Zoo Wars -Freak to Freak…Milking an OLD, UNLAWFUL, ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL Seizure of Big Cats…ONE MORE TIME-Otherwise Known as Knee Deep in BULLSHIT, LOL!!! -Part 0ne

Zoo Wars-Freak to Freak…Milking an OLD, UNLAWFUL, ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL Seizure of Big Cats…ONE MORE TIME-Otherwise Known as Knee Deep in BULLSHIT, LOL!!!  -Part 0ne

At first, I thought I was watching an episode of Bullwinkle and Rocky…Boris and Natasha…but it’s not that good…sorry but I still have to demonstrate the audacity of some people behaving ever so badly…However, this time, lol…they did that themselves…it’s sickening…But I hear I am a minion and fierce…<chuckle>so I need to live up to my status…

OK, Hear me Roar (Was that Don Lewis the tiger took out in the beginning of this video?!?-WATCH!!!)

How stupid of me <slap-slap> I thought that I think for myself…

My dear friend Joe has no part in what I do…Not sure he even approves (like I need anyone’s ‘approval ratings’-HA!) And actually, it is a 100% correct statement that -NO ONE dictates to me what to do…I love Joe but no way anyone tells me what to do!!! and certainly NOT true when stated by some stupid self-appointed, un-knowledged, unskilled Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo!!!

Listen carefully people to thier conversation in the video linked below-Could this be?!? Is this their admissions coming out of their own mouths, why yes, it is!!! So hurry to that link and upload to your computers before Baskin realizes her error and starts to clip it

-The birth of an AETA/RICO LAWSUIT if I ever heard one-HELLO!!! And they, Crazy-Batty, put it out there on the WWW–BATTY CRAZY!!! 

Anyway, Joe has more than enough on his plate with owners sending him even more animals for rescue-They think he has the time to be bothered with me like that?!? Simply put, not only is he too busy but, I’m not that easy anyways!!! He has better things to do!!! While my expressed opinion is protected -Admissions of a criminal activity of an invasion into an animal enterprise is not!!! All  invasions into an animal enterprise to ensure that it is shut down is not protected!!! And then, OMG, sending those animals to a questionable facility (Joe Taft-more on that in another episode of Batty/Crazy; but here’s a quick review of what’s ahead…fined by OSHA and under investigation by the USDA, you bet it gets crazier…and have they both forgotten about the illegal transport of those animals-But that’s what they conveniently forgot to mention.

Poor little Dianne Gustafson…OK, not so little, poor, maybe…will see this post and have to go crying to her SOP that she says is now secure from moles because it’s a closed group-REALLY…Silly woman, Tricks are for Kids you know?!? Of course there are moles, as she puts it…It’s FB and moles in every group everywhere…it’s hilarious actually that she says she has to HIDE in secret groups…Not too many people want much to do with her…and her illegal activities…Over the top funny Dianne and if this stuff wasn’t so funny, this post would have been up much sooner…Would be hilarious if these two Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo weren’t doing so much harm to others…Their groups missing a swastika and Hitler himself…

Look, no one pays me for writing this blog-wish they would; I sure could use a few bucks about now wait <IDEA> That’s it…send me just your loose change (that’s 99 cents or less) and I’ll keep blogging-or not and I keep blogging.

Here’s my pledge: I promise to be fierce…OK, I’ll try to be fierce…but ‘sweet thing’ <sarcasm> I owe no one any favors and this post from Big Cat Rescue/BCR/WILDLIFE on EASY STREET episode…so worth posting a link to it…Oh the stupidity of people thinking they can do as they please and then admit to having done it, recording the conversation and putting it up for the world to hear-WOW!!! Maybe they have graduated and joining the Animal Liberation Front…after all-some get away with murder-and appears Baskin has so far…But, there’s still a BIG  REWARD on the table for any information leading to answering the age old question- “What happened to Don Lewis?” Maybe that episode is yet to be produced…

What’s that…Jamie had a nightmare about who?!? SERIOUSLY…If Jamie is having nightmares, it’s about mommy dearest shoving her in a cage with big cats located over the septic tank (By the way, isn’t that unhealthy for the cat…I mean honestly…living over the septic tank…) Don’t even go there Carole…By the way, the  new look is a bit frightening with that long witchy hair and too much make up…Really, it’s not so amazing that Jamie’s having nightmares…but certainly not over a good looking married guy!!! Carole Baskin would say about anything over her obsession of Joe-How much donated money for the care of animas did she waste in her lawsuit to receive NOTHING!?!…And she’s mad cause she will not only never able to get in his pants, got nothing out of Joe but wasn’t invited to the wedding…stuck with Howie -well, for awhile anyways…just as long as there is money, Howie’s sortasafe…

So Dianne Gustafson is having some sort of bigger orgasm from her dirty deeds of creating mass havoc for a longstanding animal owner by rehashing the same boring ugly nasty attack on Big Cats and their owners…So how about I rehash what the truth is about this so called rescue-

What Gustafson did was stage ongoing attacks making a facility loose money and their ability to feed and provide for their animals and then complains that the animals are starving…

Part one The Chit Chat:http://bigcatrescue.org/cat-chat-39/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=googleplus_page&utm_medium=Big+Cat+Rescue&utm_content=Cat+Chat+39

Turn up the volume and prepare to hear the self proclaimed pats on the back these women give themselves for their mis-deeds…No point in me going any further when history has already written, documented and the truth exposed of what they don’t talk about…for tonight I’ll leave you wanting more….You better believe there’s more…tomorrow is another day…and the day after that…for MORE!!!

These people deserve each other alright but not for any good deed for any animal…Animal Rights Nazi Gestopos presenting their finest to you…the general public awaits…Poor Gustafson, a misdeed is always a misdeed…no matter who approves of the actions…and when the person who approves it is Carole Baskin, everyone questions it now, not just me!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 23, 2014.

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