Animal Nazis Strike again!!!

Get the truth!!! The animal cops sure aren’t providing it…nor are they returning the animals!!! This has to stop!!! Stop supporting cruelty laws that aren’t valid-They are illegal and unconstitutional!!! Stop supporting the Animal Rights Extremist Agenda that have promoted this ugly campaign to steal animals and open the new age of pet shops-at  shelters!!! Take this power away from law enforcement who continue to abuse animals and their owners and the owners children in some cases!!!

Who is screaming about animal cruelty anyway-Animal Rights Extremists-they create the laws now haven’t they!?! I am not promoting animal cruelty-I am against it as much as anyone else-I am however promoting repealing the laws that make criminals out of animal loving owners/US citizens.

The government has no interest in animals-law enforcement’s only interest is in government grants for money…there’s no crime in owning animals-no crime in breeding animals-no crime in real animal rescue but the Animal Nazis continue to take animals from their longstanding rightful owners…

Follow the animals-Follow the money!!!

A status update from a dear friend on FB-please share!!!

Little Savannah Kittens, we tried to save you. You may be gone but we have not forgotten you and we will fight to make her Sarasota County (FL) Sheriff’s Office Sarasota Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Kathleen Kathy M Pitman Pay for your suffering and deaths!! “VERIFIED EMERGENCY MOTION OR PETITION FOR ORDER REQUIRING IMMEDIATE RETURN OF TWO MOTHER CATS TO PETITIONER’S POSSESSION TO PREVENT ANIMAL CRUELY AND IMMINENT DEATH OF HER KITTENS UNDER FLA . STAT . § 828.12 (2012)
Petitioners Theodore Wilson and Lauren Devineaux, in proper person, hereby files this Verified Emergency Motion for an Order Requiring the Immediate Tender and Return of two (2) Mother Cats, and in support thereof will show:
1.         On July 6, 2012, a posse of approximately 12 officers from various law enforcement agencies and other governmental entities (hereafter collectively referred to as “LEO”) including Deputy Kathy Pitman of Sarasota County Animal Services, Sergeant Bob Kiefer of Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office and others whose names have not been provided nor have we been able to obtain them,  swarmed the homestead property of  Jessica & Ted Wilson located at 4793 Kerry Lane, Sarasota, Fl 34232.
2.         Upon arriving at the Wilson’s home, the LEOs entered onto the Wilson’s property without their consent while Mr. Wilson was in the home, to wit:  Approximately 12 LEOs from various agencies arrived; broke open the Glass Sliding door of the Wilson home; entered the home without Mr. Wilson’s consent; refused to produce or show Mr. Wilson any kind of warrant and, upon Mr. Wilson’s demand to see a warrant, one particular LEO Sgt. Bob Kiefer, from the group said “I don’t have to show you anything”
3.         Next, the LEOs seized numerous cherished pet animals belonging to Lauren Devineaux and Ted Wilson and Children, removed them from the Wilson’s homestead property, and relocated them to an unknown location without the Wilsons’ consent or Lauren Devineauxs Consent and without supplying any information whatsoever on the animals’ whereabouts or contact information.
4.         In seizing the Wilsons’ animals, the LEOs removed two cats who had just birthed kittens within the week  prior to their seizure by the LEOs.
5.         The Two Mother Cats were obviously lactating.
6.         Moreover, in addition to the obvious and easily detected physical features of the Mother Cats described above, Mr. Wilson, who was present during this entire seizure event, repeatedly informed all the LEO’s that these two Mother Cats had just given birth and had babies/kittens dependent upon them for their survival, and begged them to please leave the Mother Cats to tend to their newborn kittens.
7.         Notwithstanding Mr. Wilson’s incessant and emphatic efforts to prevent this tragic incident, the LEO’s nevertheless seized the Mother Cats and knowingly removed them from the Wilsons’ property, thus purposely separating the Mother Cats from their newborn dependent kittens, thereby placing both litters of kittens in imminent danger of death as a result of the LEO’s insistence to force separation from their Mother.
8.         The two (2) Mother Cats and their respective kittens, who were all healthy at the time the LEO’s seized the Mother Cats on July 6, 2012, are identified and described as follows:    MOTHER CAT #1: Angel with 4 Kittens; 3 White and Tabby, 1 Black Long Hair     MOTHER CAT #2: Harmony with 5 Kittens 2 Tabby & White, 1 Black & White & 1 All Black Short Hair
9.         As direct and proximate result of the LEO’s actions in seizing and separating the afore described two (2) Mother Cats from their newborn kittens, the LEO’s have caused the deprivation of necessary sustenance for these two (2) litters of kittens, placing them in imminent fatal danger.
10.       These two (2) litters of kittens will continue to suffer these deprivations inflicted by the LEOs until their Mother Cats, who were seized by the LEO’s on July 6, 2012, are returned to the Wilsons and reunited with their kittens.
11.       Worse, if the two (2) Mother Cats are not returned immediately, within the next 24 hours, the two (2) Mothers are likely to stop lactating and the two (2) litters of kittens could begin to slowly and unnecessarily starve to death.
12.       Pursuant to Fla. Stat. § 828.12 (1) (2012): “(1) A person who unnecessarily overloads, overdrives, torments, deprives of necessary sustenance or shelter … any animal in a cruel or inhumane manner, is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or by a fine of not more than $ 5,000, or both.”  The LEO’s have already committed this offense by virtue of their actions in knowingly separating the Mother Cats from their kittens.
13.     Additionally, pursuant to Fla. Stat. § 828.12(2) (2012): “(2) A person who intentionally commits an act to any animal which results in the cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering, or causes the same to be done, is guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or by a fine of not more than $ 10,000, or both.
14.       As a result, the LEOs who seized the two Mother Cats from the Wilson’s home and knowingly separated them from their newborn litters of kittens on July 6, 2012, have deprived these kittens of necessary sustenance in violation of § 828.12(1).
15.       Furthermore, if the LEOs who seized the two Mother Cats from the Wilson’s home and knowingly separated them from their newborn litters of kittens on July 6, 2012, do not return these Mother Cats to the Wilsons forthwith so they can be reunited with their dependent kittens, this continued separation of Mothers and kittens will ultimately inflict and cause “the cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering” in violation of § 828.12(2).
16.       As of the date of this filing, none of the Wilson family have been provided a warrant or any information related thereto, to justify the LEOs’ actions of entering the Wilsons’ home on July 6, 2012, and have not supplied any information regarding the whereabouts or contact information for the seized animals.
WHEREFORE Plaintiffs Respectfully Request this Court to Order Defendants to immediately return both Mother Cats so that they may care for their offspring.”
Where’s the warrant and how can they justify this-They can’t!!!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion ad the opinion of others…Stay tuned!!!  -B

~ by topcatsroar on November 25, 2013.

2 Responses to “Animal Nazis Strike again!!!”

  1. ANOTHER LIFE CHANGING, eye opening, horrible offense…..Animal Cruelty by the very PEOPLE who are advocating how much they care for all animals passionately. I personally am coming to believe the vast majority of these people are victims of personality disorders, non-social and arrogant behaviored PEOPLE (and I use the term people sparingly). I believe they themselves are victims or have been of some sort of indecencies they believe performed against them by other people in their lives or past lives ….. how do these people convince our lawmakers to allow this and condone it????? OH YEAH, $$$$$THERE’S MONEY IN IT FOR ALL OF THEM, IN ONE WAY OR THE OTHER$$$$$$

    thoroughly disgusted

  2. Of course they don’t have to show you nothing and don’t have to explain themselves. They’ve got the badges and they’ve got the guns and they are judge and jury and have found you guilty. If the cats survive, it proves they are witches familars. If they die then the weren’t and all’s well. When more people learn to compare these seizures to the historical witch hunts, eyes might be opened. Until then, the mobs under color of law will continue until something big happens to finally put it to a stop.

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