Animal Rights Nazi Gestopos want more notoriety…OK-HA!

These Animal Rights Nazi Gestopos feel they need national attention-They show no shame…They claim there is no support for the Flat Creek Breeding facility…Guess the don’t know about this FB page/group..’STOP ANIMAL TERRORISM AGAINST DOG BREEDERS’

The vet in this case was threatened to change the report-The state Police were threatened if they didn’t seize the dogs…Their purpose has nothing to do with saving these dogs that didn’t require saving. They want to change the law or they want to collect money or BOTH!!!

Threaten the state police?!? Why yes, most certainly did and are…Read on!!! [Special note: But if you agree with this type of mindset, then do not consider yourself much of an American…You are not…Furthermore, neither are they….We have protection established by state and US Constitutions against what is being discussed by these people and just imagine the letter writing campaign that judges receive in these cases-There is no sudden outbreak of animal cruelty in this country…there is a sudden outbreak of Extremists that want you to become vegan and take control of your property.

Read the audacity of these people!!!
“Good Evening.. I want to outline a few important facts that came out if Matt Alberts recent interview last week. I think were all wondering What Would Be In The In The Best Interest of Justice RIGHT NOW. Right? Please allow me to enlighten you on several facts that you may or may not know
~ the State Police need to be SUED for INACTION! The relief is the relief is that proper charges be filed , state police enforce the law and seize the dogs accordingly.
~ It doesn’t matter what your laws are, if the police won’t enforce them, therein lies the problem!
~We need the proper leadership of our Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and were NOT getting it!!
~For Justice to be achieved, letters and calls need to be made. What are we asking for? Laws to be enforced!
~ State police have been misrepresenting what’s been going on there for years. They have been acting as a buffer. It’s an old boys network in Sprakers, an inside job!! The cops had been called 20-30 times from December to January and they said nothing was wrong DESPITE the dogs appearing to be in distress! They chose the path of least resistance and came to the baseless conclusion that the dogs were not in distress.
~ Police are NOT trained on Ag and Market Laws only PENAL laws. So tell can this be enforced??
~ there’s a sense of arrogance with the State Police and The Attorney General a Eric Schneiderman. Instead of admitting the case could have been handled differently they dug in their heels and smugly defended the state police for their apathy against animals!!
~ The Montgomery County SPCA JAN ZUMBOLO FAILED to FILE charges initailly when they were the ONLY ones who had jurisdiction at the time because they didn’t want to compromise their relationship with the police? Those dogs suffered outside during a polar vortex for an extra month because of this!!
~ We want answers!! why hasn’t the Attorney General stepped forward to press charges? Law enforcement is covering up this case!!
Article 26 can prohibit Herbert Weich from ever possessing any animals. This cases needs this type of resolution. Will you join me in addressing this issue with Attorney General NYS Eric Schneiderman?? We Want Answers NOW!!”


Demanding aren’t they-No worries-none of it will happen…dream on…
From the comments of the following article/Radio show:

“Wow! 30 minutes into this interview shows a very one-sided story. I’ve been following this since it became known in the media and so much is left out in this interview so far.
1. Neither he police OR the vet called to the property found the dogs or pups in distress. The vet said none were sick, none had temps, none emaciated and all had clean water in heated buckets.
2. Pix show small breeds outside but left out that it was found they were only let outdoors to go to the bathroom and exercise and were kept indoors.
3. Pups were outside during the day and also found to be kept indoors at night.
4. Both police and vet who examined dogs changed stories about conditions only after being hounded and harassed continually by activists for days and days.
5. Activists all the way to California were caking and complaining and harassing the owners, the police and the vet.
6. Activists were continually at the property keeping the dogs up daily and the only picture of any note is the one with the dog having a skinned nose and the skin mark looked very fresh. Possibly happened due to strangers on the property trying to take pictures?
7. The owner was receiving death threats and threats to burn their home down.
8. The judge gave he owner 2 weeks to build wooden houses and dogs were seized while he and neighbors were in the process of building them before the 2 weeks were even up.
9. Lawyer claims dogs had frozen noses and missing ear tips but not a single picture that has been presented publicly shows that.
10. Activists spread word al over the internet that dead dogs were hauled out in wheelbarrows, pups had died in the cold and that one dog was frozen to the ground. All were found to be false claims.
11. Maybe there was good reason that the local SPCA was not filing charges. Maybe they found the same thing as the police and the vet did. This whole thing as stunk of being an activist witch hunt from the beginning and it seems most charges and the seizure were bullied into happening.
Just some details to think about folks that are being left out.”

This story begins in a small town of upstate New York where a breeder was keeping dogs outside in sub zero weather conditions with very little shelter, a public outcry for these dogs to be taken out of the frigid cold and demands for criminal charges, to finally ending in the seizure of all the dogs and criminal charges pending. Eric Bellows was involved in this story from the very begining and will join us to share how this story progressed, how public pressure saved these dogs, and how we can prevent something like this from happening again.Matt Albert, from Lexus, the attorney working on the case will also be joining us [go to the link]

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 6, 2014.

2 Responses to “Animal Rights Nazi Gestopos want more notoriety…OK-HA!”

  1. VIGILANTES! That’s what these Animal Rights folks are! BULLIES which have not had their assed kicked as they have FLOWN UNDER THE RADAR under the protection of the emotions of animal lovers everywhere. They are EVIL AND UNFEELING toward their fellow human beings and toward animals everywhere! In these cases where the police have gone out and checked out the situation and deemed “all is well”, these bullies need to react the police and allow them to do their job and the public should be able to stand behind their police force and feel safe in doing so. ANOTHER AGGRAVATING ROBBERY OF SOMEONES’ LIFE AND YEARS OF THEIR LIFE……all for what???

    • I know of another case that parallels this one…Maybe you know it…You know where the police tell the truth (a rarity in itself) and the humane society/SPCA lies!!!

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