People are going wild trying to get donations for these dogs…there’s nothing that has been demonstrated that is wrong with these dogs…

They are now asking that you supply dog food that is extremely expensive for them…IF they couldn’t afford to seize them and there virtually nothing wrong with a single dog then, they should be returned immediately to their home where they supplied the food and care necessary for them…

Got that…nothing virtually wrong with the dogs-They will have to make it up as they go-There’s no frost bit or frozen paws-HELLO!!! In a group of animals that size, they found virtually nothing and apparently nothing life threatening-Weigh in people-THEY WANTED THE BLOODLINE, THE PUPPIES AND THE MERELES…I’M STILL LOOKING FOR THE DEAD FROZEN PUPPIES IN THE GARBAGE AS THEY CLAIMED!!!

Here’s a word from their magic sponsor trying to make a buck of this FAKE RESCUE: http://www.dogwildsupply.com/gpage4.html

glenhighlandfarm borde collie rescue NY

Dog Wild supplies food and treats to Glen Highland Farm Border Collie Rescue in Morris, NY

To help the dogs at the Farm, consider donating  a bag or case of food or a box of cookies.

Credit cards or checks accepted.

Prices range from $20-$55 per case/bag/box.

Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out a donation that suits your budget. 

Below is a list of food and treats current being used for the  rescue dogs at the Farm.

Taste of the Wild (Pacific Stream, High Prairie & Sierra Mtn)

Innova Evo 95% Canned Chicken & Turkey – Case

Mother Hubbard Mini Biscuits, 20 pound box

Use the Buy Now button below to order or call the store at the number above for more flexible options.


How many times you gonna see this and not realize that the if these dogs were is such bad shape they would certainly be in need of vet care for longer than a week -If they really needed to be ‘rescued’ that is!?! Oh look at that cute doggie…let’s go get one-How many of these people think they are going to get to keep the dog they foster for free-HA! And if the owner is to get his dogs back…How many of these dogs will disappear even after being screened like the Alpha Tex dogs did?!?…How do you suppose all this happens in the first place?!?…How about we take a walk down the Yellow Brick Road…Retail Pet Rescue-Screw the breeder-Inventory will be ready to go in less than a week…Donations come pouring in when the media PRODUCES the news rather than proper investigation and reporting!!!

http://www.wfmj.com/story/24501802/animal-charity-fostering-process-Youngstown [VIDEO AT THE LINK]

Animal Charity working to process foster homes for 105 puppies from alleged puppy mill

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio –   Foster families have started picking up dogs confiscated in last week’s raid on a breeding operation in Mahoning County.

Some people who applied to care for a dog may not have heard back yet, but there is a reason.

The phone has been ringing almost non-stop by people wanting to foster the 105 dogs and puppies taken from an alleged puppy mill.

Applicants came from as far away as Alliance.

Animal Charity put out calls to trusted business owners like Scott McCluskey who owns Pet Lodge USA in Boardman. He told 21 News that his facility will foster, free of charge, about a dozen dogs. “We will supply all the food and care, and when they’re ready to find homes for them we’ll be ready to help them,” McCluskey said.

The agency has received about 200 applications to foster. Animal Charity says if you filled out an application to foster a dog don’t call them to follow up on it. The agency is busy sorting through applications and will call you if you have been selected.

Executive Director Kayley Frost is asking for patience. Animal Charity is checking to see if dog owners have vaccinations for their current animals, and need to see if the pets the applicant’s already own can get along with the new foster pet or pets.

Some of the dogs and pups have special needs and some are expecting puppies so there will be additional needs for those animals.

Frost says the agency cannot finalize any fosters for adoption. She says whether the pets will be able to be adopted out permanently depends on the outcome of the court case that is pending.


Outcome pending…after this report…There’s no question on the outcome…

But I said a walk down the Yellow Brick Road-How do these investigations get started…Really doesn’t take much effort at all…Someone decides they don’t like the way animals are being housed and pushes for others to join their mob to make calls…Well I’ll start with a link to a video that is up on FB…It appears to me the dogs are actually enjoying the weather…I see plenty of housing…of course you can’t see inside what’s provided or not…but considering the expense and time spent with these animals…and when nothing was found wrong -OMG!!! The mob grows and insists that there is a cruelty issue…These are Border Collies and this yet another Border Collie rescue…Actually lying with the camera rolling-SERIOUSLY?!?


But there’s more…On a listing for breeders…[bloggers note: If you are a breeder listed on this site or any site, you might be next to be targeted-They have no shame and post their comments right under the listing…Rallying the mob…]

Make enough noise and the authorities will bend unless you happen to live where there is honest enforcement…Yes, These dogs are already seized…Read their comments and push for seizure-

But wait…How about a little research on this breed their owners under constant attack…this is a walk down The Yellow Brick Road:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Border_collies

In general, Border Collies are medium-sized dogs without extreme physical characteristics and with a moderate amount of coat, which is often thick and frequently sheds. Their double coats vary from slick to lush, and come in many colours, although black and white is the most common. Black tricolour (black/tan/white or sable and white), red (chocolate) and white, and red tricolour (red/tan/white) also occur regularly, with other colours such as blue, lilac, red merle, blue merle, brindle, and “Australian red”/gold seen less frequently. Border Collies may also have single-colour coats.[4]

Eye colour varies from deep brown to amber or blue, and occasionally eyes of differing colour occur; this is usually seen with merles. The ears of the Border Collie are also variable — some have fully erect ears, some fully dropped ears, and others semi-erect ears (similar to those of the rough Collie or sighthounds). Although working Border Collie handlers sometimes have superstitions about the appearance of their dogs (handlers may avoid mostly white dogs due to the unfounded idea that sheep will not respect a white or almost all white dog),[15] in general a dog’s appearance is considered by the American Border Collie Association to be irrelevant.[16] It is considered much more useful to identify a working Border Collie by its attitude and ability than by its looks.

Dogs bred for showing are more homogeneous in appearance than working Border Collies, since to win in conformation showing they must conform closely to breed club standards that are specific on many points of the structure, coat, and colour. Kennel clubs specify, for example, that the Border Collie must have a “keen and intelligent” expression, and that the preferred eye colour is dark brown. In deference to the dog’s working origin, scars and broken teeth received in the line of duty are not to be counted against a Border Collie in the show ring.

Height at withers: Males from 19 to 22 in (48 to 56 cm), females from 18 to 21 in (46 to 53 cm).

[Here’s the kicker] Temperament

Border Collies require considerable daily physical exercise and mental stimulation.[17]

The Border Collie is an intelligent breed;[1][18] in fact, it is widely considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Although the primary role of the Border Collie is that of the working stock dog, dogs of this breed are becoming increasingly popular as pets.

True to their working heritage, Border Collies make very demanding, energetic pets that are better off in households that can provide them with plenty of play and exercise with humans or other dogs.[17] Due to their demanding personalities and need for mental stimulation and exercise, many border collies develop neurotic behaviors in households that are not able to provide for their needs. They are infamous for chewing holes in walls, biting and chewing on furniture such as chairs and table legs and digging holes out of boredom. One of the prime reasons for getting rid of a Border Collie is their unsuitability for families with small children, cats, and other dogs, due to their intense desire to herd; this was bred into them for hundreds of years and still one of their chief uses outside the household.[17] However, many will still live happily with other pets if they are used to them.

Though they are common choice for household pets, Border Collies have attributes that make them less suited for those who cannot give them the exercise they need. As with many working breeds, Border Collies can be motion-sensitive and they may chase moving vehicles.[19]


That kind of says it all doesn’t it-Highly intelligent…Need to be outside…Breed for working…Become a popular pet…

Now a look at the Border Collies of Flat Creek on line-And where the attack begins -Watch the mob grow and start demanding a lynching!!! You saw the video posted by the key instigator, Brittany Locke (unless after this post it comes down…too bad if you missed it!!!)



Flat Creek Border Collies — We have been breeding BC’s for over 20 years.  Our breeding program is designed to promote healthy, happy working and companion animals. Our puppies have very diverse “jobs” and yet are ideally suited to each.  We have sold puppies to 14 states and 2 foreign countries.  Our genetics are a combination of imported and domestic lineage.  We have litters usually available in the spring and fall.  We have the following colors:  Black, Red, Blue, Merle, Tri, Lilac and Lavender.

-now onto the comments…only a few c/p here go to the link and see the forming of a mob against an animal breeder and how it all gets started…

Sherry. I absolutely agree with your statement about this place, but  looks aren’t everything. I have purchased a puppy from this breeder and He is the most gentle and best dog I have ever had. They really know what they’re doing when they breed their dogs.

Written By Maggie on February 17th, 2013 @ 11:31 pm
I love Kathy. She is a great person, she may have a lot of dogs but they are taking care of and their dogs are so gentle, ive adopted alot of them and never ever had a problem with them.
Written By Rosalynn Crary on March 9th, 2013 @ 10:30 pm
I drive past this house everyday and am disgusted by the deplorable conditions these dogs are kept.  They are outside year round no shelter from rain, snow how do kathy and husband sleep at night? These poor dogs recieve no heat and comfort.  Id at least feel better if they had a roof over there so called “cages”.  you make money off of these dogs why not fix up there living quarters to proper temperature control dog houses that block from wind, heat , snow, rain.
Written By jenn on September 6th, 2013 @ 4:11 pm
First off, Kathys dogs have shelter. Doyou not see the little white barrels? And that is not her husband. There pens are kept up to standard to laws, start at the laws if you do not like it. She is a wonderfull person. The dog have automatic waters and are fed daily multiple times.
Written By Anon on September 17th, 2013 @ 2:06 pm
This person does NOT care about her dogs!  Right now there are PUPPIES outside freezing to death because her “little white barrels” are NOT adequate shelter.  There are probably over 100 dogs and puppies “living” together in this shithole.  “Minny Cruella” indeed!  She needs to be shut down and charged with animal cruelty!!!
Written By DOG LOVER on December 31st, 2013 @ 10:39 pm
Right now there are puppies as young as 8 weeks old out in the frigid weather at this so called breeder’s house.  The photos are all over facebook and the authorities are being contacted. This is a puppy mill and it is horrific that these dogs have no warmth from the frigid cold.  We are getting a snowstorm and the temperatures will be near zero. How is a tiny puppy supposed to live in that weather.  I hope she gets shut down and banned from breeding.  What is wrong with the neighbors and authorities up there to allow this to go on.  Puppy mills should be illegal.  A good breeder has one or two good dogs and they breed only once a year.  This is a puppy factory and dogs do not belong outside in the winter. It is cruel.  There is no bedding or hay in the little white plastic covers.  This is verified by eyewitnesses TODAY.  I hope they are arrested for this. Disgusting.
Written By Linda Rusch on December 31st, 2013 @ 11:12 pm
Anyone who thinks plastic barrels are appropriate living conditions in this cold climate should not have dogs.  Period!
Written By Anne on December 31st, 2013 @ 11:32 pm
She also advertises that the puppies are home raised. How can that be when they are right now out in the freezing cold?
Written By Anne on December 31st, 2013 @ 11:33 pm
The conditions these dogs are in is inhumane for winter conditions! Plastic barrels with little straw bedding that is wet.
Written By S g on January 1st, 2014 @ 9:16 am

And a plastic dog house made from plastic barrels are approved and provide insulation from the weather…WORKING DOGS-HELLO…They are breed to herd sheep…in the fields not the living room…These dogs love the outdoors…Double coats!!!

enuff said for now…No never enough said about the wrongful, unlawful, unconstitutional taking of entire collections or herds of animals from their longstanding owners…JUDGMENTAL BASTARDS…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

For more on The Border Collies of Flat Creek: http://flatcreekborders.blogspot.com/

~ by topcatsroar on January 22, 2014.

43 Responses to ““PUPPIES-PUPPIES-PUPPIES” Exclaimed the Humaniac…UPDATED!!!”

  1. The so-called “judgmental bastards” ARE THE PROBLEM–THEY have NO CLUE as to what they are speaking. JUST mouthing off words you see on each ordeal such as this where the SQUEAKY WHEEL GETZ THE GREASE. IF the breeders WERE MAKING ALL SORTS OF MONEY OFF SELLING THE DOGS, why do they often relinquish their stock to these thieves ? BECAUSE, through my research, I have documentation of from $50,000 to over $800,000 in legal bills alone from “HONEST, HARD-WORKING BREEDERS” WHO HAVE and CONTINUE to fight for WHAT IS RIGHT and to GET THEIR ANIMALS BACK OR “JUST COMPENSATION ” for their animals and their businesses which were destroyed by these PRE-CONDITIONED IDIOTS who don’t know a damn thing about whatmthey are speaking of!

    Those who say THEY ARE MAKING MONEY OFF OF THOSE ANIMALS…………Think about this, please……FROM WHOM DO A DR. OR NURSE, OR ANY MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL PROVIDING MEDICAL CARE, MAKE MONEY OFF OF??????? From whom does A WAITER OR WAITRESS MAKE MONEY????? From whom does the agricultural community growing vegetables and grain MAKE MONEY FROM???????? THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE! Get SANE then RE-THINK HUMANE!!!

    • ‘GET SANE AND RETHINK HUMANE’-Why hadn’t I heard this before or better yet, hadn’t I thought of it?!? PERFECT!!! -B

    • More begging. Glen Highland Farm is farming out dogs they helped to steal with their lies.
      Now these folks are begging. OMG. This is pathetic.

      • Amazing, the New England Border Collie Rescue calling these dogs the terrific ten…wonder how long they lusted for them and why they just didn’t go buy one…I guess free in their opinion is their only option because then they can beg for donations and sell these dogs…Still looking for dead puppies and frostbite…There is none -B

    • https://www.facebook.com/karen.jones.90663894
      I see Border Collies deep in the snow in Kentucky.
      How can the dogs of Flat Creek be confiscated, yet these are allowed to stay outside?

      • Exactly…and those dogs are gorgeous aren’t they-I’d say an incentive for more Witch Hunting for HSUS bounty-HA!

  2. http://glenhighlandfarm.com/sprakers.htm
    Already begging for money after they stole their beautiful dogs!!
    This is a rescue group that should have had funds before they agreed to take the dogs. Let’s see 35 x $500 each equals what? $17500? Seems like adequate funds to buy food. Their begging disgusts me.

    • Barrels are great doghouses for Border Collies. They stay dry. They don’t separate like the expensive blue and white ones that supposedly snap together. They cannot be chewed. They do not rot. It sure beats the life they are going to spend at Glen Highland Farm in crates except for letting them out a few times a day. At least at Kathy & Herbert’s they got fresh air and could run and play, and they fed them without begging for money, too.

    • What’s disgusting is that people actually buy into it…Watch that video with no sound…Still looking for the frozen dead puppies and frost bitten paws…WHERE?!? Do you see any?!? I don’t!!!

  3. Maybe just maybe if the authorities came and took the cars away from the owners that used them to drive by and harrass and upset the dogs and owners, these asses would know how it feels to have what you own taken.

  4. I need to redo my math here $350 per dog plus adoption fees of $500 per dog hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • And what would a breeder charge as well as guarantee the puppy!?!

      • Well, it depends on where you are in the heirarchy in the ABCA.
        Lockeye Border Collies and RIsing Sun Border Collies charge $2000 a puppy, and they are MASS producers both living in frigid temperatures, BTW.
        Normally, the prices for pups start at around $250 and go up.
        But, that, of course, will be a thing of the past very soon.
        They want everyone to pay the $2000.

  5. who is this Julie Poudrier on the Border Collie Boards?
    Looks like the SPCA might want to visit NC. She seems to have loads of Border Collies, and they seem to be outside in all of the pictures.
    Oops. No dogs outside right now, right?

  6. http://tyrannyandliberty.blogspot.com/2014/01/cyber-lynch-mob-attempts-to-destroy-new.html
    You Go Girl!! Right on.

  7. http://herdsnothoards.weebly.com/1/post/2014/01/flat-creek-border-collies.html

  8. http://www.dogwildsupply.com/gpage4.html
    Asking for food?? If they didn’t have enough food, they should not have been allowed to take the dogs

    • Or it’s a fraudulent claim for donations-What rescue couldn’t use a bag of free dog food?!? And/or money-Really, it’s all about he money!!! -B

  9. Wonder what the American Border Collie Association’s involvement in this is?
    They are applauding this seizure on their boards, yet Eileen Stein submitted a letter to Aphhis begging for the “good” ABC breeders to be exempt from owning and breeding large numbers of Border Collie Females.
    This is pathetic.

    • Still looking for frozen dead puppies I imagine-HA! Breeders need live healthy puppies -HELLO!!! Just look at what they did in Marion County to John Wilson’s dogs…So proud of their actions…Sickening!!! FRAUD and THEFT of REGISTERED Border Collies…Where’s the FBI on this?!? Report it to them-You do not need to be the victim to make a report and stake a claim to a wrongful, unlawful, illegal CIMINAL action…As a matter of fact, consider it you responsibility to do so!!! Thank You!!! -B

    • Huge numbers of puppies being mass produced by ABCA breeders such as LOCKEYE, RISING SUN, CONTACT POINT, SHORELAND, BLAZZIN, JAWANNA, NIGHTSHADES, STAHLS plus many more. Some of these breeders co-own their dogs, so if you visit their kennels, you will only find six dogs. Most of the websites now have only six dogs listed. They have MANY MANY more. Some of these TEXAS BORDER COLLIE puppymills, have John Wilson’s bloodlines, but they lied on public forums saying he got his dogs from them. NOT. Just check with the airlines. He persoally flew to Ireland, and he brought those dogs back himself. Check the shipping records!!

  10. Oh yeah, we know the scam well……I hope those breeders hired an attorney, and also began taking screenshots, investigating people on FB, LinkedIn, and through services where you pay a small fee, and start getting the dirt on these “players”.

    There are also attorney’s listed on Google that will take defamation cases on a contingency basis if there is good documentation that people were libeled and slandered, which it looks like there is evidence of that just in the comments I read at the link provided.

    If more people that decide to join the mob/swarm with no facts or proof of any wrong-doing, and who libel people have their “feet held to the fire” and have to at the very least hire an attorney to defend them in a libel/slander case (probably would cost them at least $3500 even if the case never went anywhere against them), there would be far fewer people attacking ignorantly and without facts because Heaven forbid these attackers should get smacked in the pocketbook…..in other words, people would keep their mouths shut if they didn’t know what was going on if it ended up costing them when they break the law and libel someone without proof, facts, or cause.

    • Kudos! Absolutely! Hit the Nail on the head! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  11. “Every time I see some story about dogs taken from an “abuser” or a “hoarder” I know that with the political climate what it is today thanks to the animal “rights” extremists – there but for the Grace of God, go I. There are too many whackos out there that believe that keeping dogs as DOGS is abuse and that no human is good enough to own a dog. And there are too many “rescuers” who feed into that mind set with their screaming please for help and money for dogs that have been “rescued” from some abuser or hoarder.

    I am always happy to do what is right for my breed and help in any way I can with the placement of a dog but I won’t do it at the expense of a human being. And when a “rescue” starts squealing about “hoarders” and “abusers”, I simply step away.

    It’s not necessary to denigrate another human being in order to help a dog. Just do what is right for the dog and let God take care of the rest”….by Elizabeth Brinkley

    • Oh please, don’t step away…VICTIMS need help and support and sounds like you’d fight a good fight…If nothing else, try to find lawyers that are not AR FREAKS, that might take a case or two…Court appointed attorneys are only provided for criminal action and the cruelty laws are civil…These laws have nothing to do with criminal action or criminal wrong doing…Legalized theft of property. Just ask any HUMANIAC, they just love these cruelty laws; especially when they don’t have to actually prove anything-OMG!!! -B

      • Cruelty laws are criminal in some states…..but if found “not guilty”in criminal court, then the animal/personal property owner must file civil and federal to get any compensation for the losses or for the property which mysteriously disappeared during trials or appeals or illnesses contracted during confinement in a crowded and usually disease exposed facility……Just another reason to GET SANE then RE-THINK HUMANE!

  12. Let some ar people come to illegally steal my dogs and they’ll be blood in the snow lots of it and it won’t be dogs blood either! On the grave of my mother want to see extremism??!!

    • If they are short on dogs, like Glen Highland Farm, SWEET? Border Collie Rescue, yes, they will steal your dogs even if you are breaking no laws like
      Kathy & Herbert Weich, Flat Creek Border Collies

  13. When Glen Highland Farm asked the ABCA
    about the accuracy of the claim on Flat Creek’s
    website, the ABCA indicated that it is not true.
    From Debbie Bailey, representative of the
    American Border Collie Association:
    These people are making a false claim that
    they are affiliated with ABCA. They are not
    members of ABCA.
    It would only take a court order to verify that this is the biggest lie of all.
    It was only a matter of time before the ABCA became part of this libel and theft.

    • They have huge huge puppymills they are turning they are ignoring as they bring in HUGE revenue for all of their pomp and circumstance and prissy dog trials at huge fancy plantations!! Kathy & Herbert Welch have working bloodlines, but this means nothing to the ABCA as they claim. They are only interested in uping the prices for their HUGE VOLUME “good??????” BREEDERS.

    • Debbie Bailey needs to check her records more closely before she commits perjury on a court document. Here are just a few of Herbert Weich’s ABCA Border Collies:
      BABS ABC 229731
      KISSMEKATE ABC 251514
      ROSEALEA ABC 229125
      HUMMER ABC 252040

    The mission of this establishment is to rescue Border Collies and they do a wonderful job with that. One can visit and bring one’s dogs on vacation for a 2 night minimum. The farm is approximately 200 acres and is fenced in so that dogs can be safely “off leash.” There are ponds and streams for people and dogs to swim and wade in, toys and agility equipment to use, and a well equipped cooking “Pavilion.” One can rent a cottage, an RV, or bring your own camper.

    We rented an RV for a cost of $275 per night, this was the least expensive option. When I started to unpack my food I found that the refrigerator was dirty and I started to clean it. When the owner came by to give us a tour of the camp I told him that I wasn’t ready to go because I was cleaning. A short while later the executive director came by and offered us an upgrade to a better and newer RV saying that staff would pack us up and move us. We thanked her and said of course! We had to pack ourselves up but staff moved us. I would have been delighted except that the “better” RV also had cleanliness issues as well – some quite serious. The worst was an infestation of larvae on the toilet seat!

    I know that part of the rental price goes to support the dog rescue operation but nowhere were we told that this was a non-profit and what part of our fee could be deducted from our taxes. I expected a much better effort at cleaning the RV, especially at the prices charged.

    Our dog did have a very nice time but not enough of one to make us want to return.


    Some people like or even love a place and some don’t. That’s what happens when you run a business. However, to respond to a bad review with misstatements, hyperbole, suppositions, and disingenuous remarks as Lillie did is beyond the pale; and, I must respond to set the record straight and lower my rating to one star. Just a friendly suggestion, perhaps Lillie should review the guidelines for reviews posted by business owners since I think that she exceeded the limits set forth in those.

    Yes, the upgrade was offered at no charge as it should have been and I did not suggest otherwise. I looked at the upgraded RV very quickly since the owner was waiting to give us our tour, I did not “inspect [sic] it carefully.” I did have a positive response to it, and, maybe even said that it was “great” because it looked better than our original accommodations – it was newer, bigger, and brighter. I did not check out the interior of the refrigerator, which required cleaning.

    On our second day there, Lillie and a friend were walking by quickly on ONE occasion, while I was outside deeply absorbed in painting. She asked how everything was and I said, “fine,” since I was not going to start complaining about things that I had already cleaned and was not going to move again – besides, I was concentrating on painting and wanted to enjoy myself as much as possible at this point. It was NOT an overwhelming endorsement of anything.

    That night, our second and LAST night at the camp, there was a thunderstorm and we lost power around 9 or 10 PM. It was around then that I went to use the toilet and went into the bathroom with my flashlight and saw the larvae. I lifted the seat and saw that there was a total infestation of them. This does NOT happen all of a sudden, eggs take a while to gestate and hatch, so they were there BEFORE we checked in.

    There was no cell phone reception in the area and I wouldn’t call someone at 10 PM anyway for something that I was able to clean-up with the bleach product they had supplied under the kitchen sink, so that is what I did. I don’t know what Lillie would have wanted me to do but I did what I considered the sensible thing to do even though it was disgusting and gross; besides we had to checkout the next morning by 11 AM. I wasn’t about to checkout in the middle of the night in a thunderstorm and ask for a refund. If fact, Lillie’s raising the question that perhaps we had “a strategy to get a refund” is simply over the top and totally without foundation. Believe me, if we wanted a refund she would have heard about it BEFORE we left that weekend.

    She never addressed the non-profit question I raised and I think that everyone who stays there deserves an answer to that.

    Her gratuitous comment that my other reviews are filled with fault finding overlooks the fact that my 5 and 4 star ratings, which are filled with praise, outnumber my negative ratings. What difference does that make anyway? If something is below par, it SHOULD be brought up on Yelp – it’s a review site for the good and the not so good. And I did point out their wonderful work as a dog rescue & that our dog had a good time.

    It’s curious to me that I was the one to put this establishment on Yelp and that Lillie’s response and the 3 positive reviews all have the same date


      Drain Fly Larvae
      It is not uncommon for homeowners to report black or dark-colored worms in their sink drains or toilet bowls. These are actually not worms at all but the larval maggot form of the drain fly. Drain flies are known for their love of moist environments. Adults are drawn indoors because they detect a water source; contaminants in that water source such as bacteria, fungi, decaying organic matter, sediment and the like are one of the principal food sources of the drain fly, so contaminated, standing water is a favorite breeding ground for drain flies.

      Read more: http://www.ehow.com/info_8706902_there-drain-fly-worms-toilet.html#ixzz2rS4ebvgu

  15. According to Wikipedia, the AVERAGE size for a Border Collie Female can be anywhere from 27 to 45 pounds which puts the Flat Creek Border Collie Females in the exact range weight that they should be!!
    But according to Glen Highland’s Farm INCORRECT reporting the dogs were Undersized, Underdeveloped
    Young Dogs
    A Border Collie does not fully mature until they are 2 years old!!

  16. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/54130353/ns/local_news-albany_ny/t/spca-sprakers-puppy-farmer-likely-face-criminal-charges/#.UuDQQU7nbIV

    • What about the criminal charges against those that sat in front of their home taking pictures and talking so they could stir up the dogs, which BTW, probably got them running around injuring themselves, and let me remind you, this went on for days?
      What about the criminal charges against the Lexus Project, set up to save dangerous dogs? Their involvement in this theft is UNFORGIVABLE and criminal.
      What about charges against the American Border Collie ASSociation and their secretary, Debbie Bailey, for making FALSE statements to the Court
      regarding Flat Creek Border Collies NOT BEING affiliated with them whilst
      all the time taking money from these breeders to register their dogs and puppies.
      This is a CONSPIRACY TO DO HARM against someone who followed the rules, met the requirements, and loved their dogs.

  17. http://herdsnothoards.weebly.com/1/post/2014/01/public-shaming-save-the-dogs-from-flat-creek-border-collies.html

  18. Great coverage Top Cat!

  19. I am sure this article has touched all the internet visitors, its
    really really nice article on building up new weblog.

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