Christmas Pups-HA! RETAIL RESCUE!!!

I have no problem with animals being purchased to give as a present but isn’t that what these Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists are against?!? Especially PETA?!? But hey, no one’s really minding the store…and obviously they needed small dogs to sell just in time for Christmas…

“This is retail rescue. 83 percent of all dogs in the US are spayed or neutered.

Why would Billings, Montana import Chihuahuas from California to sell from their shelter? -Because dog overpopulation is over and it’s all about selling dogs instead of saving dogs.”

Well who exactly paid to have these animals shipped in?!? Dogs are being shipped now all over the country where there is a demand for a certain ‘breed type’/mutt…This is no different than a pet store-come on people this is not dog rescue and they have the audacity to ask for donations…Are people really so stupid?!? Stop buying from rescues and shelters-and go to a good breeder-Know what you are giving little Johnny for Christmas for crying out loud!!! Before going to a shelter why not just pick up a dog or cat off the street and take to a vet-might as well when you might end up with a nightmare anyway and just as reliable as any one of these places selling over-priced mutts…Health care is questionable at any of these places…Disease can run thru a shelter fast if they don’t isolate the animals-After all, no time for the important stuff like making sure an animal is healthy-HELLO!!! Three days to get them out is not exactly providing…outdoor kennels…indoor kennels without heat…no vet care and they want how much for that animal rather than being grateful someone is willing to give it a home…Lest of all, we forget many are doing background checks and making the ultimate decision whether you will be allowed to take in an animal from them…or allowed to give as a gift…Humbug…

Some places just go onto someone’s private farm property and hand dogs over to anyone who will come and take them and without the owners permission (Humane Society of Marion County, Texas -‘The Great Border Colie Rescue’-some rescue-no proper due process and the District Attorney knew about it!!!) So we can assume that you might consider just taking your neighbors dog-HA! Isn’t that what the humane society did and law enforcement helped them do it when they STOLE those dogs?!?

Is no-kill really the answer when it’s now become BIG business for the rescues and shelters-even the local dog pound!?! Dump the animals   they claim are not adoptable by killing them and bring in more from a seizure or out of state they believe will sell better-HA! That’s a real crime if you ask me!!! How they get rid of the animals is another BIG issue when a Humane Society takes HUNDREDS to the next counties animal control to do the deed (Again, Humane Society of Marion County, Texas and I have the documents that proves it!!!-And get this-they know it and no one cares…)

That’s some Christmas gift-NOT when it’s a mutt from a shelter or rescue anymore, when it’s not bonified…The Humane Society of Marion County, Texas is just one example of how NOT to run a humane society and a place NOT to go to for an animal!!! And seems this place in Billings, Montana might be just as questionable if you were to ask me!!!

Anyone else keeping that many dogs in those conditions would have their animals seized and be arrested for cruelty-just look at that picture!!!

Angie Cook from Help for Homeless Pets

A local animal shelter received a shipment of 23 young dogs from a rescue  group in California and has put them up for adoption.

Help For Homeless Pets, 2910 Hannon Rd., received the dogs on Friday. Most of  the dogs are smaller, mostly chihuahua mixes, although there’s at least one  German shepherd cross, said Angie Cook, director of the no-kill shelter.

The dogs came through a California-based group called Unity Rescue that sees  as many as 200 new dogs a day and can only hold them for 24 hours.

“There’s just so many of them out there,” Cook said. “In other areas of the  country, there aren’t as many of these kinds of breeds so they send them to  areas where they are more adoptable.”

All of the dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have a  full health certificate. They’re up for adoption immediately.

Cook said that the dogs make good pets for older people looking for a  companion dog or for people with smaller yards or who live in apartments, but  can do well in just about any home.

“We’ve even adopted them to some ranches,” she said. “They need to be house  dogs, though.”

The dogs cost an average of $200 to adopt. For more information, call Cook at  860-8735 or visit the Help For Homeless Pets website.

Cook said that over the last 2-1/2 years, Help For Homeless Pets has taken in  about 500 dogs from rescue operations, many of them from a group called Best  Friends.

In November, the rescue received about 40 dogs from the group and has adopted  out about half of them.

On Dec. 18, the shelter will hold its Jingle No Bells and Balls spay/neuter  clinic. The cost is $25 to neuter male dogs or cats and $60 for females, and  vaccinations will be included if needed.

The shelter also asks for donations of small-bite dog and cat food as well as  treats and toys


Anyone donating to care for these animals is nuts!!! They happily accepted them rather than concern themselves with the dogs already in Billings needing placement. Their high cost of S/N is actually $25 so really, it’s NBD that they came that way and even fully vetted doesn’t mean that anyone will be BUYING a healthy dog-especially coming out of crowded, cluttered and unhealthy conditions-At least that’s what they say about those accused of animal cruelty where most of these dogs must be true right?!? I can’t even imagine the horror that my friend who was accused for a large number of Chihuahuas and conditions that were no where near this bad!!! Jingle No Bells and Balls S/N clinic-WTF?!?

Humbug on these S/N Christmas Pups selling for $200.00

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on December 11, 2013.

5 Responses to “Christmas Pups-HA! RETAIL RESCUE!!!”

  1. 23 dogs cramped into one cage. That right there is cruelty and yet another shelter should step in and rescue them all from the rescue -and put this one out of business…

    • Hey Fred, NOT a new idea…Read about that ALL the time-They call those people hoarders and as I recall-That’s how the CA shelter got those dogs to begin with after A/C got them…Sorry NOT a new concept-first they get the ‘puppy mill’ and then they get the ‘hoarder’…and looks like we’ve got yet another ‘hoarder’ in Montana…I can’t help but wonder how many times those ‘doggies in the window’ (in this case-‘doggies stuffed in a small cage’ -cruel confinement) will go thru the rescue system to be sold over and over again!!! Will those poor doggies ever find a ‘forever home’?!? -B

  2. WAKE UP AMERICA! Take NOTICE of what is going on around you! PAY attention to ILLEGAL robberies wrapped in “shiny paper”!

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    • Just saying it as I see it -And looks like there are many fine folks who agree…Thank you so much for the comment -B

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