“The Ohio “concentration death camp” for exotic pets is gearing up for mass confiscations. Only 38 days left. PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACLE for the animals and their very scared owners. Tell me this…The “Animal Hitlers” say that private owners don’t provide good enough “natural environments” for their animals but they think this horrific place is okay? CAN YOU SMELL THE HYPOCRISY? Animals will feel nothing but fear and terror here. I bet Carole Baskin giggles herself to sleep at night thinking about how many animals will die here.” ~ DJC


State Gives Preview Of Exotic Animal Facility

The 2.9 million, 20,000 square foot facility will STORE animals confiscated under Ohio’s new Exotic Animal Law

A state agency on Thursday took reporters to a place where few people have been – and even fewer will go in the future.

The exotic animals facility in Reynoldsburg was custom-built from the ground up – there was no template or model to base it on. Department of Agriculture Director David Daniels says the building the agency ended up with is flexible in its design and secure in its operations.

“This building is about 20,000 square feet. We have 30 large animal enclosures here. We have four primate enclosures. We have a room here that will house snakes and reptiles when that regulatory authority kicks in,” Daniels says.

The big animal cages are made of six gauge wire and have six padlocks each. A transport cage is locked into place against the cage opening to move the animal in. There are heavy steel panels separating the cages that can be opened from outside them, so an animal can be moved to the adjacent cage while its cage is cleaned and food and water is provided.

A cage must be closed and locked before another can be opened, and never is a caretaker and an animal inside a cage at the same time.

Daniels says if an animal would get out of its cage, there are 17 cameras and motion sensors that monitor the cages and take and send pictures to staff if there’s movement. Then there are gated locked doors inside the rooms and in the main area, and there are two exterior fences, the taller one 12 feet tall and electrified.

But Daniels says all that security isn’t just for the animals.

“We are just as concerned about what’s in this building as what is outside this building. We want to make sure that there are, hate to say it, but while we’re worried about an animal getting out, we’re also worried about people getting in.”

No animal will ever go outside. But the facility is climate controlled and has warm and cooler areas in each of the bigger enclosures.

There’s room to add some more cages if necessary, but the thought is that the facility will only be needed for around 10-15 years, because Ohio’s new exotic animals law bans new ownership of animals. Current owners will be able to keep their animals but not get new ones, and have to meet state standards for containing them or state veterinarian Tony Forshey says the state can take them and bring them here.

“This is not a zoo. It’s more like a humane society or a rescue-type facility and so it’s for the temporary housing. It’s our intent to bring these animals in, give them the best care, make sure they’re healthy.”

And Daniels restates that very clearly – it’s not a zoo, it’s a holding place for animals that have been seized or are in the process of being transferred out of state.

“This is a facility that we have to aid us in our regulatory responsibility over animals that are not permitted or are not cared for. When this is all said and done, I will not have access to this building. This will only be accessed to those who need to be back here,” Daniels says.

And Daniels also says there will be no public announcements when animals arrive at the facility – only law enforcement will be notified, Daniels says, to protect curious residents from trying to get inside to see them. The legislature allowed $3.5 million dollars to build the facility.

Daniels says it’s not completely done, but the contract guaranteed the building would cost $2.9 million. Until there are animals in it, Daniels says it’s impossible to estimate the daily operations cost.


The government has no interest in animals-Until now…They will WASTE/have WASTED millions on this PENITENTIARY….for exotic animals!!!??? That’s YOUR tax dollars at work but it’s not just tax dollars in Ohio-EVERY taxpayer in this country is paying the price for an exotic animal CONCENTRATION CAMP!!! How much came thru government grants-grants provided by the federal government?!?

You’ve heard me refer to Nazi Germany with these laws and now I am asking if you approved YOUR tax money for this!!! This is NOT comparable to a Humane Society!!! As a matter of fact the Humane Society these days isn’t comparable to a Humane Society of years gone by-That’s comparable to an unregulated pet store…I would be interested in their plan for euthanizing these animals (they will) if we are to compare it with TODAYS Humane Society!!!

Just the thought of comparing it to todays Humane Society makes me sick!!! There is so much corruption in these places; there is reason for great concern…Will we even find out about the accidents…after all, if one happens in a private facility, the media is right there on top of it and the animal rights extremists all over it like stink on poop…I can already smell the stink and it’s not just the sink over the accidents that are bound to occur…The people at this place are not likely to be people who have dedicated their lives to animals…for many it will be a tedious job…after all it’s being compared to a Humane Society and those are untrained and unskilled in animals-they are not animal experts…a 501-C-3 does not make for an expert!!! It’s a BIG STINK!!!

Being a vet does not make you an expert of ALL animals, especially the animals that they know nothing about-Just ask that vet who owned the Jefferson Veterinarian Clinic in Marion County, Texas…Oh I forgot-She used her computer and did a google search to learn about the animals she helped steal and then in charge of their care…By the time she was done 1/2 the animals were DEAD!!! Animals are now dead from where they were sent!!! No different than what will be done at this place-The doors of the Jefferson Animal Clinic -CLOSED-TG!!! But there was no justice for the animals or the owner…There was no investigation even though there was a complain filed with the TXBOME…There will be no investigation on any claim of neglect of these animals…it will be no different!!!

They claim this to be a holding facility where animals will be cared for until they can be relocated OUT of Ohio-Keep banning the animals everywhere then there will be no place to send them and the mass killing will begin throughout the country. Yeah, this the best they can up with?!? There is no excuse for the government to take a single animal from it’s longstanding animal owner!!! Take away their ability to seize animals with vague regulations on why and how it’s done-These laws are ILLEGAL!!! They say all they have to do is provide food, water and shelter-blame owners for all kinds of things they call neglect…Go to an animal cruelty hearing and hear it for yourself-The BULLSHIT that these judges are using as an excuse to write the warrant in the first place is absurd-where’s the probable cause to doing it-Doing THIS!?! THERE WAS/IS NO PROBABLE CAUSE…There is no public safety issue never was-never will be…What there is, is Carole Lewis Baskins dream of owning the largest collection of big cats in the world-Just like her dream of getting her hands on ALL of Don Lewis’s money-where does it end…She is NOT an expert-just go to her record of accidents…Easy Street, Tampa, Florida. Her vacation villa for tigers will be cancelled as her place fills with more…I doubt there was ever a plan of ‘vacation for tiger’ and only the plan to take in MORE-lusting over the FREE animals that the government provides her-I’m not sure what’s worse-cats at her place or this concentration camp!!! Sickening that the places where these animals will be sent are the face of the new Zoo…and the government provides the FREE animals-I am certain Hitler would approve…

There won’t be a win for exotic animals in Ohio to stop this…They already spent the 2.9 million of YOUR tax dollars!!! -It would take a miracle!!! Do you smell the poop yet?!?

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others -B

Texas has already begun illegally taking (STEALING) animals from their rightful longstanding owners with illegal laws-Stop the theft of animals from continuing-Sign the petition and share!!!


~ by topcatsroar on November 24, 2013.

9 Responses to “Zoo Wars -Ohio- Exotic Animal PENITENTIARY. -CAN YOU SMELL THE HYPOCRISY?”

  1. Comment from a friend-
    “The state of Ohio calls exotic animals wild and dangerous like the bears and bobcats and ban them for public safety yet they let the same animals roam free in Ohio. This law has nothing to do with public safety this law was pushed on Ohio by the Humane Society of the United States because they believe no one should own these pets.”
    Well lets call it like it is shall we-they PROTECT the animals that roam free and want no one to own any animals…They want you to go Vegan-Their BIG salaries keeping them focused. If there was a true public safety issue the ones roaming free would not be allowed or is that day coming to justify this?!? -B

  2. They do that just to hurt the owners. When they talk about the welfare of the animals, it’s a sarcasm and a lie. “Safety” and “animal welfare” are just excuses. We would do well to take those excuses away from them.

  3. This is beyond disgusting. Note that the State of Florida has special regulations for large exotic animals and there are extremely few problems, except those caused by animal extremists. Now the State of Ohio didn’t want to use ANY regulations for animal owners because the state was working with HSUS and the goal was to END ownership of large exotics. That is what this is all about…ending animal ownership…thanks to HSUS.

    • Oh, hey have created regulations now that are off the wall and totally unreasonable-nothing similar to Florida regulations. More importantly is that these not for profit organizations with NO expertise are allowed to help create these laws…putting un-necessary burdens on heir longstanding rightful owners-furthermore it forbids anyone from getting anymore exotics-the impact on animals and there owners is devastating to say the least. -B

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  6. So sad, the DOA is the devil! How they can justify what they are doing to exotic owners, I have no idea. It is wrong, immoral, and I think how heart broken those animals must be. Why they are in hell, and not at home with their owners. So wrong.

    • They had no busiuness creating those new regulations based on one incident-Then to build such a place with taxpayer money and to top it off, house animals there for MONTHS!!! It’s not built for long term housing and now evidenced with a recommendation from a vet to return the animals to their home…A vet sent for animal inspection by the judge…Now waiting to see when they will finally be sent back; minus the one they slaughtered, damaged thru the process. The governor running for president is a joke-I hope they nail in the debate!!! Just what we need an HSUS supported for president-NOT!!!

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