Longview, Texas -Corruption At the Animal Shelter

“That local veterinarian, whatever he did he did for the animals,” Holloway said. “So, he had his heart in the right place. I think somebody just wanted to burn him (by turning him in).” Notice they say he had his heart in the right place but somebody wanted to burn him-AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…

How many people have been wrongly accused of animal cruelty because someone was trying to burn them…from neighbor to family members…and even a convicted felon (Jeff Kozlowski~WBCR) that you don’t even know, but want to own your very expensive animals for FREE… And seems this man is being supported yet others loose hope of ever regaining what they lost from the wrongful accusation alone…

Since when do you need a vet to obtain vaccinations-you DON’T!!! I don’t want to call the president of this Humane Society, Terri Morre a LIAR but if the shoe fits…Vaccinations can be ordered over the Internet…There’s certainly more to this than meets the eye-Things get stranger by the day in Longview, Texas…Can you say corruption?!? Taxes are raised to build a bigger better shelter, now the question is, will there be proper vet care at the shelter?!? Will the Humane Society continue to lie?!?


Veterinarian reprimanded by regulators

A veterinarian who let the Longview animal shelter use his license and name to obtain medications has been issued an informal reprimand and a $500 fine by state regulators.

Barton Owens, of the West Loop Animal Hospital in Longview, signed an agreed order Oct. 22 acknowledging a prescription drug infraction and waiving appeals.

According to the agreed order with the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, Owens, “ … allowed the Humane Society of North (East) Texas to use his Texas veterinary license number and name to purchase medications and vaccines for animals from Webster Veterinary Supply.”

The purchases occurred between April and December 2012 at the Humane Society of Northeast Texas’ shelter in Longview.

Owens was not in his office Monday and did not return a telephone message from a reporter seeking comment.

Shelter Director Scott Holloway, who took the job six months ago, said the practice cited by the veterinary board no longer occurs at the shelter.

First, he noted, the shelter no longer uses a euthanasia drug called Fatal Plus  , which is in a class that requires U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency clearance for prescriptions. The shelter now uses a humane kill drug that is in a lower class that Holloway is able to obtain himself.

Another local veterinarian meets with him monthly to take inventory of those prescriptions, Holloway said.

The president of the humane society’s board, Terri Moore, added that the shelter did not buy its euthanasia drugs through Owens.

“Dr. Owens was only on record so we could get our vaccinations,” Moore said. “He had nothing to do with the euthanasia drugs we have. He did absolutely nothing wrong, but it would have cost him a fortune to fight it.”

The state document also acknowledges Owens thought the shelter intended to buy only non-prescription, over-the-counter drugs in order to earn a discount. However, it says, prescription drugs were bought using Owens’ name and license.

The order stresses that Owens did not have a veterinarian-patient relationship with the animals given the prescriptions obtained in his name.

Holloway added Owens probably was only trying to do a good deed for local animals in allowing his name be used by the shelter.

“That local veterinarian, whatever he did he did for the animals,” Holloway said. “So, he had his heart in the right place. I think somebody just wanted to burn him (by turning him in).”

Moore said it was unfortunate Owens faced punishment for helping the shelter.

“We feel awful about it,” she said. “And, unfortunately, we have people that will do anything to make us close.”


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on December 4, 2013.

4 Responses to “Longview, Texas -Corruption At the Animal Shelter”

  1. No, he did NOT do it “for the animals.” He did it for the people at the humane society. If he honestly thought they’d be buying OTC meds, then there’d be no need for him to lend them his prescription pad. You don’t need to name a vet or doctor to buy over the counter. Duh! Who’da known? This guy knew exactly what he was doing. Holloway is not much better, getting kill drugs that he “is able to obtain himself.” He doesn’t name the drug or the fence he gets it from, for obvious reasons. A “humane society” should not be in the animal killing business anyway.

    • Fred-The only reason for any ‘humane society’ to being in the ‘killing business is to make room for more animals they will call healthy until their turn to die for not getting ‘adopted’ and it’s not that they can’t support them or send them to ‘foster homes’ and in as much as I am glad people are starting to see the truth…it’s sad days for dogs-especially those torn from the arms of loving owners and end up in these wolves dens…often abused in such places…hummmm, was there ice and freezing weather in Marion County, Texas…Are those dogs there out in it, shivering from the cold or do they have foster homes for the animals cause they still don’t have facilities…or did Wedding cart the latest batch to Marshall, Texas animal control where…You know what happens a few days later…

  2. You know I find it interesting that in my research, there was a case in Arkansas involving a kennel owner by the name of Gloria Jean Crawford who was charged of animal cruelty/neglect and convicted on the finding of an illegal drug used for euthanization in a trash barrel, on her property which she had purchased from a retired veterinarian. This woman lost many purebred registered animals during a seizure which was set up by an employee who lived in a home furnished by her, but decided not to work the kennel as was the bargain. She worked the kennel herself, and when the “Employee” was told to work or move. They set her up ! What’s the difference in the deed ? The category of the person being charged? Anyone who wants, can say “I have a Humane society here” and it is legal. How many know that Too much crap has been ignored for too long by too many…..illegal is illegal no matter who does it–right?

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