UPDATE-Abuse at Healdton, OK A/C

I have had an unusually high response to this story and of special interest that I am posting and update from the previous post comments.

Now I know I saw a headline on TV tonight but sadly, I missed the story and considering that I do a lot of channel surfing, I can not find the update but hoping I will in the morning news…For now these are previous articles that were not previously posted.

Puppies froze to death at this shelter as the animals were provided with NOTHING -a cold concrete floor and the big garage doors open…Yet in the article and research from Flat Creek animal seizure, they make the same claim even though, unlike this story, no dead animals, starving animals or dead puppies  were found with the breeder; here were NONE!!!

The difference is that at this animal shelter, there is a STRONG case of animal cruelty with death and near death of animals. At Flat Creek the seizure was done to pushed for a new ‘puppy mill’ law in New York-There will be more breeders encountering Animal Rights Nazi Gestopos to push for these bills against breeders soon. The same as in Texas (and in other states) as a tactic to push these unlawful and unconstitutional  laws to be put in place lest anyone forget Alpha Tex, Humane Society of North Texas -Jury found them NOT GUITY!!! And the outrageous out and out theft of the Wilson Border Collies by the Humane Society of Marion County, Texas under the approving watch of the Marion County law enforcement and the District Attorney-The case totally lacks due process and I imagine should have been reported to the Texas Attorney General at the time by his attorney-As officers of the court, lawyers are expected to report such abuse of citizens and did not happen in this case and should be reported to the Attorney General of New York State about the abuse this breeder is encountering because of the Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo putting pressure on a sheriff  department…and should have never happened!!! Feel free to make such complaints to the New York State Attorney Generals office about the Internet mobbing of Flat Creek. Just as I am providing the phone number to voice complaint about the Healdton, OK animal shelter to hold all responsible accountable for intentional animal cruelty: 580-229-1283 -If you are concerned then make that call!!!  TY  -B


Citizens demand action after puppies reportedly freeze to death

A city government under fire tonight, after residents say a group of puppies died from exposure to freezing temperatures. Residents in the town of Healdton say there are no heaters at the animal shelter and nothing but the cold, concrete floors for the animals to sleep on.

They took their anger to a recent city council meeting and then called News Channel 4.

Residents have spent the past several days trying hard to find a home for every animal left at the shelter.

Meanwhile, the city manager says he is now shutting the shelter down.

Susie Shelton, a Healdton resident, said, “There was nothing on the concrete floors, those dogs were having to lay on concrete.”

Shelton says it was at the shelter that a group of puppies froze to death. She said, “Even though they were nursing they just couldn’t stay warm.”

The animal shelter has no heaters and no air conditioning. Two large garage doors are typically left cracked open allowing fresh air to flow through the shelter.

City Manager Charlie Clark said, “If there’s been any lack of consideration for the dogs it’s not going to happen again.” Clark says he was unaware of the problem before a town meeting last week. He said, “I’ve decided to close the facility down.”

However, that decision has drawn concern from Susie and others who are upset about the shelter situation.

She says they were told the animals left there at the end of Monday would be euthanized. She and others scrambled to find them homes to prevent that from happening.

However, the city manager says that’s not the case.

Clark said, “We are taking the animals to Ardmore.”

We asked the city manager about the puppies Susie says froze.

In regards to that situation, he said, “I heard that in the same meeting. I don’t know what the facts are about that.”

Susie says it’s not just about the puppies, but she says other animals at the shelter have also been suffering and not getting necessary treatment.

Susie said, “I have never seen a dog that was so starved and sick.”

Though the city manager assures us he working to make sure going forward things are handled differently. Clark said, “There were sufficient things said Monday night that need to be addressed and we are addressing them.”

Our crews spoke with an area donor who paid for the shelter. That donor said the city manager contacted him Monday, just before we did, about helping fund a heater and air conditioner for the shelter. That donor has agreed to help out. As for the dogs, we have learned an area veterinarian did diagnose one of them with frostbite and a treatable form of heart worm. We have also learned all of the dogs have now been adopted.



Healdton police chief steps down amid animal shelter controversy

The Healdton city manager says the police chief has stepped down and any stray animals will be taken to another shelter, until all the issues are resolved.

“Basically it’s been months and months on end of trying to get someone to take care of these dogs, someone to feed them, someone to water them, someone to give them something to lay on,” says Paige james.

James is one of several concerned Healdton residents who attended a city meeting Monday night, after seeing neglected dogs at the city’s animal shelter.

City manager,  Charles Clark says, “We tried to talk to the city several times about letting us help. They’d let us donate food. About half the time it’d stay sitting at the police department for weeks. We’d go to pay our water bill or something and see it still sitting there.”

Clark claims he did not know the condition of the dogs until Monday night’s city council meeting, and says the police department was in charge of the shelter.

“I found, despite we have a relatively new facility, no heat had ever been put in it and not only that but they were opening. The eight foot garage door was completely open and leaving them open through the coldest nights,” said Clark.

Interim police chief, Jarod Barnes says, “There are allegations that there were some puppies that were frozen down at the pound. I’m unaware if those allegations are true or not right now. It is being investigated.”

Jarod Barnes was appointed interim police chief Monday after the now former chief, Tim Woodruff, resigned on Friday. Clark says he suspended Woodruff  on the 20th, following complaints from citizens regarding the mistreatment of the dogs at the shelter, among other concerns.

Clark said, “There was some things that had happened in fairly rapid succession and they had concerned me enough to where I felt it was warrant that I suspended and investigate.”

“I can assure the citizens that this will never happen again. We are in contact with the individual that has offered to donate heat to the pound and provide us heat and other things needed,” said Barnes.

Clark said, “When I’m thoroughly satisfied that we’ve dealt with any concern that we should have and we’ve got our animal control officer back, we’ll open back up for business. In the mean time, if we pick animals up, we’ll transport them to Ardmore.”


Previous blog entry with comments: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/01/30/animal-abuse-at-the-animal-shelter/

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B



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8 Responses to “UPDATE-Abuse at Healdton, OK A/C”

  1. And…NOT ONE MENTION OF SERIOUS ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES? REALLY? Every city employed human who went to that shelter knew the shape it was in! WHERE ARE ALL THE PICTURES a NEWS CREW would ALWAYS take and put all over the TV if this had happened to Jon Q. Public? What shape were those CONCRETE FLOORS IN?? HOW MUCH URINE AND FECES WAS ACCUMULATED IN THE PENS ? WHAT THE HELL? Food and water furnished….shelter furnished…no BEDDING AT ALL! UNFATHOMABLE?????!!!! Yes! Again, I say “GET SANE…..RE-THINK HUMANE…….Where’s all the donation money so many give to HSUS, PETA and others???? Yep….in somebody’s pocket or retirement find……B. S.!!!

  2. So are no charges going to be filed against the shelter manager/staff? Why the hell not? This is unquestionably the one of the few times that ALL would agree that animals were abused.

    • INTENTIONAL ABUSE when is done by a professional earning a leaving at it and should know better!!! Not only was this dog starved-he is only the ‘poster child’ (so to speak) on this case. There were others at this shelter…I just wonder how long this has gone on and if those responsible will be charged!!!

  3. […] Previous blog posts of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/update-abuse-at-healdton-ok-ac/ […]

  4. They never took those measures to make things better. Several people through the years have offered to run the shelter and take care of the animals with their own money. But the town always refuses stating the insurance wouldn’t cover them and they can’t allow someone to work and not be covered. (it would be illegal) .

    • Offer to get their own insurance with the town written in the policy…they might consider such an offer and therefore it would cost the town nothing.

      • The town won’t accept any offer. That was tried. A few have tried many things, but old town, old ways. They’ll never learn or change until they have to pay. We hope we can educate the younger generation so that at least someday things can change.

      • I hope so too! I often wonder if they will think things as inportant as we have considering how things are going now; if you know what I mean….

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