Dedicated to John Wilson-Rest in Peace

A very dear friend of ours passed away this past weekend-A boating accident…We met thru this blog and he became one of the dearest, closest and best friend that anyone could ever hope to have!!! I always thought it a shame that we didn’t meet under better circumstance!!!

They stole his Border Collies in the ‘name of rescue’-and they have the gall to brag about it on their website, to this day!!! The great Border Collie Rescue was a sham!!! John never got over it…We spoke for hours on end about the abuse of it and how shocking it was for him of the loss!!! He hid his tears well…except from the people the closest to him.

This was the worst case of illegal, unconstitutional animal seizure there ever was , just short of killing someone and stealing their property!!! They stole what he love the most about his life-His Border Collies!!!

I’m dedicating this post to him to honor his life, although the posts are about the outright theft of his animals by Carolyn Wedding~CEO Humane Society of Marion County, Texas. Helped by the then District Attorney, at the time was Bill Gleason and sheriff deputy, my new neighbor (gave new meaning to ‘new neighbor’) David McKnight who received an award from the humane society for doing this CRIME!!! They gave his dogs away without any due process…He was charged with a crime he didn’t commit yet Wedding walks the streets free as a bird to do it again, Gleason, now retired as the District Attorney of Marion County, Texas and McKnight, now enjoying his new position as Sheriff of Marion County-doesn’t that just beat all!!!-The corruption escalates and I wonder how much the new district attorney knows of it and if she will do something about it as well she should!!!…How many times do these people break the law before any of the authorities do something about it-John Wilson never got to see any justice…John Wilson lived with the pain and agony he suffered when they stole his dogs and then they had the audacity to arrest him-he committed no crime…He suffered, like me, from the corruption!!!

Of course the charges were dropped-How exactly is it possible to have charged him with anything-the dogs were now gone…they gave them to strangers who showed up… There wasn’t even a sheriff’s report…Here’s excerpts of John’s story as it was written back then. John never got over this…the loss of his Border Collies…So, this one is for you John…May anyone never forget what they did to you and your dog ‘family’, the lies they said, the hurt they did to your family is just unforgivable in a community that did nothing/has done nothing and enabled Carolyn Wedding  to do this to you!!!

John was a man with a heart of gold!!!-My life enriched for having known him and his wife-He will never be forgotten-certainly not by the two people who came to know and love him!!!

Timeline April 2011:

I AM FURIOUS!!! ACTION ALERT…THEFT OF 200 DOGS!!! “Seizure”…”Rescue”…NOW an “Evacuation” WITHOUT owner permission!!!

This is about where we live and Carolyn Wedding, head of the Humane Society of Marion County on another one of her ‘illegal escapades’…This is about others helping her…this is also my opinion of the whole stinking mess!!!

HEADS UP…We have been following a story on FB that started as an animal SEIZURE in Jefferson -my phone was ringing off the hook and an endless flow of emails…BUT no arrest was ever made and nothing in the Messenger just yet….However, we continued to follow the story on TV and on FB…

The calls went out from Carolyn Wedding and by Sunday night, it all changed -from a SEIZURE to a RESCUE…I don’t know the situation or how much damage was done to the owner’s property as we learned that they brought in a bulldozer -to rescue the dogs -WTF?!? -200 of them, or so we are told there were…Nothing else was known to us except the type of dogs…valuable Border Collies.

Monday morning they met up at McDonald’s in Jefferson …This still didn’t sound right except that it does sound familiar that they are going to caravan in but, I kept watching FB and waiting to see if Hedges , the Angel of Death, was going to participate…nope…so much for the ‘AGENT’ for the HS of Marion County (maybe she isn’t NOW); this time it’s Spencer Vet Center, There’s talk of a ‘real surveillance’ of the property, to make sure they got them all…that sounds a bit familiar too!!! Tonight a  link was posted on FB and I am indeed ALARMED!!! The collection of money for this -is fraud!!! Some rescue!!! IT’S THEFT!!! The SEIZURE-became RECSUE was now an emergency EVACUATION -huh WTF?!? Here’s the post that went out from the Humane Society-presumably written by Carolyn Wedding!!!

“Jefferson, Texas Border Collie Evacuation Organized by Jefferson, Texas Border Collies Evacuation, Evacuation Needed ASAP! Owner to Return Saturday”

“I have just got word that it looks like the owner/breeder will be released from the current mental facility on Saturday and be able to return to his home. The family has been working to get him committed to a second mental institution upon release but it doesn’t look like this going to happen. He has been told his dogs are already gone by family members and he is furious! WE MUST HAVE THE RESOURCES TO GET THESE DOGS OUT BY FRIDAY! I am deligently working on horse trailers to maximaize the transports. But we still need money for vaccinations in order to get these dogs into a boarding facility for rescues, local and across the country to pick up. 5 in 1′s, Kennel Cough, and Rabies must be given prior to boarding. We are averaging about $18 a dog. Total just for vaccinations is around $2700. We are receiving food donations and have a few personal sponsors. But we MUST collect vaccination monies. Please help us get them out of there!!!” – April 4, 2011 9:51pm

Ring leaders for this theft are Carolyn Wedding (AGAIN!!!) and Shari McChristial

It’s all over Pawsitively Texas which is about animal rescue but this is theft!!! OPEN WALL go in if you are on FB

Not sure but I was told on the side, that this man has law enforcement as family…HA- does that even matter?!? Apparently not, look what they are doing!!! Sounds like theft of his property to me!!!…Destruction of his property too!!!…Will he get out of the ‘rest home’ (now we are told an institution!?!) and be arrested?!? WTF?!?

The dogs, if seized can not leave Marion County that’s law….TX H&S Code 821…What of the ones already removed?!? What about the Dallas Shelters that accepted these dogs…THEFT IS THEFT!!! This an illegal collection of funds-it’s FRAUD!!!…Those who participated -ALL guilty!!! And you never realized there was so much money in the name of rescue for animal shelters!!! How many of these animals will be murdered in the ‘name of rescue’…how many are already missing?!? JEEZ!!! -WTF?!?

Action needs to be taken quickly!!! FBI/Texas Rangers ya think?!? They should investigate other cases by Carolyn Wedding and the entire Marion County Court system!!! I am still unsure of all the facts but this is copy of what was published and already over $700.00!!! In just one day according to ChipIn… I’m publishing this for documentation and of course to state my opinion…There sure is a BIG STINK in Marion County and it isn’t those dogs!!!

Makes me cry …MR., whoever you are…I am so sorry…I don’t know you but many people have your back…MAYBE, just maybe, I will meet him someday and just give him a big hug…:)


We did meet him and we did give each other a big hug. I adore his wife and feel so badly she is left to live with what happened alone…/


Excerpts from the comments of that post:

I cried real tears for this man and until yesterday didn’t even know his name…I cried for his animals NOT because of their current situation but because I know many of them WILL be killed…ripped from their home where they could romp and roam on 25 acres of the owners property. I would have helped this man months ago; missing my own animals…He never intended to own ALL those dogs, it not his mission…He did intend to find them good homes and make enough money to support his entire dog family; he merely lost site of his true mission…so now they lock him away and steal his animals so, if he wasn’t crazy before you better believe he is NOW -B

The illegal practices of the law in Marion County MUST BE STOPPED, this is 2011 for crying out loud…not days of the Old West when the mob comes in and lynches and hangs people, even the innocent…’mob-mentality’…There is just NO EXCUSE for what was done…NONE!!! This does not solve problems; it makes them.

It is no wonder the people of Marion County live in fear with gates and doors locked tight…I don’t feel like I am even living in the United States -land of the home and the free -NOT!!!…And now another member of the community will join us with our locked gates and no trespass signs. And maybe he too will hang black wreaths and depict small insight of the terror that went on; and on going in Marion County under the reign of a DA who controls the courts.
You bet I am angry…who wouldn’t be?!?
Let’s watch the back peddling he will have to do and get judges to follow ‘his advise’ to cover these illegal activities!! Hump, Kangaroo Court…please justify that to ANYONE!!!  -B

Carolyn Wedding said it herself on the news last night…”We didn’t call the SPCA because they would have evaluated, inventoried, and charged the abusers ” (No, we don’t want to destroy his career…BULLS**T!! -they destroyed his like!!!  Isn’t that what they did -How many times will these stories change?!? Starving???…I think not…Wedding said there was dog food there…well fed- too well for a ‘RAID’ and all the lies!!!
AGAIN, I repeat Carolyn Wedding has NO credentials and we never actually see or hear of her working…she has only a car and a PO Box for how many YEARS?!? Doesn’t live in Marion County, not that that matters, but hey…she is unqualified to judge or do anything!!! That’s the sheriff’s job and too damn bad if they don’t want to do it!!!
Carolyn Wedding only accuses and steals…GO THRU this blog and look at her taking my property that was not on the warrant under the watchful eye of the sheriff’s department and DA Gleason. And, by the way,…A DA is not, I repeat NOT, allowed to participate in illegal activities and is supposed to protect people in the community from civil liberty abuse…NOT dish it out!!! This DA got away with it once (and we are not sure how many other times with other cases that are not about animals…) and just figured he could do it again… HE needs to be arrested for his involvement for the theft of those animals…
Certainly, without credentials this HS, ‘one woman show’, needs to be arrested and give up that title…She is the ‘ring leader’ as far as I am concerned…of a gang of dog nappers and raised money for it -FRAUD…under the watchful eye of the law.
I am a person in this community who IS a rescuer, saw what is going on -FREAKED because we were falsely accused, and abused but there was NO cruelty and this proves my point totally…
They are breaking the law or, should I start judging people and taking animals because I don’t like what I see under the ‘color of rescue’…NO!!!
I am angry with this selective form of law enforcement, the way they do it illegally and I merely want to live where I feel safe and protected by the people who are hired, getting paid, to protect me and this community. My only fear is Lawless Marion County even on my own property behind the locked gate of this property and suspect that I could be in danger now that I have spoken out about all of this but in must be done by someone who believes in justice…These are Acts of Animal Terror…a federal offense and a Texas offense for taking a single animal out of this county and those rescuers who blundered must too be arrested…it’s called dog napping and fraud…like it or not.
People judge dog napping of very expensive dogs as badly, if not worse, as we judge animal abusers. When is anyone going to get it right?!?
Those TX H&S Code regulations in place with good reason…Every rescuer is aware of those laws or should be…Break the law, then get punished and loose your right to rescue a fly…
They have now contaminated any evidence and after the dogs stolen…they then press charges…I think NOT!!! Especially when Marion County allowed it and Gleason probably back peddled AGAIN (!!!) to get a judge to approve it. Charge the man NO…NOW a different issue…there are no dogs…STOLEN!!! The DA rules and everyone believes he has the authority to give permission to break the law…WRONG!!!
NO ONE and I mean NO ONE including the president has the right to break the law for any reason!!!
There was no emergency here…a couple of dogs needing to go to a vet -maybe…HEALTHY  expensive dogs that were free to roam 25 acres…owned by a well known, VERY famous breeder…He may have lost sight of his mission and not given a chance to fix it…because of cold hearted people
Be sure to read all that is ‘alleged’…How ridiculous!!!
If you rescue learn the law and don’t break it!!!  -B

I never in my wildest dream would have though that they would try it AGAIN…and now they most certainly have with a ‘watch-dog’, such as myself fighting back ALL the way for the sake of truth and JUSTICE for a stranger because I once said this should never happen again to someone else!!! I never even imagined that this little blog written by someone who is in such agony and pain might have made a difference to the circumstance. Didn’t think many people even noticed…just writing to get the feeling and pain out of my opinion and for documentation.
Apparently, someone has noticed it…WOW, I am amazed!!! TG for the people who have been in support of us and known all along that people should not suffer so and believed in us and knew the truth of this place all along -TY Tom (and the others who know who they are!!!)  -B

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it.”…Frederic Bastiat

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted and you create a nation of law-breakers.”…Ayn Rand


John Wilson can rest in peace now, rid of the and agony brought on him by some very evil people. He often spoke of the peace he will have in the after life-an extremely religious man -I will miss his words. I will miss the stories of his life and his love of all animals. I will miss all the help he gave us to see that we would be safe from small town mentality. Most of all Fred and I will miss his love that he shared with everyone who came to know him!!! RIP John-we will never forget you!!!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned!!! -B


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5 Responses to “Dedicated to John Wilson-Rest in Peace”

  1. Well done, Barbara! You have expressed my thoughts on this exactly.
    John Wilson lived the Christian life. His actions should be a model for all people. I love you John!! Rest in peace.

  2. And don’t that beat all-The Humane Society of Marion County, Texas is ‘under construction’ so they can steal more animals/KILL more animals/ abuse animal owners…They are NOT a no-kill shelter-never has been…My only question -Why is the new DA of Marion County allowing the corruption to continue under the guise of ‘animal rescue’!!! 18 USC 242 is to prevent the illegal taking of property…So, why have no charges ever been filed when it’s right there on public record -They can not deny what they did to John or to me for that matter-Possibly all the cruelty cases that have processed by the judicial courts in Marion County, Texas. They proved the corruption to us goes all the way to the District Court!!!
    There is no way that chapter 17 protects the media for an illegal activity-they trespassed when they decided to be a part of the search and seize without permission from the judge or us, the owners of the property…If it happened in Marion County-ANYTHING is possible…No one IS stopping this Humaniac from her ‘show’ after they give an award to the sheriff for his role in it with cases heard by judges taking liberty over what the law will allow and a community living in fear…Marion County will be held responsible for ALL this illegal activity-one way or another-the continued abuse of members of the community, new and long standing is totally unacceptable!!!

  3. […] […]

  4. Did you see the conditions his dogs were in when they seized them???
    I did, there were pictures posted on a border collie rescue site and they were appalling! Go look at those pictures and then decide if your conscience will allow you to defend him. I don’t care if he lived a “Christian” life or not, his treatment of defenseless animals was abhorrent and the only justice that would have served him in life was to make him live out the rest of it in one of those wire cages. Shame on you for penning this poorly written diatribe defending him and the only thing that made me feel better after reading it was learning he was killed in a boating accident!

    • Boy did you pick the wrong day and the wrong person to send you filthy opinion!!!

      First of all, no one has the right to illegally go into private property, slander anyone in the media who also did not have permission to be on private farm property an then STEAL dogs (PROPERTY) from their rightful and legal owner, giving them out to whoever will take them and make them disappear…

      There wasn’t a proper search warrant to begin with. The charges were dropped-
      The sheriff, David McKnight, was knee deep in it, David McKnight joined by other deputies, who actually had the nerve to bring in a bulldozer and damage private property, as was the district attorney of Marion Co at the time-Bill Gleason.

      Emotionally generated bullshit all done illegally to a member of the community. Laws are created for people NOT animals-go read the constitution and the Amendments for your civil liberties-Likely, u are a Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist urself and likely wished you too had been there and had joined in and received a very expensive dog for your illegal actions…A member of some vegan based Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist Organization.

      John Wilson was a dedicated animal owner and quite famous for his dogs from the best of bloodlines…Go do your fucking research to find out what became of missing dogs…and the puppies produced from those missing dogs since that time, which is typical of this type of raid against an owner.

      Stop with your fucking emotional BULLSHIT about someone who was the kindest man I have ever met. I will defend him-and so did a lawyer whose job was simple and only had to issue a few letters to the district attorney who did the only right thing he ever did during his reign of terror in Marion County (now a public defender-Corruption at it’s finest) which was to dismiss ALL charges that should never have happened to begin with.

      You fucking bitch to be delighted with his death-WTF?!? His family and grandchildren that he left behind are not so delighted with the loss of such a kind soul
      Remember your Karma is coming back at you…Maybe you’d like them to contact u should I provide ur email address seeing as how I have it and you so boldly can here to speak such garbage and ill of the dead and ur comment went to me, and he was my BFF and you apparently have no idea to whom you are talking to.

      Here’s hoping that you live in Marion County and they destroy your God-given rights and your civil liberties granted to you by the state and US Constitutions…if not there, then where ever you live…and then find yourself crawling back to this blog for help because you’ve been illegally raped by the government for your right to your privacy, right to be protected from the abuse of the law, right to ownership and the right to be protected by the law for those rights…
      Be sure to remind me of what u said about MY BFF so I can wish you well but saw fucking pictures that generated an emotional response to slander YOU!

      ALL those dogs were running loose until the perpetrators put them in cages and set-up for emotionally generated pictures and hope the same to you…McKnight’s bulldozer KILLED the four puppies…NOT John Wilson and when they couldn’t catch some of those dogs, they set out poison on the property to kill them…in short FUCK YOU you crazy Damn bitch!!! Go hide in a hole or eat shit or something-I will not likely publish any more comments from you because I don’t need you to waste anymore of my time and the only reason I did so is because you represent everything I am against and demonstrate why…!!!

      RIP John Wilson-I took care of it -Your BFF

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