Zoo Wars -Sad News from the San Antonio Zoo!


San Antonio Zoo’s Komodo Dragon Killed In Fire Along With Other Reptiles

San Antonio Zoo Komodo Dragon

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Dec 16 (Reuters) – Six reptiles,  including a rare Komodo dragon, were killed on Monday in a fire  at the San Antonio Zoo likely caused by an electric problem, zoo  officials said.

Zoo staff had to move venomous snakes and reptiles to safety  after the fire broke out at the two-floor Komodo House, home to  about 100 snakes, lizards and other creatures.

“It was a challenge for the firefighters,” San Antonio Fire  Department spokeswoman Deborah Foster said.

Firefighters tried to keep water usage to a minimum to avoid  drowning the animals.

The five-foot-long (150 cm) female Komodo dragon, one of the  zoo’s star attractions, likely died of smoke inhalation, zoo  officials said.

The carnivorous Komodo dragon is the world’s largest living  lizard. It is native to a few volcanic islands in Indonesia and  can reach up to 10 feet (3 meters) in length, according to the  National Zoo in Washington, DC.

“The Komodo dragon exhibition is closed down probably  indefinitely,” zoo spokeswoman Debbie Rios-Vanskike said. “It  will get us six to eight months to get that up and running  again.”     (Reporting by Jim Forsyth; Editing by Jon Herskovitz and David  Gregorio)


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