Zoo Wars-Another Woman DIES at GFAS Accredited, Approved Sanctuary

Another accident at an ACCREDITED and VERIFIED GFAS sanctuary!!! Anyone believing that taking exotic animal away from their longstanding owners is better for these animals and protects public safety better most certainly has it wrong-100% wrong!!!

Longstanding owners guard themselves against such occurrence…with only one or two people going near the animals…places like this with any number of volunteers (Not necessarily employees) are not necessarily trained properly…this the second death this year-HELLO!!!

Will discuss this some other time out of respect for the dead…This wasn’t just a playful bite through the cage wire-the woman is dead…Where’s Jack now?!?


Worker killed by large wildcat at Sherwood sanctuary

A woman was killed after she was bitten by a large wildcat at the WildCat Haven in Sherwood.

According to Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, the worker was in the sanctuary when the wildcat bit her, just before 7 p.m.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said they are not releasing details about the worker killed but said the medical examiner was responding.

Fire crews have had a difficult time reaching the worker because there are several cats loose within the sanctuary.

The web site states that WildCat is the lifetime home for more than 60 neglected, abandoned, and abused captive-born wildcats.

Some of those cats include cougars, bobcats, tigers, and Lynx.

According to the WildCat Haven web site, the facility is a nonprofit, no-kill, “last hope” sanctuary. It states that its mission is to provide a safe, natural lifetime home for captive-born wildcats in need.

WildCat Haven is not open to the public.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.


“Notice how they don’t use the words:  ATTACKED or MAULED because it is not a private owner… but GFAS accredited sanctuary?  Hmmm….”  ~DC


Bloggers note” GFAS are sanctuaries in association with HSUS-How will the media play this one?!? Already it’s a bite…NOT attacked or MAULED!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of other…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on November 10, 2013.

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