Animal Seizure in Flat Creek -For the dogs or to create more laws or is Ethic Pack trying to steal those dogs?!? You decide!!!

Come on-These are Animal Rights Extremists attorneys and the heart of the Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo…

For the Flat Creek Border Collies they are going to have a difficult time find proper representation furthermore with the Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo in full force there is little doubt the direction this case will go…But civil suit can still be filed regardless of a win or conviction with this case in particular!!!

The truth is further exposed in this news article as to what is really behind this seizure of the Flat Creek dogs…Lawyer involved pushing the authorities to seize the animals or they would file suit against the department…ell that certainly won’t stop the owners of those dogs from filing suit against the department for doing it…

Furthermore there is a group ready to take all the dogs and filed the first complaint, Eric Bellows!!! Heard the barking 10 miles away, come on, how far fetched can you get!?! This is about as real as a 17 year old kid hearing the roars of a dead lion (got that, DEAD lion) a mile away that the sheriff deputy did NOT hear living less than a mile away…Maybe because the lion died during transport and had never roared on the property-ya think?!? Who was this young girl…actually, she is cousin of the owner of Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue owner, convicted bank felon, Jeff Kozlowski, who had called on  her to make that call as HIS complaint would never be considered and wasn’t considering that he called the game warden who advised him of that. So she called the sheriff department. It would be impossible for him to have heard that roar all the way in Wisconsin, mind you he didn’t know the lion had passed so, he got his cousin to place the call…A few weeks later he was transporting the youngest and most expensive of the big cats to Wisconsin-especially since his leopard was getting old-wonder if he sent her off as he said he was going to do and I suspect it was to a breeder only now he wouldn’t have to wait for a cub to be born…SIMPLE…But was it really?!?

Kozlowski contacted FCF, Lynn Culver for funds through the Internet and she was obliged to help seeing as how she didn’t actually approve of big cats in the circus; at least not at that time…now she sees a use for circus people and their animals-HA! She did no investigation and had been contacted earlier the year before for help…Lynn Culver was totally unwilling to help with even a few names and numbers that summer. That is no different than these lawyers not even going to this residence before going to the sheriff’s department and on to court-It was the end result that they wanted…Their interest is for more regulation and tighter laws and Bellows wants those animals…

I love that line-“Could not be reached for comment” Did/Does Weich even realize the evil forces focused against them?!?-We certainly did not and were totally unaware of what had taken place behind the scenes to steal our animals…People can be and at times even more deplorable than the claim of any filth, especially since there wasn’t any…Nor were there any dead puppies or frozen dogs found at the Flat Creek Border Collies facility. Now, if this doesn’t outrage you that the truth behind these so called rescues has been exposed with this one then I have to wonder about humanity and what direction we are headed in as lawmakers buy this garbage because of the Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo lawyers, such as Rosenthal and Albert and the two faced Lynn Culver of the Feline Conservation Federation.

Animal activists want border collies moved out of cold

Two animal rights lawyers from opposite corners of the state drove to state Supreme Court in Montgomery County on Monday in an end-run effort to get 66 border collies indoors before the predicted return of subzero temperatures.
Richard Rosenthal of Queens and Matthew Albert of Buffalo both work with the Lexus Project, a dog rights group. They came to Montgomery County following a social media outcry over living conditions at the Flat Creek Border Collies breeding kennel in Sprakers.
On New Year’s Eve, state police received an animal abuse tip claiming scores of dogs were living in snow-covered communal pens at 569 Rappa Road, where Kathy Weich and her brother Herbert Weich run a border collie breeding business. Over the next few days, troopers worked with a local veterinarian checking out the area.
In a news release, state police spokesman Mark Cepiel said several visits to the kennel did not reveal any violations of state or local laws.
“The owner of the kennel has provided shelter, food and heated water as required,” the release said.
That didn’t stop Rosenthal and Albert from drafting an inch-thick lawsuit late into Saturday night, then hopping in their respective cars and driving to Montgomery County.
At 2:30 p.m., they stood in suits in the clerk’s office filing an Article 78 proceeding against the state police.
“I didn’t pack any clothes,” Albert said, lifting a briefcase of papers. “This is all I brought, which could be a problem if this doesn’t get resolved today.”
They were in such a rush to get to court, neither one stopped by Rappa Road to see if collies were actually being mistreated.
“We’ve seen pictures,” Albert said.
In layman’s terms he described the proceeding as a lawsuit aimed at forcing state police into taking action, though he said Herbert Weich is also named in further legal action.
While the police said the Weichs were in compliance with the law, Rosenthal argued shelter for the animals, while available, was not adequate.
“We’re talking about border collies, not huskies,” he said, “They weren’t bred for below-zero temperatures.”
Currently, he said 66 dogs are living in pens with a series of overturned plastic barrels for shelter. Based upon forecasted cold temperatures and potentially dangerous wind chills, the lawyers hoped for a decision mandating the immediate removal of the dogs before the overnight hours.
“I don’t want to see pictures of dead dogs being loaded up into wheelbarrows Monday morning because the state police couldn’t be bothered to do their jobs,” he said.
A half hour later the lawyers appeared before state Supreme Court Justice Joseph Sise. They hoped he would hand down an order to get the dogs to warmth, but he did not.
“We are aware that a polar vortex is coming,” he said, but then delayed the proceedings.
Since Rosenthal and Albert implicate the state police in their lawsuit, Sise said the state police should be allowed to represent themselves. Assistant Attorney General Shoshanah Bewlay will appear on behalf of the state police at 1 p.m. today, at which point the issue will be brought back to the court. In the meantime, the dogs will be left in their pens.
Eric Bellows was one of a handful of concerned local residents watching the proceedings. He ran his hands through his red beard and said “I’m worried about the dogs tonight.”
It was Bellows’ call that brought law enforcement to the Weichs in the first place. He heard barking New Years’s Eve at his home, 10 miles form the pens.
“I went over to see if everything was okay,” he said. “That was back when they allowed me on their land.”
He brought over hay bales for insulation, but when he suggested finding new homes for some of the dogs, he said the Weichs didn’t want to hear it. In the end, he called in an animal abuse tip to law enforcement.
Since the state police investigated his tip and did not file charges, Bellows said people became enraged on social media. On dedicated Facebook pages, updates on the story are accompanied by scores of vitriolic comments. It was that outcry that brought in lawyers from the Lexus Project, but Bellows said it’s gone too far.
“No one deserves to get harassed,” Bellows said. “No one deserves to get death threats like the Weichs have been getting. I think a lot of people made this about people, rather than the dogs.”
He runs Pack Ethic, a network of roughly 40 area animal lovers. Had Sise ordered seizure of the dogs he said the network would have taken them in, without judging the Weichs for leaving them out.
He said his network will still be ready to help, should such a decision be made in further proceedings.
In the meantime, he’s hoping the dogs will last the night.
Kathy and Herbert Weich could not be reached for comment Monday.


Yup, they last the night just fine now didn’t they!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 4, 2014.

4 Responses to “Animal Seizure in Flat Creek -For the dogs or to create more laws or is Ethic Pack trying to steal those dogs?!? You decide!!!”

  1. I could say so much here! I choose to list Points to ponder…
    Bible readings teach that MAN came first upon this earth and he was appointed dominion over the ANIMALS……
    The first man upon recognizing he was naked, made shawls of
    fig leaves which evolved into the use of animal skins which was also provided by God for mans use and enjoyment.
    Animals have been a major protein source for the majority of humans since creation…..
    Man built his home to provide protection from the elements and privacy.
    Animals such as dogs have been a chosen companion to man and man has provided food and shelter as man has deemed fit ……some animals would surely not have survived without mans intervening and helping to provide their needs…
    Many animals would be extinct in this day and time had man not intervened in their care.
    If man had not tamed the beast inside the animal, many animals and also humans would be in survival of the fittest mode all the time…..
    Animals were created with the ability to survive the elements of nature and when the natural surroundings are not available, man provides what he deems as close a similarity in provisions as the animals would find on their own if allowed, or even better…. THEN,

    WE have Animal rights oriented people as they call themselves….I personally believe they are humans who have been perversely molested as children by other humans and or animals. OR just raised ignorantly with no experience in animal husbandry practices or anything else in REAL LIFE experience ….they have no clue as to what they are speaking of or of how to care for an animal at all…..I do pray for these ignorant imbiciles and for the people and animals which have been destroyed due to their medling and hell-raising in the name of rights for animals! GOD BLESS US ALL!

  2. I have noticed that many of the animal rights people, who are not the actual animal “rescue” that is mostly interested in making a living off of “rescue” and not working at real jobs and live off donation money and the retail sales of the FREE animals they get through seizures and/or buy and maintain using donor money (because far be it they should ever spend their own money on rescuing and taking care of animals, and also not wanting or needing accolades and pats on the back every 2 seconds in order to rescue. Anyone else ever notice that these types of social club rescuers can save a mouse and they will plaster the news all over Facebook so people will tell them how wonderful they are? lol), are usually out-of-shape people who they themselves cannot deal with heat, cold, wind, dirt, manual labor, etc, so they want everyone to treat every animal like a hothouse flower, whether you have 1 or 2 animals like them, or 25, 50, or 100 animals like some rescues that take in the unwanted animals have because the animal has no where else to go, and basically ruin a lot of animals immune systems with vaccinosis, feeding too much processed food which makes them sick and/or obese, over doing it with meds, flea spray and baths, deworming, etc, (and a lot of these types of “rescuers” seem to be really bad hypochondriacs, and are always referring to issues they have to get sympathy from people) but at least the way they “take care” of animals makes them feel better about their insecure selves, and they are also a part of the “social club rescue” scene, which is the ultimate important thing to them.

    And I think they should have their nose rubbed in the fact that none of those border collies died from the cold because they are born and bred as working dogs able to withstand extremes in weather, and that is why a lot of farms and ranches have them to tend their livestock……because they are TOUGH, unlike more and more people in the world of the United States today and their unfortunate animals who they are “killing with kindness”.
    We need more canine husbandry rammed down peoples throats to make them pull their heads out of their butts, be embarrassed in public, and then slink away because someone whupped their ass with solid education.

    It does start with the ringleaders who are usually out for the donations, the free animals, and the accolades of how “wonderful” they are when all they really are are common con-artists, liars, and manipulators who rally mobs of people to go on the attack, and then the politicians “roll” to show they are “doing something”…..we need more politicians with balls to say “go the hell away and take care of your own animals, and leave other peoples animals alone” (and the sad part is that there are animals out there who DO need help, but if those animals have no value for rallying “sympathy donations” and/or can be sold, they are ignored by the “social club rescue” crowd). AND, if people do need help, the animals should stay exactly where they are, the rescue can get in donations, and then they can furnish the better dog houses, sheds, food, etc without stealing other peoples animals and also ruining the people too.
    Many of us know exactly why these “rescues” want to seize all of the animals, so it is up to us to educate as many people as possible to these seizure scams, and turn things around so that rescues really do need to help, and not steal animals instead.

    • AMEN to that!!! And frankly, that was how it used to be…People helping people helping animals-Suddenly there is an inner war in the US of A regarding animal ownership…Since when is owning an animal a crime?!? And just because an animal might have worms at the time of an animal seizure does not indicate intentional neglect-As far as I’m concerned, worms are somewhat a natural occurrence that can’t be avoided…I can’t believe it is a crime if Rover has worms…Same with teeth…who the Hell brushes their dogs teeth?!? I suppose someone who needs to get a life…Tartar on teeth is displayed as a crime never mind that a child may have never been to the dentist or the owner needing dental care-I suppose if you were a vet that specialized in cleaning pets teeth you might believe otherwise but really, it’s just tartar…and not a crime for a dog to have tartar or need a tooth pulled…Most certainly, it is not a crime or demonstrate intentional animal cruelty…These people are off their rockers and when it finally becomes an election issue, then and only then can we see this turn around…Especially an issue that should concern voters for district attorney and the judges. The only way to control a wacked out, out of control Humaniac is to take back our government.

  3. Sounds to me like the Weiches have a great neighbor in this guy Bellows. First he complains, now he says they don’t deserve all the vitriol his complaints resulted in. -Kind of like a guy I know who complained that the big cats next door were driving his cows to stampede… Then when he realized that ALL the next-door animals were seized and his neighbors jailed, started claiming the day-care center down the road did it, not him…

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