23 malnourished, neglected cattle-huh?!?

COWS…going to cow sanctuary…more like going to be sold and to a feed lot-something this animal seizure prevented the owner from doing-Left to graze…that’s cruelty?!? Don’t cows eat grass anymore?!?

Oh and the call for those donations-Wonder if the owner had time to take them to auction so they could go to a feed lot and be someone’s dinner in a few weeks. Guess all the farmers that have cows grazing need an education on how to feed them…last I heard cows eat grass…

Gee, there are longhorns living down the road that don’t get grain everyday and look like crap…(the cows in this story look better) they have been there like that for years…less than a mile from the Sheriff’s home-He can go bully another neighbor…they should go get those cows and take them to the Humaniac-HA! She can feed them out and take them to auction…Big score…Better yet, show no shame and just put on the sheriff’s property…oh but wait-I don’t think he provides any more to his horses that grass…looks like we have a problem…

Where are the dead ones they always claim to find?!? Didn’t anyone have any bones left from dinner to toss around?!?


Malnourished, neglected cattle discovered in Jupiter Farms

Neglected  cattle have been removed from an 18-acre property in the 18000 block of  137th Trail North in Jupiter Farms, the Palm Beach County Animal Care and  Control Division said on Friday.

The  23 animals did not have access to water or food and were taken to an Animal Care  and Control shelter in the 7100 block of Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach for  evaluation and treatment, David Walesky, a captain at Animal Care and Control  said.

“There  were no signs that they were being fed. They were left to graze on the  naturally-occurring vegetation on the property, which lacks nutrients to support  23 animals,” Walesky said. “Many of the troughs that were there were full of  spider webs, dirt and debris.”

The  property owner, identified by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office as  Womesh Sahadeo, may face as many as 23 animal cruelty  charges.

Investigators  said they first raised concerns about the care of animals on his property in  1998.

“We  have some history there with trying to force this individual to feed [and]  provide proper care to his animals. We’ve met some resentment [and] some push  back,” Walesky said. “When we don’t get forward progress through our  educational measures, then you kind of push our hand and force us to view this  as a criminal case.”

Sahadeo surrendered  the cattle to investigators on Tuesday.

“I  think a lot of the motive in this case was, you know, financial incentives  through tax breaks,” Walesky said. “I’ve been here 19 years. We’ve had  cows come in. We’ve had a few that we’ve seized from people for being skinny.  But, I don’t recall 23 cows coming in from one location.”

Walesky  said the cows consume 350 pounds of coastal hay and 50 pounds of grain  daily.

The  public has been asked to donate grain and hay — and, make financial  contributions — to help care for the cows until they are taken to an animal  refuge in northern Florida.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on November 9, 2013.

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