Stop Government Sponsored Horse and Animal Theft!

Seized Kenny[1]

Picture from an actual animal seizure in Marion County,Texas showing the Humaniac taking cages that were not listed on the general seizure warrant to take in conjunction with the seizure of “all animals alive, dead and unborn”-no permission was granted authorizing the taking of this property by anyone.*
Picture and art work courtesy of Jungle Man.

Stop Government Sponsored Horse and Animal Theft!

I see, you think that the animal cruelty statue in Texas is what is used to prosecute all cruelty issues-WRONG!!! Furthermore animal cruelty laws are extremely vague and allow law enforcement to seize animals under the ‘color of law’.

The only people promoting these animal cruelty laws are Animal Rights Extremists that are only interested in ending all human/animal interaction and are only  2% of the population that have chosen to be vegan and want YOU to be VEGAN as well. Spay and neuter all animals and put an end to any relationship with animals; they will be gone and yes, this is a big Agenda 21 issue.

“One generation and out”~Wayne Pacelle CEO -HSUS Good old Wayne knows something that you don’t…The perfect scenario is now in place in the majority of all US states that have opened the door to make it possible-Criminalizing longstanding animal owners with vague accusations of animal cruelty based on moral judgments rather than the true issue will allow for the taking of animals and ending all animal usage-including animals as pets, exotics, farm animals, and domestic animals; all now in harms way because of laws that were created with no concern for animal welfare and with only the concern of getting the job done and collecting those big salaries these CEOs pay themselves and/or the big expense account that they use to promote their propaganda.  Hitler and the Third Reich of Nazi Germany created Animal Rights Laws while extinguishing the lives of millions of people. Todays cruelty laws are written by and promoted by the Animal Right Extremists-The question is, are you for animal rights or an advocate of animal welfare-there is a difference.

These not for profit organizations are not interested in the animals, obviously; it’s all about the money!!! They are not animal experts and while some proclaim that they are, they lack the education and ability to become a true expert of anything beyond stealing property through the use of How to Handbooks produced by HSUS/PETA/SPCA/and others-ALL available on the Internet-One only needs to take the time to search for it or request for the link from the organization.

Their should not be an argument against repealing the animal cruelty law from the animal loving public. There is no reason for not signing this petition-But I get it now-you’re concerned about dog fighting… Did you know the animal cruelty laws have nothing to do with dog fighting!?!

The animal cruelty law has absolutely nothing to do with dog fighting and is not what is used to prosecute dog fighting or even chicken fighting. There are Penal Codes established to stop these actions…In Texas, 42.10 addresses dog fighting and those in attendance/etc…42.105 addresses chicken fighting.

Just because someone enjoys the breed and is breeding their pit bull dogs, it does not/can not make these animal owners into dog fighters and give rise (any reason) to seize (steal) their dogs-The same with game birds-Are you getting it yet?!?

The cruelty statute allows for moral judgment and vague accusations, rather than the facts, to take entire herds of animals and/or collections of animals from their rightful longstanding owners and is based on very vague and unsubstantiated reasons.
-REPEAL the animal cruelty laws in Texas!!!
NOTE: You do NOT have to live in Texas to sign this petition!!! What happens in Texas does affect all taxpayers.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned!!!-B
*The took all caging, kennels and supplies to care for the animals including the animal food and the hand dolly to aid in the taking from the property owner used for the purpose of providing for the animals as the Humane Society of Marion County, Texas was a car and a PO Box…utilizing The Jefferson Animal Clinic and outdoor storage shed behind the clinic to place animals in sub-freezing weather that lacked insulation or providing heat to animals that were to be euthanized the following day with no permission from the judge or anyone and without medical testing-DISGUSTING and HORRIFIC!!! 1/3 the animals were killed before the first hearing.

~ by topcatsroar on November 25, 2013.

5 Responses to “Stop Government Sponsored Horse and Animal Theft!”

  1. my horses were taken by regional animal services of king county.they had their warrant but to obtain it they got permission my 16 yo daughter who was at home while i was on vacation.The initial complaint came from a tresspasser that took her relitives horses that had been left with me for 9 months without compansation.RASKC responded 3 days after complaint, loaded horses, with the help of my daughter,then proceded to tell her that her horse had an abcess in her mouth,and she should say good-bye now because it will be to expensive to get her back.then told her that the other would be put down once they got back to the RESCUE.My oldest daughter arrived just as the horse trailer was leaving handed her the paperwork and left.
    NOW the paperwork gave me 2 options:(1)petition the courts for immediate return of animals, or (2)post a bond for $450.00 for a min. 30 day period.I opted #1,got a court date,appered before the judge ,made my plea to get my horse back,THEjudge asked if i could afford a $3,960.57 bond for the care of said horse,i said yes,he added EACH MONTH? i said no and with that he ordered the immediate transfer of ownership to RASKC, along with all bills incured to date for care of horses.? 1 horse they put 1 down.when i received the itemized vet bill ? ?NO ABECESS? NO ANTIBIOTICS?NO EXTRAS ? except $35.00 day board.instead of quoted $15.00 sum it up :lost 2 horses,received a $2795.00 vet bill,court costs,spent $2133.00 on some unthankful neighbor, strained relationships,time/reserch,energy,and to date;have NOT been accused or charged with any crime.I have yet to find any info about the horses in newspapers,tv,or police reports.the RESCUE veterinarian that associates with RASKC has the same last name as the Regional Animal Service manager.I THINK MY HORSES WERE STOLEN. DO YOU?

    • YES, I would the horses were stolen…Interested in that warrant-Were they specific about which horses they were to take? And what was the probable cause on the affidavit to the warrant if there even was one? Were you provided with counsel at any time? I hope that you signed the petition and shared it! Was this in Texas? I am so sorry for your loss!!! -B

    • UPDATE TO “I THINK MY HORSES WERE STOLEN DO YOU?” WASHINGTON STATE has had quite afew “horse rescue” cases this year.The rescues call the media or blog about their rescue missions on their web sites,yet,????theres NOTHING about my horse(s).No pictures,no adoption,no accountable information from any of the rescues in wa.I’VE LOOKED,I’ve called,friends have looked,friends have called,I have even gone to the rescues within a 100 miles of my home,and still NOTHING???Any sugestions????I’ve even tried the media:NO CALLS BACK…..????

      • First I have to ask if anyone filed a Freedom of Information Act request? You won’t like my next thought on this matter, but figured someone should say it. There are many ‘forms of rescue’ that have nothing to do with the animals or rescue-These animals are sent to feed lots or straight out for slaughter. WA being so close to the border that it might be something that should be considered as a possibility. I am not knowledged with record keeping of these animals that are taken across for slaughter and suggest that you call USDA ag services.

  2. The underlying message of that picture is, since they are taking far more than the warrant provides for, why not take Kenny too? -Those bastards.

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