More Shelter ABUSE-Animal Control Officer FIRED!!!

More abuse surfacing at shelters…My question is-ARE THEY CHARGED WITH CRUELTY!?! Is the shelter in your county guilty-Have you even been there?!? It’s your tax money supporting it!!! 

Central Texas Animal Control Manager Fired

KILLEEN (January 29, 2014) Killeen Police Department Animal Control Manager Stacey Sherva, who was placed on paid leave more than three months ago, was fired Wednesday for “violating department policy related to the management of personnel and the proper care of animals,” department spokeswoman Carroll Smith said in a press release.

Sherva was placed on administrative leave on Oct. 4, 2013 while the department’s internal affairs unit investigated unspecified allegations of policy violations.

“The internal investigation involving the Animal Control Manager, Stacey Sherva, has concluded, and the violations were sustained by my office,” Killeen Police Chief Dennis Baldwin said in a statement Wednesday.

“The policy violations sustained pertain to neglect of duty concerning the substandard management of employees and the lack of care and treatment of animals under the shelter’s care,” he said.

A search for her replacement will begin immediately, he said.

Commander Lee Caufield was named interim animal control manager after Sherva’s suspension in October.


And these people accuse ordinary citizens of abuse-Holy Moly…Have testified against private owners and taken animals from their longstanding rightful owners-OUTRAGEOUS!!!

A proper investigation of a vet is not happening-only an inquiry by the TXBOVME is TOTALLY unacceptable!!!  TXBOVME needs to be held accountable…NEXT!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B




~ by topcatsroar on February 2, 2014.

4 Responses to “More Shelter ABUSE-Animal Control Officer FIRED!!!”

  1. ABSOLUTELY AGREE! These people should be held to an even more strict level of ACCOUNTABILITY AND BE SUBJECT TO ALL CHARGES THAT JOHN Q. PUBLIC WOULD BE ! You damn right! Sick of this mess!

  2. You know this is just the tip of an iceberg… a very BIG iceberg… Nobody gets away with stuff like that without co-conspirators and enablers and people in high places willing to just look the other way. Once a couple more cards in this house fall, watch out for the whole thing to come tumbling down!

  3. How do i go about getting an internal investigation going for washington state animal services (king county)????
    Veterinarian. & animal services manager have same last names /horse unaccounted for 3months/pops up at a rescue ,,looking in the same condition as when seized/ a monumental reaccuring bond placed by the courts/no charges of cruelity or neglict filed//???

    • Gather up the forces and file complaints…That’s what the Animal Rights Extremists are doing to force animal seizures even when there’s no reason to take those animals-it’s like a mobbing or lynching so, the same tactic should be used to fight against cruelty at the shelter-Another good thing to do would be the commissioners meeting and voice your concern to the councilmembers…If there are several people concerned, then everyone should met there and everyone speak up when they call for other business…Good luck-Keep us informed -B

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