So, now we know the REAL reason for the MOBBING of the Flat Creek DOG BREEDER by Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo

Confirms that the mobbing of this breeder was to create ‘puppy mill’ laws…not just in the county but to get stricter NY laws. They needed a large seizure and now they got their way with a weak sheriff…Just like they stole John Wilson’s Border Collies in Texas a few years back with no due process while law enforcement watched them do it and anyone with any of those dogs now is in possession of stolen property!!! They knew it when they collected funds to steal his dogs and know it now as they attempt to hide the truth of the Wilson case. How many of those Border Collies are now breeders for someone else just as some of these will become breeders for someone else…They know it and so do others!!! Top Bloodlines on these dogs as the Wilson dogs…Someone should have looked into this before they seized those dogs and before prosecuting…

County planning stricter pet laws

FONDA – After the recent rescue of more than 50 dogs from a breeding facility in Sprakers, Montgomery County legislators are hashing out plans to make local animal laws stricter.

On Jan. 10, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a new law proposed by Sen. Mark Grisanti, R-Buffalo, authorizing municipal governments to enact more stringent laws for regulating and licensing pet dealers.

District 3 Legislator Roy Dimond said he wants to take advantage of the new law. He told the legislature Tuesday night that he’s working with an attorney from the Lexus project, which is the legal defense team that helped save the dogs from the Flat Creek Border Collie breeding operation in Sprakers.

“I want to get some information together for the [Legislature’s] Education and Government Committee so that at some point we can pass a local law that hopefully bans puppy mills from Montgomery County because this issue is very near and dear to my heart,” Dimond said.

Dimond said he wants to strengthen the law by adding specific details like what’s considered proper shelter for an animal, so that they know what’s adequate for their pet.

“This is so that our law has some teeth,” Dimond said. “So that they know going in that this is what to expect.”

County Executive Matt Ossenfort also spoke up at the meeting and said he’s spoken to District 1 Legislator Martin Kelly about creating an animal welfare investigation and cruelty prevention committee.

“I think you’re discussing one piece of [the issue],” Ossenfort said to Dimond. “I think a comprehensive package where the work can be done by a committee that includes law enforcement, a small animal veterinarian, a large animal veterinarian and interested residents of the county is what we need.”

Ossenfort said that if the county can work together and take big steps forward they’ll be able to help resolve the issue.

~ by topcatsroar on February 4, 2014.

5 Responses to “So, now we know the REAL reason for the MOBBING of the Flat Creek DOG BREEDER by Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo”

  1. EXACTLY! I would be willing to wager that before ANY major so called ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS are passed in a state, ANY state, there is always an increase in public awareness via these type TV & media coverages and releases with only ONE SIDE AIRED OR WRITTEN……probably due to the distraughtness of the human victims who usually can not believe they (people in general) would really believe what is said by the animal rights reps which are always , I mean always behind this sort of thing. Then the victim only has so many days in which to get legal papers filed or it is,too bad….so sad… takes more than picking up a phone and speaking to a secretary in a lawyers office to get the appointment and the facts relayed and ONE BIGGEE……MOST ATTORNEYS DO NOT REALIZE EVEN IF THE ANIMAL OWNER DOES AND TRIES TO GET THE ATTORNEY TO WORK FAST…THAY DO NOT REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF TIME RESTRAINTS……oops! You filed this or that but it was past the deadline…..sorry…..PEOPLE NEED TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES AND THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX WITH THE COINED AND TEXT’D WORDING……..BUT IT SEEMS THE ONLY ONES WHO HAVE DONE SO ARE THE VICTIMSMOF THESE RAIDS….and their friends and family,……. slowly these people are spreading the word and seeing what a monstrous terroristic attack has been launched on the PET ANIMAL OWNERS AND LOVERS OF OUR SOCIETY!!! Dear God, I pray every day for the stamina and the strength to carry on my role in educating the clueless and I thank God for the opportunitty to be one who can………..

  2. You are right on with this!

  3. This is absurd. Wonder whose dogs in NY they will target next, Gwen Cassel, Gentle Shepherd Farms?

    • Depends, how big that breeder group is…and most importantly, how many puppies they can get out of it!!! Puppies-puppies-puppies is even a big reason as they can not be easily traced. Seems they always take issue with Border Collies and Shepherd’s during legislature and smaller breeds when they are after media attention for donations…

  4. It starts with the dog owner. Never allow them in the door. Always ask for a search warrant. Once the dogs are taken, it is almost impossible to get them back. Always file a lawsuit against the county. Find and get together with local dog owners/breeders and create an opposition. Attend all county hearings. Stress the confiscation was illegal. Illegal search and seizure! Collect data on the numbers of seizures in the county…the animal rights will lie, lie, lie. Have friends call county board of supervisors to complain, the numbers of seizures never warrants the county costs. At hearings stress these seizures are not warranted because there are so few of them—always go back to the costs to the county. Put together a opposition group and raise money, and more money. A/Rs will seek a dog ownership “limit” . Always oppose, because once it is established, that limit will be reduced yearly until it is useless.
    Years ago, dog owners and breeders in California faced similar laws by the state and were able to defeat them. We put together a group under PetPAC of over 70,000 dog breeders and owners—you and your supporters can do the same.

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