Of Personal Interest for Documentation -Marion County, Texas

If you follow this blog then you know I take issue with Marion County and what was done to us shortly after moving there. I have spoken of John Wilson and the theft of his Border Collies while law enforcement helped with the district attorney knowing full well they had no authority to had over his dogs to anyone who happened to come and get them while he was hospitalized yet after all was said and done, put out a warrant for his arrest-Come on…Well this turned up today in the news and seems another Federal suit has been filed against Marion County.

My comment that can be found at the link: “This is case #3 that I am aware of where Marion County law enforcement acted irresponsibly with warrant-less searches, excessive force, wrongful arrest, abuse of authority, and abuse of constitutional civil rights. What does it take for the Attorney General or other agency to go into Marion County to investigate the records; surely there must be more than these three cases.”

Over the past four years I have been screaming about what happened to us…What happened to the Wilson Border Collies and now this…How many more have been abused by the ‘good ole Boys of Marion County ‘-HOW MANY damn it!?! Not many are brave enough to file suit-Best to Elizabeth Lawson!!!

Needless to say, we FLED Marion County in fear of our lives…


Officers testify in Marion lawsuit alleging brutality

A jury was selected Monday to hear a civil rights case against Marion County, the city of Jefferson and three members of law enforcement who are accused of injuring a woman by using a stun gun on her multiple times.

Open arguments in the case are slated to begin at 8:30 a.m. today.

Marion County resident Elizabeth Lawson filed the lawsuit this past February, accusing members of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and Jefferson Police Department of using excessive force to arrest her, causing severe bruising as well as first- and second-degree burns from the stun gun.

Officers named in the lawsuit are Chuck Rogers, David Quada and Terrance Mems.

The lawsuit claims Lawson also sustained bruises and cuts on her arms, legs, wrists, ankles, toe and face.

According to the lawsuit, the officers went to Lawson’s home on Nov. 4, 2012, in response to a telephone call they received reporting that Lawson was depressed.

The lawsuit states that Lawson refused to answer the door, and the officers entered her home without a search warrant and arrested her without cause.

“After entering her home, Officer Mems, Deputy Rogers and/or Deputy Quada handcuffed Ms. Lawson’s wrists, placed her in Officer Mems’ squad car and handcuffed her ankles, despite numerous protestations by Ms. Lawson that they were hurting her and asking why they were arresting her and taking her from her home,” the lawsuit states, adding none of the deputies informed her of the reason for her arrest.

Lawson also claims in the lawsuit that the officers treated her brutally in the county jail. Lawson accuses the officers of placing her in a restraining chair, then using a Taser on her 14 to 16 times, leaving first-degree burns on her abdomen The lawsuit also states that Lawson “was then taken to another room where she was left until approximately 9 a.m. the following morning when a Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation employee performed an assessment and deferred treatment because Ms. Lawson presented no danger to herself or others.”

According to the lawsuit, officers refused Lawson’s request to call a lawyer and for medical care to treat pain in her wrists and ankles where she had been restrained.

Marion County and Jefferson are named in the lawsuit because the actions of the officers were performed while on duty.

The lawsuit accuses the county and city of breaching their duty to provide officers with adequate supervision and training.

Additionally, the lawsuit states that as a direct result of the “excessive” and “unreasonable” actions, Lawson incurred medical expenses and has suffered physical pain, suffering and mental anguish.

Lawson is being represented by Sloan, Bagley, Hatcher & Perry law firm of Longview


Officers testify in Marion lawsuit alleging brutality

MARSHALL — Opposing sides in a civil lawsuit involving three law enforcement officers gave conflicting stories Tuesday about what happened during a November 2012 check welfare call in Marion County.

Testimony continued Tuesday in the lawsuit that accuses two Marion County sheriff’s deputies and a Jefferson police officer of using excessive force against a woman at her home and at the county jail.

The plaintiff, Elizabeth Lawson, is asking for no less than $500,000 in damages from the case. She claims the three officers violated her constitutional rights when they responded to her home outside Jefferson for a welfare check, arrested her without probable cause, searched her home without a warrant and used a stun gun on her multiple times after taking her to the county jail.

The officers testified that they acted out of concern for Lawson.

“We worried what was told to us — (that) she would harm herself or kill herself,” said Marion County sheriff’s deputy Chuck Rogers. “We felt there was enough for emergency detention — not arrest.”

The judge, U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap, told jurors they have to decide whether officers unlawfully detained Lawson without having probable cause to arrest her. They also have to determine whether officers used unreasonable force while arresting her, as well as decide whether the policies of the county and city created the liabilities for the actions.

Lawson’s attorney, Carson Runge, said the officers being sued — Marion County sheriff’s deputies Rogers and David Quada and Jefferson police officer Terrance Mems — didn’t have a reason to restrain Lawson when they responded to a call to her home around 1 a.m. Nov. 4, 2012, asking that they check on Lawson’s welfare.

He said Lawson told the officers that she was OK and asked them to leave.

“She says, ‘I’m fine. Go away. Leave me alone,’ ” Runge said.

He said the third time officers announced themselves, she opened the door, reiterated that she was OK and then closed it behind her.

By this time, Mems had walked to the back of the house and discovered that the door was unlocked.

“Officer Mems opens the back door with no warrant, no probable cause, and they go through her home,” Runge said.

He said Lawson quickly stepped onto her front porch where she was arrested by Quada.

“Then, they handcuff her ankles and drag her to the patrol car,” he said, noting she continuously asked why she was being arrested.

Runge said that at the Marion County Jail, Lawson was put into a restraint chair, placed in a recreation room and continued to scream, wanting to know what she did wrong and why was she being arrested.

“Officer Terrance Mems takes his Taser and Tases her multiple times in the abdomen,” Runge said.

“We’re suing Marion County (because) they have no policy on how to constitutionally perform a welfare check; they have no procedure on how to constitutionally perform a welfare check,” Runge said.

Attorney Darren Coleman, representing the city of Jefferson and Mems, said the evidence that will be presented in the case is about two things — protecting Lawson from herself and officers after 911 dispatchers received a call alerting them that Lawson was suicidal.

“It was reported that she was depressed, had a .22-caliber weapon and wanted to check out,” Coleman said. “The caller was very concerned and wanted it checked out.”

He said Quada and Rogers immediately responded; and by chance, Mems spotted them leaving as he walked into the sheriff’s office.

“Additional information had come in (saying) that Lawson was going to come outside and wave a gun for officers to shoot her,” Coleman said.

Because of the nature of the call, Mems, who has statewide jurisdiction, responded to the scene for backup, Coleman said.

Coleman said Lawson opened the door with her hands behind her back and walked back in.

“Believing she may kill herself, Officer Mems went in the back door,” Coleman said.

And against their own personal safety, he said, officers went inside the house. Once they were in the house, he said Lawson ran out of the house where Quada detained her.

“She was extremely combative and trying to kick the officer,” said Coleman, adding that she started making suicidal threats.

He said the officers responded the way they did because a rack of guns was near the door and she had access to after making suicidal threats.


Note: I wonder who made that phone call!!! And just how much did the district attorney know about what was going on considering it’s been observed that he has his hand in everything and directing law enforcement…Was this case ever investigated by anyone-I bet not!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on February 5, 2014.

15 Responses to “Of Personal Interest for Documentation -Marion County, Texas”

  1. Hope you are not forgetting that research has turned up multiple civil cases that have been heard by Judge Phil Parker of the County Court -despite Government Code 26.258 which specifically says he cannot hear civil cases.

    And never forget the quote carved into the front of the intake desk at the Marion County Jail: “This Is What You Get For What You Did.” Which is an insult to all who approach. But then, that’s what passes for wisdom there.

  2. Our case was never reported in the news because the media is part of the suit…Go here for more on the case: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/hoffmann-et-al-v-marion-county-et-al-case-212cv-14/

  3. Go Elizabeth Lawson! I can understand concern from the law enforcement, as they should be! But hand cuffs and shackles???? Whatever happened to a signed contract saying they promise not to harm or kill oneself without calling and reporting these thoughts? Tazing? What if this woman had been deemed mentally incompetent? As this is why they picked her up? In the first place……..that would be the same as tying down a child and tazing or beating them and telling them to shut up……would it not? THIS IS CRIMINAL!!! What if she’d been a dog???? The animal rights groups would have been all over this but what do YOU UNDERTAND……WHAT ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS AND HUMANS STANDING UP FOR OTHER HUMANS HUMANELY!!! And this even applies here….Get Sane……..Re-think humane!

    • I’m telling you, I met people living in Marion County for years who won’t go into Jefferson…Not even to vote which clearly these people need to be doing!!! Everyone I met there had either been arrested at one time or someone in there family!!! A minister of one of the churches received calls of concern about us so he jumped the fence to get in and check on us…I looked out the window and saw him walking up the drive…mind you we had never met him before; I became hysterical thinking they were back for more of us…
      To this day, I hear a dog bark, a helicopter, or just a car or truck going by and I’m on guard. I can not even imagine how this woman feels.
      I hope she wins for the rest of us, my animals that suffered and were killed in the care of the Humane Society of Marion County and Dr. Hedges…Dare I mention, John Wilson’s dogs!!! -BASTARDS!!! At least her nasty vet clinic is shut down and I hope she finds a new line of business…May she never ever lay her ‘dirty hands’ on another animal…

  4. Omg..My nightmare started on Dec 4th 2012…I was falsely arrested at 50 yrs old..2 times and they unlawfully took my registered german sheoherds and the 14 yr old dog..they put to sleep without contacting me and they still have 2 of my shepherds….i had 2 horses…cats…they didnt want them….only my dogs..i havent been allowed to see my dogs….they were like my children! Im still in shock!.I couldnt believe the carved sign under the desk that sAid you are here for what you did! I said…I am here for doing nothing!!! Then 1 officer looked at me and said…hows it feel to be on that side of the desk! I was hired by walter thimas yrs before this and turned the dispatcher job down because it was night shift and i had children at home…liz templeton was training me.!treated brutally…Excessive force and i have pics of my arm and wrist…horribly .bruised! When booking me in the ifficer said…race..looked at me and said…hispanic….i said…im not hispanic…im cherokee indian And white! Nightmare! All on false complaints by My exhusbands girlfriend…went thru horrible divorce and when my home was robbed by all these same people that filed false police reports in me ..when a friend of mine went to my home and my door was broken in…quada came to my home took pics..had a statement from my daughter that my furniture and other belongings were in home of ex husbands girlfriend….i was told they couldnt do anything or arrest anyone because they had no probable cause? I have never been in any trouble ir broke the law in my life! I was terrified of more lies beung told on me or my ex and others killing me because they threatened to so i left my home of 23 yrs and went into hiding…i sold that property and relocated to undisclosed place…Theres alot more that happened to me…i didnt know where to go for help from all the good old jefferson boys n i know my civil rights were violated in so many ways!

    • I had no idea about this and I am so sorry-I am all too familiar with what you experienced. Please contact me again with contact info for a chat-it will NOT be published. I fled Texas…Figured there was no protection for innocent people and the average citizen that counts on law enforcement for protection. The court system even worse…I have a federal suit on appeal filed as pro se against the corrupt government in Marion County and the Animal Rights Extremist Nazi that promotes animal cruelty and steals animals -B

  5. In the Lawson case, they claim she opened the door with her hands behind her back. How’d she get the door opened and closed then?? In the next breath, they say they had to force their way in because there was a rack of guns near the door. How’d they know that before entering?? And earlier they’d mentioned she reportedly had a .22. No mention of anything else. Oh, yes, they had to restrain her and haul her ass off because somebody claimed she “was going to” brandish that .22 so the cops would shoot her. I guess in Jefferson, they arrest a lot of tourists standing on the curbs, because they “are going to” jaywalk. And if you take pictures of the bank in town, they’ll arrest you because you “are going to” rob the bank. Only in Marion County do they arrest people for what they “are going to” do. And not once do they come close to identifying the source of their information.

    • Where was that fucking ambulance to sedate someone who supposedly was suicidal?!? Nahhhh, they have that big restraint chair and all they needed was someone for their an experiment…Add in the tazer and wala, their prisoner now insane…BULLSHIT!!!

    • I hope she wins and takes all them down and put in jail.

      • We both thank you for your support!!! Watch for the next post concerning the case moving to the Supreme Court-You won’t see any of this in the media as they were part of this suit; in case you are wondering about that…They sure called that RAID news when it happened after they trespassed on our property. Fenced, gated, with no trespassing signs-doesn’t matter in Marion County. -B

  6. This is one of the most corrupt towns in Texas and everyone knows it. but just try getting elected and see how the ballots come out. The best thing was for it to burn 4 yrs. ago when all the fires were going.

    • I thought the same thing as the fire was getting closer to town, lol…It seems to have a protective dome over this stinking little county-At least once that interstate goes thru from Texarkana to Shreveport, people will be able to avoid it all together!!! I hope you no longer live there!!! Get this, the Rotary Club allowed that corrupt humane society to speak at their meeting last month-either they were desperate for a speaker or they don’t have a clue!!! How would anyone live in that county and not have a clue-HA! -B

    • By the way, just so you know, I contacted her attorney and offered to testify…I’m still wondering why McKnight testified instead of McKay!!! And I notice he was very specific in his testimony about civil liberty abuse. Shoot, happens daily in Marion County…just the mere presence of the law enforcement (cough) and the court hearings-including the district court in Marion County…and he’s a traveling judge, lol If you know Elizabeth Lawson, please send my regards!!! -B

    • I agree with you 110% that it is without a doubt one of the most corrupt towns in Texas. Having lived here my whole life ive experienced the corruption first hand on several different occasions. However your comment about the fires was careless and out of line. The corruption lies within the local government offices and the officials that hold office and work there. But there are numerous good hardworking honest people in this town and county that are victims of this corrupt system on a day to day basis and not many have the option to just up and move off. To condemn an entire community for the actions of a few is ignorant and foolish. quite a few families in our community lost everything they ever had to those fires and many more would have as well had it not been for the everyday citizens of our community that dropped what they were doing and went to help fight the fires, Myself and friends included. So think before you comment please. And if anyone has a solution for our corruption problem that doesnt involve burning us out then please by all means SPEAK UP

      • Are you kidding me…??? This was the most disgusting case of abuse I have ever read with McKnight taking the stand instead of the sheriff at the time, Bill McKay, who out and out knew this was wrong-OK maybe not a big city where the Larson case would have seen protesters…But no one from the communitgy came out to support her now did they!?! I’m too far away to go but surely you are not-like you said still living there. And still doing nothing about the corruption-What letters have you written to the Attorney General to make it stop!?! The FBI…??? The Texas Rangers…??? US Marshall…??? About the corruption-Only a few dare to take issue and speak out about it-The rest of that community does not and figures if they close their gates-not go to Jefferson and hang a few no trespassing signs on their property that it’ll all go away-HA!
        No one enjoyed seeing homes burned or the trees and acres and acres -no one deserved that including the bastards that did what they did to us, the animals-My business-MY LIFE-YUP, weren’t we treated with welcoming arms for hurricane relief…BULLSHIT!!!
        Don’t like what I have to say then do something about it!!!
        First get rid of the lying cheating Humane Society, the judges and corrupt sheriff’s department-Iwill happily shut-up-No you’ll continue to hide behind the gates instead of controlling an out of control government and do nothing to help members of the community that are being abused-Go look at the court and police records-All right there and for public access-Youtell me who REALLY wrote that warrant-and what REAL probable cause they had to STEAL my animals and other property not even listed on the warrant-KILL my property without medical tests permission from the judge or us the legal owners at that point while we sat in that county jail costing the taxpayers money for no reason what-so-ever…Where were you…?!? Where were any of you…??? And don’t say you knew nothing about it-What about what they did to John Wilson…??? Longstanding property owner in Marion County…They gave all his dogs away to anyone who would take them-All of these played out in the media-What did you do…?!?
        And what are you douing about it now…??? And these are just the anim[al cases-Stole my property thru civil forefitture but no evidence to criminally charge us or convict us-That’s $207,000.00 of property!!! Can have animals but not those animals BULLSHIT!!! And you want to chide me…?!? I was burnt alright!!!
        Well at least I’m talking about it-Go apologize to Larson-I think she’s still there living in fear of a community that showed no remorse for what they did to her.
        A poor community doesn’t have to be a corrupt community and Marion County is the most horrific place I’ve ever been -least anyone forget I’m well traveled and well educated…As long as Marion County continues to abuse people, I will continue to slam the place with it’s dirty secrets of what really goes on there…CHANGE IT!!!

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