East Texas Corruption/The Masqueraders of East Texas -Was this really ignored by the authorities?!? YES!!!

The following was posted while this crime took place…There were calls and emails sent to the proper authorities at the time and yet the events continued to unfold-This by far one of the worst cases of civil liberty abuse of the theft of animals in under the ‘color of rescue’ from their rightful owner by The Humane Society of Marion County while government officials watched, did nothing and even helped-These dogs-rare Irish bloodlines Border Collies-no wonder the community lives in fear!!!

I kept these posts to burn in my mind that the abuse of authority should NEVER be tolerated-In office by the people and for the people-NOT to abuse people!!! And while I was fearful with what could have come back to harm me from making the posts-I had to do the right thing…Just as I am now in restating it…This is a crime that should never have happened by government officials who knew/KNOW better…By people who knew and KNOW better…Perpetrated by The Humane Society of Marion County, Pawsitively Texas, Texas Border Collie Rescue and ANYONE who helped, touched, or owns today a stolen dog-The Case of the Dog Nappers…(101 Dalmations-member that…) But their ‘puppy mill’ had only 4 puppies and puppies that died when they ran them over-God help me but it’s true…this could not be classified as a ‘puppy mill’ and makes no difference if it was as there was no due process-NONE!!!

Recently posted after the passing of one of our closest friends and now deciding to unfold the entire story once again-Watch for part 2 and 3…I wrote in segments as the abuse continued…Part 1

April 4, 2011

I AM FURIOUS!!! ACTION ALERT…THEFT OF 200 DOGS!!! “Seizure”…”Rescue”…NOW an “Evacuation” WITHOUT owner permission!!!

This is about where we live and Carolyn Wedding head of the Humane Society of Marion County on another one of her ‘illegal escapades’…This is about others helping her…this is also my opinion of the whole stinking mess!!!

HEADS UP…We have been following a story on FB that started as a SEIZURE in Jefferson -my phone was ringing off the hook and an endless flow of emails…BUT no arrest made and nothing in the Messenger….continued to follow the story…The calls went out from Carolyn Wedding and by Sunday night was changed to a RESCUE…I don’t know the situation or how much damage was done to the owner’s property as we then learn that they brought in a bulldozer (!) to rescue the dogs -200 of them we are told…nothing else except the type of dogs…Border Collies. Monday morning they met up at McDonald’s in Jefferson …still didn’t sound right except sounds familiar that they are going to caravan in but, I kept watching FB and waiting to see if Hedges was going to partiscipate…nope…so much for the ‘AGENT’ for the HS of Marion County (maybe she isn’t NOW), this time it’s Spencer Vet Center, There’s talk of areal surveillance to make sure they get them all…that sounds a bit familiar too!!! Tonight this link was posted on FB and ALARMED!!! The collection of money for this is fraud!!! Some rescue!!! IT’S THEFT!!!

Jefferson, Texas Border Collie Evacuation Organized by Jefferson, Texas Border Collies Evacuation Evacuation Needed ASAP! Owner to Return Saturday

“I have just got word that it looks like the owner/breeder will be released from the current mental facility on Saturday and be able to return to his home. The family has been working to get him committed to a second mental institution upon release but it doesn’t look like this going to happen. He has been told his dogs are already gone by family members and he is furious! WE MUST HAVE THE RESOURCES TO GET THESE DOGS OUT BY FRIDAY! I am deligently working on horse trailers to maximaize the transports. But we still need money for vaccinations in order to get these dogs into a boarding facility for rescues, local and across the country to pick up. 5 in 1′s, Kennel Cough, and Rabies must be given prior to boarding. We are averaging about $18 a dog. Total just for vaccinations is around $2700. We are receiving food donations and have a few personal sponsors. But we MUST collect vaccination monies. Please help us get them out of there!!! April 4 9:51pm”

Ring leaders for this theft are Carolyn Wedding (AGAIN!!!) and Shari Mcchristial


It’s all over Pawsitively Texas which is about animal rescue but this is theft!!! OPEN WALL go in if you are on FB


Not sure but was told on the side, that this man has law enforcement as family…HA does that even matter?!? Sounds like theft of his property to me!!!…Destruction of his property too!!!…Will he get out of the rest home (now we are told an institution) and be arrested?!? WTF?!?

The dogs, if seized can not leave Marion County that’s law….TX H&S Code 821…What of the ones already removed?!? What about the Dallas Shelters that accepted these dogs…THEFT IS THEFT!!! The illegal collection of funds is FRAUD!!!…Those who participated -ALL guilty!!! And you never realized there was so much money in the name of rescue for animal shelters!!! How many of these animals will be murdered in the name of rescue…How many already missing?!? JEEZ, WTF?!?

Action needs to be taken quickly!!! FBI/Texas Rangers ya think?!? They should investigate other cases by Carolyn Wedding and The Marion County Courts system!!! I am still unsure of all the facts but this is a copy of what was published and already over $700.00!!! In just one day according to ChipIn… I’m publishing this for documentation and of course to state my opinion… There sure is a BIG STINK in Marion County and it isn’t those dogs!!!

MR., whoever you are…I am so sorry…I don’t know you but many people have your back…MAYBE, just maybe, I will meet him someday and just give him a big hug…:)


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others-Stay tuned for Part 2…In the meantime, I recommend that anyone and everyone should stay away from donating any money to  Pawsitivitly Texas, HSMC, and Texas Border Collie Rescue…But that’s my opinion and I side with right from just plain wrong!!!  -B

Comment I kept from that post:

Please read part II and Part III…You don’t steal in the name of ‘color of rescue’…But she did-she does and so do all the people who helped her to do it!!!

Carolyn Wedding said it herself on the news last night…”We didn’t call the SPCA because they would have evaluated, inventoried, and charged the abusers”…(No, we don’t want to destroy his career…can’t do that…BULLS**T!!  Isn’t that what they SHOULD have done.???..Or maybe what I said I would have done in Part III…and then everyone is protected with a 90-120 day clean up order put in place and those in charge could have monitored the situation…for crying out loud…how many times will these stories change?!? Starving???…I think not…Wedding said there was dog food there…may fed to well for a ‘RAID’ and the lies!!! AGAIN, I repeat Carolyn Wedding has NO credentials and we never actually see or hear of her working…she has a car and a PO Box for how many YEARS?!? Doesn’t live in Marion County, not that that matters, but hey…she is unqualified to judge or do anything!!! That’s the sheriff’s job and too damn bad if they don’t want to do it!!!

Carolyn Wedding only accuses and steals…GO THRU this blog and look at her taking my property that was not on the warrant under the watchful eye of the sheriff’s department and DA Gleason. And, by the way,…A DA is not, I repeat NOT, allowed to participate in illegal activities and is supposed to protect people in the community from civil liberty abuse…NOT dish it out!!! This DA got away with it once (and we are not sure how many other times with other cases that are not about animals…)and figured he could do it again…He charges this man fine THEN he has to charge the ‘family’ and HE needs to be arrested for his involvement for the theft of those animals…

Certainly, without credentials this HS, ‘one woman show’, needs to be arrested and give up that title…She is the ‘ring leader’ as far as I am concerned…of a gang of dog nappers and raised money for it -FRAUD…certain under the watchful eye of the law.

I am a person in this community who IS a rescuer, saw what is going on FREAKED because we were falsely accused, and abused…there was NO cruelty and this proves my point totally… They are breaking the law or, should I start judging people and taking animals because I don’t like what I see under the ‘color of rescue’…

NO!!! I am not angry with you, or your question, just a question…I am angry with this selective form of law enforcement, the way they do it illegally and I merely want to live where I feel safe and protected by the people who are hired, getting paid, to protect me and this community. My only fear is Lawless Marion County even on my own property behind the locked gate of this property and suspect that I could be in danger now that I have spoken out about this but in must be done by someone who believed in justice before they got her…These are Acts of Animal Terror…a federal offense and a Texas offense for taking a single animal out of this county and those rescuers who blundered must too be arrested…it’s called dog napping and fraud…like it or not.

People judge dog napping of very expensive dogs as badly, if not worse, as we judge animal abusers. When is anyone going to get it right?!? Those TX H&S Code regulations in place with good reason…Every rescuer is aware of those laws or should be…Break the law, then get punished and loose your right to rescue a fly…

They have now contaminated any evidence and after the dogs stolen they press charges…I think NOT!!! Especially when Marion County allowed it and Gleason probably back peddled AGAIN (!!!) to get a judge to approve it.

Charge the man NO…charge this so called ‘family’, YES but too late now…NOW a different issue…there are no dogs…STOLEN!!! The DA rules and everyone believes he has the authority to give permission to break the law…WRONG!!! NO ONE and I mean NO ONE including the president has the right to break the law for any reason!!! There was no emergency here…a couple of dogs needing to go to a vet maybe…HEALTHY  expensive dogs that were free to roam 25 acres…form a well known VERY famous breeder…He may have lost sight of his mission and not given a chance to fix it…because of cold hearted people who apparently didn’t want anymore money to go to the dogs… Be sure to read all that is ‘alleged’…How ridiculous!!! I hope someone gets here soon to investigate every case file since Gleason assumed office including these judges and sheriff reports!!!

Thanks for askin’ and try to get it…If you rescue learn the law and don’t break it!!! -B

Nikki- There is NO evidence in this case!!! There was NO search and seize. The only fact that could be used in court is the number of animals on that property so as far as I’m concerned, the rest was fabricated…other people placed those dogs in those cages as they ’rounded them up’…THOSE DOG-NAPPERS!!! According to the reports from the DOG-NAPPERS after the fact… The animals were pretty healthy especially for such a large number after the man had been away…the family took care of them, NOT him!!! I have even read that the dogs did NOT even have heart worms. ALL those stories are FABRICATED!!! There is and was no law broken lady. IF they charge him, how the hell do they possibly back up anything when it was illegal for anyone to be on the property without the owners permission?!? I have even seen fabricated pictures of the dogs after the so called rescue…you are so gullible that you would believe that the statements typed under the dogs pictures came out the dogs mouth, LOL!!! A dog laying on a soft blanket sure doesn’t look scared to me…they can’t use any of that so called evidence…THOSE ARE STOLEN DOGS AND ANY USE OF ANY OF IT DEMONSTRATES THE TRUTH…STOLEN PROPERTY!!! Everyone involved GUILTY!!! Supports the man should he turn around and sue the entire bunch of thieves!!! And, I hope this man SUES EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE PEOPLE INVOLVED…JACKPOT…and might even get a court order to have the dogs returned!!! Any charges are BULLS**T without a search warrant…LOOK AT THE TX HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE lady…NOTHING DONE CORRECTLY…won’t hold water in court Well, maybe a court in Marion County so then the Judges would go down too…not sure they will risk that again this time…If he can feed that many animals then he can probably afford an attorney!!!…:) They even destroyed his property bringing in a bulldozer…

NOPE, sorry you are so very wrong and the DA is an ass if he actually charges this man!!! And as far as him being unstable, do you know him or did you catch that letter from Wedding stating that they institutionalized him…or the words of DOG-NAPPERS…”QUICK, THEY ARE NOT KEEPING HIM WE HAVE TO FINISH-UP…QUICK HE IS FURIOUS”…Hell yes he was!!! They were stealing his animals right out from under him while the DA and the law encouraged and helped them do. If he was unstable they would have kept him period!!!

Some place I moved to…I know first hand the mentality of these people and while I don’t have the money for an attorney…I pray this man does!!! Now read the rest of this blog or don’t come back, I sure don’t care. It’s written for me for my documentation…for my opinion of what is going on in my life about what I care about and this is some documentation of what goes on in this county!!! And what ‘rescue’ has become!!! Makes me sick!!! -B

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it.”…Frederic Bastiat

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted and you create a nation of law-breakers.”…Ayn Rand



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4 Responses to “East Texas Corruption/The Masqueraders of East Texas -Was this really ignored by the authorities?!? YES!!!”

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  2. There are many sociopaths. How many of those are reliable, relatively controllable, and will perform on command for their bosses? It’s a little obvious what someone is who will perform the tasks that this one person has been seen doing, or who even can.

  3. Oh, l can say it NO BETTER THAN your last paragraph quoted by Ayn Rand. I am so infuriated and more determined than ever…..This type of LAW ENFORCEMENT AND ILLEGAL STEALING must be stopped! VIGILANTE STYLE? May be what happens to St it, but I can see it happening….they are going to go in to the wrong personal property ONE DAY SOON and a dang massacre is gonna happen as folks are being warned and getting ready….they will no longer be unexpected company but they will know they are UNWELCOME AND NOT A GUEST! THE OBSCENITY OF IT ALL!

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