They ARE ‘Retail Rescue Pets’ and you are BUYING them!!!

What’s this…I’m not so crazy after all!?! Other bloggers see it for what it is-RETAIL RESCUE PETS…and you can not BUY a rescue pet!!!

“A sale is a sale is a sale. If you need to pat yourself on the back with delusions that you rescued the animal based upon a made up back story and call it “adoption” for icing, then maybe you shouldn’t be getting that animal at all.” ~PJ

You Don’t Adopt Rescue Pets

Depending on the rescue’s “adoption” contract, you are usually buying or renting them.

Cue the torches and pitchforks! Better get the lynch mob ready, because I’m about to say stuff that’s against those wonderful souls who rescue animals!!

Now, people are always complaining that people use animals, that breeders are awful because they sell animals. But how is that any different than a shelter? When people talk about a breeder’s profit, it is (price listed)x(number of animals)=profit. They don’t take into account the cost of caring for these animals, nor equipment needed, nor anything else. And yet, should anyone bring up that shelters also ask high prices for their animals, these same people are quick to bring up that the shelters spend their money on the animals.

Not one breeder that I know survives solely on the money made breeding animals. They have jobs, or spouses, the lucky ones have trust funds or huge bank accounts. Alternate forms of income, to cover the loss that their breeding hobby is no doubt incurring. They do not rely on public funds, on fundraising or donations – they rely on their own hard work, both in and out of their breeding hobby. In a good year, a breeder often finds themselves able to use a black pen when it comes to year’s end, but most of the time, a breeder’s ledgers bleed red ink. Breeding operations are HUGE money pits, and the average public doesn’t realize this.

I do understand that shelters and rescues do a lot of good work. I understand that the majority are out there because they love animals, and want to help them. I am not in any way trying to vilify them, nor detract from the work that they do. I just wish that they’d call a spade a spade, and admit to selling or renting animals.

Adoption brings to mind all sorts of feel-goods. Giving a family to an abused and neglected animal, a second chance at life for that animal, showing it what a family’s love is all about… And I understand that. But adopting an animal does not make you a better person, it makes you a person who bought a shelter animal. By adopting an animal, you are not rescuing an animal, you are buying an animal that someone else may or may not have rescued.

That’s something else to touch on. Where, exactly, do all these animals come from? I can hear the RARA’s shouts of “evil disgusting breeders like you!!!” already, so no need to comment that. The way shelters and rescues want you to think, all the animals in their care are neglected, emaciated, abused and on death’s door when they arrive. They want you to believe that all of their animals were liberated from test labs, factory farms, puppy mills, breeders and hoarders… But they aren’t. A good portion of animals in shelters are strays or owner surrenders. The reasons they are surrendered varies from animal to animal, but until they were dropped off, these animals were well cared for, and well loved. I know, I know, “not loved enough for the owner to keep them!!!”, but let’s not pass judgment. Knowing nothing about situations, they could be dropped off because the owner died and the family didn’t want the animal, because the owner became ill, or unemployed and could no longer care for the animal, because the owner was in an abusive relationship and couldn’t take the animal with them, because the animal was being tormented by their children, for 100 other innocent or not so innocent reasons. Regardless of why, these animals are dropped off. Not all of them are rescued, in fact, the majority aren’t rescued, they are simply provided a place to stay while a suitable home is found.

People are quick to defend the cost of a shelter animal, because the shelters “do all that work for them”, however how many of the owner surrenders are spayed/neutered before they come? How many are up to date on shots and turned in with their vet records? I personally don’t know the answer to that question, but it would be interesting to find out. In any event, not every animal turned in at the shelter requires months of care to rehabilitate it. Many animals (at least at my local shelter) are transfers from another shelter – and that’s a whole nother kettle of fish we’ll get into another day. It makes me wonder, then, how much shelters would charge if they were only charging what they’d spent on the animal.

“But herds,” the RARA’s whine, “some animals cost thousands to fix up! They’re charging a flat adoption fee to try and even out the difference!”

Alright, that’s true… But don’t those high cost cases usually end up with additional fundraising efforts because of it? Don’t lie, you’ve seen it on Facebook – “JoJo was abandoned by his owners and then hit by a car! His pelvis was shattered and he needs a lifesaving operation, and we need to raise $5000 to fund it!! Please donate, and share, so we can get JoJo the surgery he needs!!!”. And the rescue isn’t going to shut down donations as soon as they get the money they need for JoJo’s surgery. They’re going to let all the money keep pouring in. They might not even admit to getting enough for JoJo’s surgery, making JoJo a poster child for the rescue’s fundraising efforts(another topic that will need to be touched on later).

Let’s examine JoJo’s case a little closer. JoJo was, indeed, abandoned by his owners – JoJo escaped his yard, and his owners didn’t bother looking for him because JoJo was becoming more work than he was worth. JoJo gets struck by a car, brought into a rescue, and needs an operation for his pelvis. The rescue takes photos of poor, mangled JoJo, plasters them all over the internet, and the donations start coming in. In the end, enough money is made to get JoJo his operation, to pay for JoJo’s meds and food for his recovery, and to cover the vaccinations that JoJo may or may not need (but the rescue does them anyway, because it’s easier than doing a titer.) Since the rescue JoJo was taken to is all volunteers, there’s no need to pay any employees, so that doesn’t add to JoJo’s debt to the rescue. He was neutered when he came in, and fairly well trained, so no additional cost for those. JoJo goes through his recovery, with no complications, and the rescue has actually made more money in donations than it cost to care for JoJo, including vet care, feeding and even cleaning supplies. So why, if JoJo has no outstanding debt to the rescue, is he still being sold for $400 on their website?

GASP!!! I used that dirty, naughty, 4 letter word again – Sold. That’s right, JoJo is being sold by the rescue. He is not being adopted, nor rehomed, nor placed. He is being sold. Or possibly rented, depending on the paperwork that particular rescue is using.

I can hear the cussing now – she did it, she really just said that rescue animals are sold!! That dirty, good for nothing little so and so!!!

Well, it’s true. I hate the word adoption. I really really do. Those words, to me, are an excuse for RARAs to start patting themselves on the back and start gathering in the feel goods. If it’s someone particularly irritating, I even have to bite my tongue to keep from correcting them.

You see, when you pay money for something, you are buying it, regardless where it came from. I’ve even recently been informed that in some places you don’t HAVE to pay money for something for it to be a sale – if you give someone cocaine, you’re selling them drugs, regardless if money changes hands. It’s the same for animals – you might be giving away your dog, but the final transaction is called a sale. JoJo is being sold by the rescue. They need to own that fact and understand that they are sellers of animals. Maybe those animals were unwanted, or abused or neglected before they got them, but the end result is still a sale.

This is my very firm belief. A sale is a sale – money changed hands for goods (in this case, JoJo), that makes it a sales transaction, by the very definition of the word. You can pretty it up, and call it an adoption, but it isn’t, not in the least. Animals, you see, are possessions, by law, as much as the RARA’s hate to admit it. That’s why people are charged with theft if they take someone else’s animal, rather than “puppy napping”. That’s why we own animals, because they are possessions. That’s why you buy animals.

And then renting. Have you read some of the “adoption applications” that are out there? Oh my word, they are a little on the extreme side. I used to follow the horse world fairly readily (not because I had horses, or even rode horses, but because I love looking at horses, and knew a lot of horse people), and some of those applications for a horse from a rescue? EXTREME. You weren’t actually going to own the horse, you see, it says right in your contract that the horse is still owned by GlitterFarts Horse Rescue. You could have the horse seized at any time if you bred it(only applicable for mares, most rescues would geld before releasing, and rightly so), or if you moved, or if you boarded the horse somewhere, or if you were a day late on vaccinations, or if you didn’t feed it what they required you to feed it, or, or, or… Just like that. And all the time and money you put into that horse? Gone. You see that a lot with other animals – if you don’t want the animal anymore, it HAS to go back to the rescue. If you move, it HAS to go back to the rescue. The rescue still, technically, owns the animal because of the paper you signed, you’ve just paid them a non-refundable fee for nothing more than the ability to borrow said animal.

They say they do this in the interest of the animal, but I feel it’s more a case of the rescue not wanting to let go of the leash. They want to still have some control over that animal, and if you’re not doing things EXACTLY as they want you to? They take it away. They have the right because you signed that paper.

“But they’re just PROTECTING that animal,” says the RARA, “they just want what’s best for it!!”

Except some of those contracts are so extreme that you have to have the rescue’s permission to get the animal anything but the standard medical care. Some of them require that you don’t put the animal down until the rescue has been consulted, or require you to use a specific vet. I don’t feel that putting restrictions on the owner is in the animal’s best interest. I don’t think that after 6 months, a year, two years, a person should have to give up their animal because they are moving to a different town, or moving from a house to an apartment, however some of these “adoption agreements” state that that’s how it should be.

Now, I’ve said it a million times if I’ve said it once – I am not against ethical, responsible rescues. I AM, however, against rescues that require you to sign away your rights as an animal owner to obtain an animal through them. I thoroughly encourage everyone considering an animal to see what the shelter has available, especially when it comes to cats. I also thoroughly encourage everyone to read the adoption contract before even going to the shelter, and deciding if that rescue’s terms are terms they can live with.

And I really wish rescues would stop calling their transactions adoptions – call them sales or rentals, because that’s what they actually are.


Now this blogger left out that many of the retail rescued pets are seized…or that the seizure was likely unlawful and unconstitutional!!! There was no animal abuse, in fact, many rescues steal their ‘merchandise’ from other rescues and of course from breeders and so called hoarders of animals. [When you have more than what someone else considers an acceptable number-you must be a hoarder-Does than mean that Farmer Brown is hoarding a herd of cows?!?] Of course not but to the Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo, they are…So before purchasing an animal from a shelter get the truth about where that animal came from…if it really was an abused animal, would you really want it?!? Do you really think a suffering animal can magically be ready to be sold nearly instantly?!? Think again-Absolutely NOT!!! Ask about rehabilitation and what they do for animals before they sell them!!! Ask what they do with animals that they are unable to sell!!! Ask the right question and you might not like the answer…Furthermore they are not paying tax for the animals they sale and the IRS is doing nothing-While it is a 501-C-3 and allowed to collect tax exempt donations-They are NOT allowed to sell merchandise and NOT pay tax for the sell. The USDA says a sell is a sell-opps!!! So make sure you ask for their records

I know when I started doing the research on the humane society in Marion County, Texas I was shocked and alarmed at what I found out…Just imagine, ‘rescued animals’ being cared for at a vet clinic and nearly 2 months later they send those animals to a no-kill shelter that documents those animals on intake in worse condition than what was ever claimed against the owner!!! Furthermore, there was no charges pressed and no conviction -so easy to have a civil trial and steal the animals from their rightful owner!!! Yes, it happened and I imagine is not a singular in cases of seizes animals being abused in the hands of some so called rescuer…This is in public records already, the truth exposed…The rightful owner of those animals abused by both law enforcement and the judicial system…Nor have they heard the last of this!!! All of it documented for preservation of the true story about animal rescue!!! We’ll see who gets the last word on this matter of abuse of civil liberty abuse, abuse of authority, and to top it all off the mis-management and abuse of the animals both in their care and the placement of where those were sent…including the vet with no husbandry skills to speak of including for animals that she claimed were her specialty and giving animals to a convicted felon who made the first complaint to begin with!!!-Sometimes rescue is done so that the person who receives those animals can stake a claim to rescue even though it wasn’t!!! Key word is donations…No they haven’t heard the last of it…even if the courts get it wrong…that’s a promise!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on February 2, 2014.

6 Responses to “They ARE ‘Retail Rescue Pets’ and you are BUYING them!!!”

  1. THIS BLOG is BY FAR the BEST I HAVE EVER READ! I think you should be the recipient of a PUBLIC SERVICE award……and who knows….ONE DAY SOON AWARDS MAY BE PRESENTED! THANK YOU TOP CAT!

  2. Wow! What a eye opener!

  3. great blog hard to read due to white on black but really good

  4. You are retarded, & by thst I mean you are mentaly slow. I have seen pug rescuers jump to the aid of any pug facing death at a sheltter. Old pugs, sick pugs, packs of pugs…..they will drive for hours. Pay all expenses at the vet. They will house them u til they have homes. Just because a dog is a purebreed you think it should have LESS of a chance at survival????? You are stupid & a dick.

    • I’m not sure just how stupid “dick” is but apparently you have not thoroughly read this blog -I agree that there are some good ‘rescues’ out there…HOWEVER, You can not blame a breeder for what people do or not do with their animal-Shall we talk about how many animals placed from a ‘rescue’ actually stay in their new permanent home?!? Many end up right back on the street or back where they came from-especially if they were victims of some illegal unconstitutional raid, seizing the animals and removing them from their rightful owners-MANY of which were totally healthy and the owner doing nothing wrong but because some group (note, I didn’t say assholes and stoop to your level) who is promoting ‘animal cruelty’ as it’s main mission and needed another for donations and RETAIL RESCUE PETS-many are!!!

      My pug was illegally taken from me and once the entire story is out there; then everyone will know exactly what happen to us and what is happening to others with their illegal unconstitutional enforcement and the crimes of the judicial system pushing these cases illegally and unconstitutionally through their nasty little corrupt court systems; thinking no one can catch them or will do anything about it -The system is jacked because they think the community will support it’s ‘aid to animals’ but that is not usually the case. Whether they win in court or not is not even at issue under todays term for ‘justice’…it’s merely a game for some of these so called attorneys who have forgotten the oath they took and judges enjoying what they think is their new position of power to do as they please and not be sued for not properly doing their job.

      Laws were written to prevent intentional animal cruelty NOT to steal the rightful animal owners animals (and other property not listed on the warrant).
      Mojo, now gone for more than four years is still missed but not forgotten-when he came to us he was covered in mange and ill health…When they stole him he was happy and content with us…Again he had to adjust to a new life with someone else AFTER going thru a stay at a poorly managed vet clinic (and he’s one of the lucky ones who didn’t suddenly get sick from some ‘mystery disease’-more than a month later!!!) A judge with no authority pushed a case he should have never had in his court and another changing the nature of the case on appeal…what is that?!?

      Seriously, you think whatever you like about me and this blog-I couldn’t careless-say what you want and think what you want but you are 100% wrong…If anyone should be called ‘stupid and a dick’-might that be you for blaming breeders rather than people who, for whatever the reason, the animal ends up at a shelter or a ‘rescue’ on the first place?!? And if you hadn’t figured it out yet, it’s not because someone was falsely accused of cruelty.

      Calling people ‘retarded’ demonstrates who is mentally slow here…

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