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Jan 6 at 6:07 PM

>From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
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January 6, 2014

This may appear to be good news regarding ASPCA as only government agencies
should be enforcing animal laws. OTOH, it gives ASPCA more free time to
join HSUS, PETA, Texas Humane Legislation Network, Animal Legal Defense
Fund, Best Friends and other “animal rights” extremists who’ve descended
upon Texas with their anti-pet legislative agenda.
HSUS, Texas Humane Legislation Network and ASPCA hold a joint Lobby Day at
our Capitol each legislative session. ASPCA is a national organization with
no affiliation to local SPCAs in Texas. The ASPCA TV ads are carbon copies
of the HSUS ads running now, showing sad neglected dogs and saying “send
money.” Their website begs for monthly donations to “eliminate puppy
mills;” end animal cruelty, dog fighting, and carriage horse rides. We
could add to that: “end ALL pet breeding.” $169 million budget in 2012?
Combine that with HSUS’ $150 million and that’s what we’re up against in

From Sue Cone:

ASPCA closes storied enforcement unit in NYC
January 5
Associated Press

NEW YORK – For all its 147 years, the American Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been more than an advocacy group; it
has served as the primary law enforcement agency for animal abuse and
neglect in New York City.

That role, the first of its kind in the nation, led to a squad of uniformed
agents who flashed badges, carried guns, made arrests, traveled in
blue-and-white squad cars and, for years, starred in an Animal Planet
reality TV show, “Animal Precinct.”

But now, that unit is losing its bite. In December, the ASPCA laid off
most of its 17 remaining law enforcement agents. Their responsibilities will
be left to the New York Police Department.

The change is one that has been sought for years by some animal
advocates, who said the ASPCA’s small enforcement staff couldn’t handle the
volume of abuse reports and was taking weeks or months to respond to calls
regular police could probably get to in hours…..
…As the ASPCA has grown into a national advocacy group, the New York City
enforcement operation has become a smaller part of its operation.

Of the nearly $169 million the organization spent in 2012, the largest
chunks went to animal health services and public education programs,
according to the ASPCA’s filings with the Internal Revenue Service. It spent
$27 million on anti-cruelty programs, but only part of that amount related
to the humane law enforcement department in New York City. The
ASPCA also has a field investigations team that works nationally and will
continue operating, as well as a cruelty intervention team in New York City
that responds to neglect complaints, counsels owners and often takes custody
of animals but has no enforcement powers…..
(More at link above.)

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[Bloggers note: the ASPCA just settled out of court with Ringling Brothers Circus for 9.3 mil]


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