by animal activists. They are certainly not going to make it easy for anybody filing suit against them, now, are they? They promise to produce pictures of the dogs -later, after all is said and done and it doesn’t make any difference anymore. You can’t expect them to produce pictures of healthy, happy animals before the seizure, or of animals in the dirty, filthy, deplorable cages they were transported in… or of the overpacked transport vehicles… Any publication of any of that stuff has to wait until it’s too late to do anything about it. Disclosures of where the dogs finally ended up, for their so-called “forever homes,” and whether their conditions and lives will be better or even comparable, will likewise not be revealed.

  2. You can request their records and find out. They have to provide them by law.

    • Also request the records of the ABCA while you are at it and see how much money they made of the Weich’s puppymill operation. :)
      They are supposedly non-profit.

  3. Even the NFL??? Is Non-profit????? WTH? Anyone with a real thirst to know just what the so called rescues and shelters which are considered legally non-profit, can go to : and type in the state and business name or relation, press on form 990 -most have 3 years worth. And just look on thru , keep on going thru them…..I have yet to find one in the hole yet! Most have 5,6, & 7 figure profits at the end of the year…. not profit business ???? AMERICA YOU HAVE BEEN SCREWED & MADE TO LIKE IT ! How do you feel now? Do something about this
    :..tell a friend…..tell co-workers…tell strangers but DO TELL! Get Sane…..Re-think HUMANE!

    • CORRECTION: is the site to go to for viewing IRS form 990’s for income/expense info (spell check is not always my friend! Sorry!)

    • GET SANE…RE-Think Humane!!! SCAM artistas…

  4. Of course you’re on the “side of RIGHT-ousness”. Having righteous anger is good and normal when you know you are right, you can see the criminals seemingly skipping along, raking in the money, getting the accolades, and on and on. However, anything based on greed, selfishness, social-standing (I call these “sheeple-people” that follow the ringleaders, who are often sociopaths and don’t really care about animals in the least, “social club rescuers” because they would NOT be a part of “rescuing” if they had to do it by themselves using their own money and without any accolades…..they also will NEVER do “the heavy-lifting” of animal rescue by themselves either because they might have to tell their kid they can’t go to Disneyland yet again, or “mommy can’t make it to the play you’re in”, or say to their daughter “sorry sweetheart, we’re going to have to pass on that horse show because mommy spent the entry fee money on rescuing a horse”.

    But guess what everyone? More and more people are finally seeing what’s going on as it happens to them when they never in a million yeas thought they could, or would, be a target.
    It’s called apathy, and as long as this scam stayed more hidden, people that think that it would never happen to them wouldn’t take an interest. But NOW it IS happening to more and more of the people who thought they could never be attacked for how they take care of their animals, so with this fraud and criminal activity happening to more and more animal OWNERS (and yes, we are owners), whether rescues, breeders, or private owners, we are gaining the numbers by leaving comments on wonderful blogs like this, sharing blogs and Facebook pages everywhere, calling “a spade a spade” when it comes to the textbook progression of these scammers who I assure everyone are NOT animal lovers as evidenced by how easily they kill the animals who can’t or won’t “do” for them, or how they sell them when a good enough offer is made that will improve their material wealth of “things” just like animals are “things” to be bartered for favor, or sold for coin, or material crap, or to gain favor with other scammers. Rest assured though, people like this would eat their own young if it will benefit them in their narcissistic quest for money, attention, applause, etc, and anything based on this approach of lies, lies, and more lies will collapse when the TRUTH is exposed, even when that truth takes a while in coming.

    We will triumph here folks, it will just take more time as we gain numbers through the criminals shady, greedy, and “in your face” actions of feeling untouchable committing fraud, theft, lying to cover lies until the story will have so many different versions and people will compare notes, etc.
    Their house of cards will tumble with just a push from a mere breeze once people who know the truth begin to band together, organize, work toward legislature (and yes, many legislators have animals that are “working animals” like border collies on ranches and farms, they have horses they use for work, show, and pleasure, they breed cats, dogs, horses, and many other types of animals, etc, so if we unite and organize, we will have support) to put laws in place to protect people from these zealots whose only “religion” is money, material things, and accolades.

    Patience, although hard to exercise, will win out in the end, I know it to be true because I am already seeing more and more attention and action from the side that is RIGHT, and that would be all of us true animal lovers, who also respect and love animals enough to fight these thieving, lying vermin so that animals that truly do need help will get it through the laws already on the books in most places, and not slip through the cracks and die.

    • This should be a blog entry-Don’t be surprised if you see it as one, one day soon. Thank you so much for your well written comments and taking the time to write one. -B

  5. nit wit … what were the dogs hearding at sprakers ? all the guy had were Dogs …. watch the news you would have seen the barrels those dogs lived in …. how about you just taking one of these dogs dor a month and let me come see how good you made out with it …. bet you could take one for a week …. what a nit wit … bet you enjoy that obomacare too …

    • I know you are but what am I…Obamacare has nothing to do with this now does it…But remember, this is my blog don’t come back if you don’t like my point of view…You can’t even provide your name…You scared?!? LOL!!! Of course you are -GO FUCK YOURSELF…

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