Zoo Wars-Heads Up W. VA -Possible Ban


WV considers possible ban on exotic animals

West Virginia lawmakers are considering whether to ban the ownership of exotic animals in the state like tigers and alligators.

State lawmakers were told during a legislative committee meeting on Tuesday that West Virginia is one of five states with no exotic animal regulations. State wildlife officials say that means they have no idea what type, or how many, exotic animals are in the state. In the past, exotic animals like water buffalo and a lion have escaped from their owners.

Officials from the Department of Natural Resources want a law passed in the upcoming legislative session that would create a commission that would define which animals are banned. They say exotic animals need to be regulated for human and animal safety.

Zoos would be exempt from the regulations.


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~ by topcatsroar on November 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “Zoo Wars-Heads Up W. VA -Possible Ban”

  1. Regulate, Regulate, Regulate!!! I am sick of the word and the deed. We all are to be regulated out of not only business, but also right out of FREEDOM!!! Sick and tired of it myself!

    • Frankly if this was to regulate it wouldn’t be s bad however, this is NOT regulation…this is calling for an outright ban in a state that has always freely allowed and bending to the animal rights extremist agenda to end animal ownership…Today it’s an exotic…tomorrow it will be dogs …chickens…How about cows?!?
      This is a direct result of Maurice Strong, founder of Agenda 21, who is a board member of HSUS, who sanctioned these 501-C=3 extremists organizations to be the voice for animals. What voice for animals is having a 501-C-3…Any slob can set up a 501-C-3 organization with just a PO Box-call themselves a humane society and bully US citizens with their uneducated opinion and promote that no one should have animals…Usually their priority is against cruelty to animals and promoted laws that are illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional…steal animals and resale them (especially pure bred animals)…ALL at Taxpayer expense…
      Say no to ALL Bans!!!

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