This year has had it’s ups and downs but making great strides in forging ahead-“MAKE IT STOP!!!” I’m a US Citizen entitled to the rights and freedom granted to me by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights!!! -I have HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

There’s a new awareness on the horizon and people aren’t just sitting back and taking it any longer…They are all joining the fight against absurd laws that simply waste taxpayer money when there has been no crime-Illegal, unconstitutional laws that should have never been on the books to begin with-Devoting 100% of our time to this so that people like Jeff Kozlowski  (a convicted bank robber/felon)~Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue (WBCR) won’t be able to conspire with officials for their own personal  agenda to steal animals ever again!!! –Ownership is not a crime when no crime has ever been committed!!!

To stop the bigger organizations from using the government for the purpose of stealing animals from their longstanding and rightful owners when no crime has been committed…and exactly what is happening in this country…Ownership is not a crime!!! Animal Cruelty laws help no animals!!! These unlawful, unconstitutional laws must be repealed; created by Animal Rights Extremists/TERRORISTS. If a Penal Code has been broken then it’s a crime and can be prosecuted as such. In so doing the crime has been stopped…The penalty covers the ownership of the animals-So, you have to ask…Why is there a need for an animal cruelty law separate from any crime and allows for ownership of any animal to be in question for any reason at anytime?!? (ALL animal ownership no matter the type of animal is in jeopardy!!!)

Taking animals away from owners stops nothing other than ownership itself but without clear title to those animals without a conviction of a crime makes the taking of the animals illegal; it’s illegal and unconstitutional…HSUS, ASPCA, PETA and other groups of Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists along with their sister organizations have convinced lawmakers (State Representatives) that they can create laws to allow the taking of animals as if it will stop animal cruelty when it does no such thing…These lawmakers have brainwashed as is the public to believe the unbelievable…Every US citizen needs to be concerned with laws that infringe on FREEDOM…Without FREEDOM we have nothing in this country and makes the Constitution and Bill of Rights a lie…These very same groups have conspired to steal animals and committing unspeakable acts of Terrorism on US citizens…Comparable to what the Nazi regime did to people and must be stopped at all costs.

When did people become so stupid as to believe the biggest lie ever even at the cost of their career and livelihood to do it?!? Commit acts of crime to do something that was wrong to begin with to get it done and what happens to the animals in the hands of these people is so unbelievable and ghastly that we have to look away. Unless we open our eyes to the truth and take a stand against the wrongful taking of animals from their longstanding and loving owners,  it will continue-Stop the cruelty law before it escalates -Stop the illegal laws from taking property before they come to take yours.

These cruelty laws are the first step in an attempt to destroy this country (UN Agenda 21~The New World Order-Right to ownership). There’s now an effort to take exotic animals away from their owners in Ohio…Bans are spreading like wildfire and ownership of any animal becoming one of the biggest issues we are faced with while real crime exists and goes by unsolved-Criminalizing animal owners and taking their animals is rather simple when an illegal, unconstitutional and unlawful laws exist for taking animals from their owners when the government has no interest in animals. The government is to protect people from such abuse by law enforcement and the judicial system yet the most difficult nut to crack is to get the higher courts to do something about it. What animal owner is going to dedicate their lives to  accomplish the near impossible…well, we have and now on appeal where they will actually examine the causes of action and the issues of the case…They were given the opportunity to settle this matter out of court but to no avail; the case will continue until all efforts are exhausted. As pro se litigants we forge ahead into yet another year for justice to be done and return our rights and freedom granted to us a US citizens…We did nothing wrong yet our accusers can not make the same claim-far from it actually.

Nearly four years ago my animals were taken through the use of such a law. There was no conviction and the case heard in lower courts that lacked subject matter jurisdiction. There was no reason to take these animals and records from the vet indicate that 1/3 of the animals were deliberately killed or died in the hands of the vet hired by the county for their protection within days of the taking before the first hearing. Some protection when the vet didn’t have permission from the court or from us, the rightful owners of the animals, to do such a thing-the truth of what happened to those animals never surfaced until the court hearing yet no one seemed to care what happened to those animals except for us. As a matter of fact an agreement was made by the district attorney without consulting the county commissioners-that agreement was breached before the ink dried. There were unwarranted un-lawful searches of our private farm property by people with no permission to even come on the property thus less to search the property as if some crime had actually been committed. They desperately attempted to make a case and instead we ended up in a civil case disputing over the return of the animals…Of course we lost every single animal with the exception of one-a single animals that was left behind, locked away in the travel trailer for a full week without heat, food or water although the claim was that those house cats were so sick they were euthanized-BB is still with us and doing just fine-interesting is it not!?! Looking back at it I wonder to this day how they managed it when everything that they did was unlawful and I wonder just how many people have gone through the illegal practices of the county and this stinking little county gotten away with it!?! I have personal information on two-John Wilson passed but he did not take his pain to the grave-No one can change the illegal THEFT of his property and destruction of his life -I miss the animals they stole as much today as I did at the time of the theft-My agony is mine alone to live with as it is for others that have lost their animals to an unconstitutional, illegal unlawful law.


I recently received a solicitation from a continuing education in the law provider, the Rutter Group, to sign up for Rutter’s “new” online course from Lewis & Clark Law School which could lead you to what they advertise as an exciting, path-breaking, fulfilling “career in Animal Rights Law.”

Animal civil rights? Animal civil rights enforceable by crusading liberal lawyers in the courts? Animal civil rights as a “legal career.” Yes. Its been out there for awhile, if not on the nightly news. And it is growing apace by progressive liberal self-anointed (the animals haven’t asked) defenders of newly perceived or invented legal “rights” of animals. (It is unknown if these animal “rights” crusaders will specialize in different animals, e.g., pig rights specialists, chicken rights specialists, etc.)

Poor deluded me. Here I have spent the last thirty years or so as an attorney defending, mostly pro bono, the civil rights, constitutional rights, workers rights, employment rights, and veterans rights of humans.

Alas, I have been blind to the newly asserted proposition that the true victims of “rights” deprivations are “animals,” whose heretofore unrecognized legal “rights” are violated by — wait for it: Humans!

Apparently, it is only humans who can be sued for violation of an animal’s rights, and not other animals. Even predators, who naturally prey on the victim animals, apparently can sue for violation of their rights; but are apparently immune from being sued for “civil rights” violations for violation of the rights of the animals on which they prey, on the basis that the predators are, after all, “animals.”

According to the solicitation I received from the Lewis & Clark Law School by way of the Rutter Group, “animal rights” law practice is not just growing, it is expanding with “blazing speed.” (The solicitation is available on the websites of Lewis & Clark and the Rutter Group.)

It appears a new generation of liberal lawyers and law school academics are intent on going where no lawyers have gone before, enshrining in law “rights” of animals not heretofore recognized, and ensuring that evil carnivorous callous humans cease to violate the rights of animals, especially cows, pigs, chickens, and other edible ones, by filing lawsuits against humans who do violate those animals’ “rights,” including by eating them.

Will the “blazing speed” at which progressive liberals are advancing “animal rights law” trump the “rights of humans” for whom the Constitution was created by the Founding Fathers, who never mentioned or hinted that “animals” have “civil rights”?

I received a Rutter Group solicitation to enroll in the Animal Rights Law Conference of Lewis & Clark Law School because I am, and all lawyers are, obligated to meet the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements of the State Bar.

Thus, I receive solicitations from various MCLE course providers approved by the Bar for MCLE credit. It is a big, expensive, money-making business, and a there is no escaping the Bar’s MCLE mandates. Continuing education credits are available at a price, including in Animal Rights Law, even if you have no desire ever to sue a person for a pig for violation of “civil rights.”

I admit I was surprised to receive from Rutter Group a solicitation for what it hailed as a “new program,” an Animal Rights Law Conference which, should I enroll, would result in certification of 13.5-hours of MCLE credit. This would cost only “$540” for online vicarious attendance in the (taped) Animal Rights Law Conference.

The conference was held at Stanford, but the sponsor of this “animal rights” MCLE training is Lewis & Clark Law School.

Where is Lewis & Clark Law School which is so enthusiastic and proud of being the tip of the spear, metaphorically speaking, of defense of animals’ rights? Where else–Portland, OR, the Principality of Progressive Liberal Political Correctness.

One wonders, after reading Lewis & Clark’s extolling of the glories of pig and other animal “rights” legal defense, if the liberal academics and animal rights warriors of Lewis & Clark Law School will perhaps now set out to rewrite the history of the historic trek of the humans Lewis and Clark to shield from the school children the horror that Lewis and Clark killed and ate on their long journey to the Oregon Trail and the Pacific coast as many innocent animals as they could slay in the wild for life-sustaining meals. And snacks.

Animal “rights,” enforceable by lawsuits in American courts, may sound absurd. But it is no joke. Indeed, there is an almost religious, messianic, “saving-the-world” fervor by the Progressive Liberal lawyers and law school academics in their solicitation of lawyers to attend their Animal Rights Law Conference to learn how to sue humans for violating the civil “rights” of animals, including of course, by eating them.

Sound impossible? Not in the “transformed” Progressive Liberal America in the Age of Obama in which the government seeks to intrude into every area of citizens lives, including what they are allowed to eat or drink and in what amounts, and Progressive Liberal “transformers” invent Constitutional “rights” never dreamed of by the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution, nor perceived in the Constitution by any American generation until this one.

Don’t be surprised if one day you are served with a Summons to answer a law suit complaint filed on behalf of a pig, cow, chicken, for alleged violation of its “rights” brought by some starry-eyed, self-righteous ACLU lawyer, or other narcissistic Progressive Liberal who self-righteously glares at you in court in quivering moral superiority as he or she alleges that you not only had bacon at breakfast but actually and cruelly had a steak with it, along with your eggs, potatoes, and orange juice.

When that day comes, just be thankful that progressive liberal lawyers, judges, and law school academics haven’t decided that eggs, potatoes, and oranges have civil “rights,” too. At least, not yet. ~Attorney Rees Lloyd


Our plight continues for the truth and justice to be properly served.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Have a Happy New Year and I hope you have taken the information contained in this blog to heart as well you should when the government is already putting the “rights of animals” above yours and continue to strip away your rights as a US citizen protected by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights…We’re headed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (Our Brief will be published after submitting)…Stay tuned -B


To stop the BIG Animal Rights Extremists/TERRORISTS organizations from using the government for the purpose of stealing animals from their longstanding and rightful owners when no crime has been committed…and exactly what is happening in …this country…Ownership is not a crime!!! Animal Cruelty laws helps no animals!!! These unlawful, unconstitutional laws must be repealed; created by Animal Rights Extremists/TERRORISTS. If a Penal Code has been broken then it’s a crime and can be prosecuted as such. In so doing the crime has been stopped… Stop enabling Animal Rights and help by signing this petition and share wildly-You do not have to be from Texas to sign this petition-TY!!!

~ by topcatsroar on December 31, 2013.

3 Responses to “Summing up years end “WILL ANIMAL “CIVIL RIGHTS” TRUMP HUMAN RIGHTS?””

  1. The words of Attorney Lloyd echo something that’s been on my mind only recently… If they can push for and enforce “human rights” of animals, how long before they are also enforcing the “rights” of trees, flowers, vegetables, and even rocks and rivers? It’s been found that plants respond to sounds, voices, music, and other stimuli, so they must be sentient, right? Rocks were around on earth long before Man, so they should have the right to remain where they are, untouched and unmolested. And if those “rights” laws are going to apply to all living things, then what about mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and termites? What about germs and viruses? They are living organisms too. So Ebola and e-coli should have human rights as well…? The roundworms, tapeworms, and heartworms in your dogs and children are living things and what right do you have to kill them? When discussing and determining “human rights” for non-humans, these things MUST be considered. Where do you draw the line? As Lloyd says, this may sound like a big joke, but it’s dead serious.

  2. From FB-names removed-The seizing can begin tomorrow-How can anyone not speak out about this!?!
    Status Updates:

    “Speak out. I don’t know what makes anyone think it’s right to do this to people who own monkeys and great cats and everything else, even before they do the same things to cats, dogs, pigs, goats, and the rest.”

    “I’m not going to put any names with this, but I hope every heartless bastard that supported what HSUS and OFB did, the governor and his knee pad wearing clowns making a name for themselves in their *political career* get back what they’ve caused others to go through. The level of pure hatred for some of you self-righteous noble POSs is off the scale – YOU did this, you know who you are and you sit back all comfy in your life, rationalizing every nasty vile thing you do to others. None of us have done anything to you evil whores of the state. I hope you reap what you sow, double. Only a sociopath could sleep good at night after doing what you’ve done to people.”

    “Ohio, do you know what is sad? Trying to comfort a 68 year old woman who has to give up her 18 year old monkey, that she has had since she was 2 weeks old, because she cannot comply, and after she leaves…….trying to comfort a CRYING 18 year old Macaque Monkey and tell her it is going to be ok. Shame on you Governor…Shame on you who are in support of these astringent demands.”

  3. Actually, animal and human rights are about the same except that animals get more sympathy. First, let me say that we all love animals because they have pure and innocent souls. But back to the subject. People are thought of as cattle, drones, worker bees etc to the powers that be – to the elitists that control the world. Think about it. We are herded, jailed at whim, our rights taken away from us, the courts stacked against the common man, etc etc We are fed food that is guaranteed to kill us early and if that doesn’t work, Obamacare will finish the job. In the meantime, Big Pharma makes money off of the peoples’ suffering and marches lockstep with Big Farma. Industries that supply the farmers and ranchers (with poisons, drugs and GE seeds/food) make mega bucks and that govt/industrial partnership easily crushes the farmers that protest. I question conservatives that support a heartless cabala of mega rich capitalists that could care less about the peoples’ best interests and only want to use and exploit them.

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