Stop the Overpopulation Myth and the Animal Trafficking!!!

Pet Extermination Agenda

Texas has one of the highest seizure rates in the country; stealing animals from their longstanding animal owners. No one tracking the animals or following the money -or so they think [in case you missed the post-  14,000 animals transported into Connecticut alone speaks for itself…]

I just had a heated discussion with a friend over the issue of Animal Trafficking…and her final words to me were when the shelters were empty she’d support breeders-At first I was stunded that this intelligent woman who is involved in animal care and rescue actually said this but all I could do was laugh because she refused to follow the link to see the truth…Most of those shelter animals are/were stolen from longstanding, animal owners (good breeders) in this country with new laws to put an end to all breeding-will she follow the link to this post and start a search of her own?!? It doesn’t take much of a search for the new USDA/APHIS regulation that will put breeders out of business including the small backyard breeders and will ultimately put an end to dog and cat shows with no reason to enter these competitions. Will put an end to pure bred dogs in this country…end animal ownership…

“One generation and out”-Wayne Pacelle~CEO Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

Think about what it really means when the law and the enforcement of the law desecrates both the US and state Constitutions when they issue general unlawful and unconstitutional warrants that don’t describe any particular animal and without probable cause to take animals; issued by layman, non-lawyer, unskilled judges who are merely elected officials. These people have the power to support the theft of property and give that property away to an organization they may have donated to and/or in support of.

The government has no interest in animals -just the sheriff and the judge who wants to be re-elected who supports the media for their crime of participating in animal seizure and trespass on private property to get their story and the pictures…The press so grateful for the invite, even when the judge did not authorize their presence in a search and seize, nor the owner of the private property; they support the seizure and ignore the law protecting citizens against trespass and their right to privacy, which is a state tort; no matter that what they really saw was that no harm was being done to a single animal…no animal in need of emergency attention!!! Joining a search and seize and so stated in their ‘news’ report is participating and a crime against a private citizen.

What does it mean  to anyone other than the owner of the animals that the animals were receiving care and proper treatment, ignored once seized so the animal dies…After all, they usually kill many of those animals in the process without permission from anyone, including the judge who issued that unlawful, illegal, unconstitutional general warrant and no medical testing ever performed on a single animal until WEEKS later.

I especially loath veterinarians that go against their oath and support the animal rights agenda and behave haphazardly in the care of animals when their career depends on owners with animals and providing proper care of animals. Even more amazing when the animals are sent to a private shelter nearly 2 months later from a veterinary clinic because the humane society didn’t actually have more than a PO Box and the car the humaniac drives around town; the animals now in worse condition than any claim made against the owner of said animals -the vet who testified against the animal owners of course, claiming to be the voice for the animals-(hog wash-she hadn’t done one thing appropriate to the care of those animals-killing 1/3 of them before the first hearing!!!-no permission provided by anyone-no testing) and they very same animals in worse condition than any claim made or stated by this ‘voice’ for the animals…she hadn’t done one thing in proving proper care and management of the care for those very same animals…YES, this occurs all the time-this case from Marion County, Texas will continue until there is justice for the animals and their now previous owners-Stealing more than $200,000.00 of property is no small matter and the abuse of the law-the owners spent a week in jail with no cruelty charges ever made…Some animals not received where they said they were going…Some animals starved to death at the SCAM-tuary they were sent…There is no excuse for any of it -NONE and get this-the county officials still in support of this and denying how they abused a longstanding animal owner and those wonderful animals in their community!!!

-Will the new sheriff go bully his neighbor with those longhorns, seize and take them to live on his property-How much are they worth?!? What about those chickens across the road in crowded conditions?!?-Maybe he has no need for chickens or actually care about chickens considering his buddy from the health commission wanted to ring their necks in front of the owners on their property without reason (of course AFTER the media left the property) and were ultimately killed by the vet -again without permission from anyone (state hold order in place) and not the first test done on a single bird…Healthy poultry that was born and raised in Texas…Her office now closed thank goodness but now doing relief work for other vets in the area-watch out Marion County-anyone could be next…The only question…Will it be YOU?!?

This poster says more in fewer words than I have expressed but knowing first hand and wanting to provide background information to what it means to me and fellow seizure victims; especially those from Texas where the law itself is unconstitutional without the addition of untrained and unskilled officials* and enforcement* not properly following the law-The laws must be repealed-Please sign the petition-NOTE: You do not have to be from Texas to sign this petition as this is of concern for all Taxpayers everywhere:

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B

*Note-the sheriff and judges in Texas are elected officials-the job is not based on their training and skills-Any idiot looking at a general warrant would immediately note that nothing in a general warrant was described or any specific dwelling to be searched and go back to the judge-even if the idiot has his name on the affidavit to the warrant although it’s more than obvious that he didn’t actually write it, with no probable cause to seize his neighbors property. All this paid for by Taxpayers everywhere!!!-Agenda 21

**This post briefly touches on one animal seizure that occurred in 2010 and is the truth-Federal suit filed. How much did this singular animal seizure actually cost Taxpayers everywhere and what is the price for protecting your constitutional rights as a US citizen against the unlawful mobbing that took place…What is the cost of protecting others from this type of enforcement and abuse of our judicial system!?! Ultimately, animals taken thru unlawful, unconstitutional animal seizure are abused in the hands of their so called rescuers far beyond any claim of animal cruelty…

If the FBI chooses not to expose the truth, it is our responsibility to expose it ourselves.


~ by topcatsroar on November 19, 2013.

5 Responses to “Stop the Overpopulation Myth and the Animal Trafficking!!!”

  1. One comment on this post…. You say, “These people have the power to support the theft of property and give that property away to an organization they may have donated to and/or in support of.” I think you have that backwards. Rather than an organization they may have donated to, I believe they are supporting the thefts committed by an organization that contributed to their election into the office they hold. That’s the kickback at work. They don’t forget the groups that helped put them in office.

  2. I want to thank everyone who signed the petition for supporting the constitution and doing the right thing…please share!!!

  3. Once again, “Kudos” to the author. Our constitutional rights are being looked over and ignored regarding our rights to have and care for our animals.. Since when does a new and biased vets’ opinion on the seizing organizations side OUTWEIGH the testimony a primary care vet who has cared for an animal owners’ animals for years? TELL ME, since when does a NEW DR. KNOW YOU AND YOUR PROBLEMS IN ONE VISIT, AND KNOW MORE THAN YOUR FAMILY PHYSICIAN??????? AGAIN, I URGE YOU TO LOOK AT IT AND THROUGH AND THROUGH!

  4. Yep, trafficking in animals, and also retail sales posing as “adoptions” (what a joke that is, especially when horse rescues use the words “adoption fees are set at ‘fair market value” – that is horse trader talk if I ever heard it), but don’t forget money laundering, collusion, non-profit fraud, fund raising fraud, income tax fraud, kickbacks, and several more illegal activities I’m not thinking of right now.

    And just like in the days of the Salem Witch Trials when the whipping-up of mobs for attacks on other people were called “social madness”, what happens nowadays could and should be called “social media madness”.
    The reason the Salem Witch Trials stopped was because when the “higher up – muckity-mucks” started having the fingers pointed at them as being witches, they immediately contacted the governor of Massachusetts and said “you’ve got to stop this because now we’re being accused (by the peasants in their minds) of being witches and that is not right” and the governor immediately stopped the Salem Witch Trials and pardoned all the people already accused, whether still alive or already dead.

    So maybe if the “powers that be” have animals and complaints start getting filed for various things on them (and there is ALWAYS something someone can file complaints on, whether valid or not), when the “higher up’s” stuff is dismissed and not prosecuted, that will clearly illustrate what is what.
    I’m already compiling lists of government officials, and also law enforcement, that have animals, and already have photos and videos of some of their properties, so if people who have been attacked do the same, clarity of what this is all about (and it is not the safety or well-being of the animals for many of these seizures…..also, something to think about; the word “hoarder” is bantied about pretty freely in these cases, however, our definition of “hoarder” would be people that have animals they are unable to take care of with their own money. So basically, MOST of these humane societies and/or rescues doing seizures are basically hoarders because without the thousands they get in on “crisis and sympathy/pity donations”, they would NOT be able to take care of those animals with their own money because many of them have “rescue as their job” and do not have income from outside of rescue) would come to the fore-front and falsely accused people would have more leverage and ammunition to fight this bullshit.

    Just some thoughts to think about.

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