2,500 cases of animal cruelty in Dallas?!? -SERIOUSLY?!?

Really?!? 2,500 cases of animal cruelty in Dallas WHEN?!?…SERIOUSLY?!? Well, that was the claim last December…They want to create a special unit to the tune of $200,000.00 to prosecute animal cruelty?!? And guess what, it passed at the commissioners meeting…Now that’s humorous!!!

They say the funds will be sought thru donations…Is anyone really going to donate to this?!? Or will it be HSUS/THLN/Mercy for Animals/Fund of Animals/ALDF/etc. sponsored?!? How much will it end up costing the taxpayer to prosecute an illegal and unconstitutional law?!? How many of these cases will turn around an file suit in the Federal Court for the civil rights abuse?!? After all, the Animal Cruelty Law is an ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW!!! Now the cost of prosecuting an animal cruelty case escalates as it costs the taxpayer even more!!! Many of these cases appealed in a District Court of Appeals-the expense for prosecuting animal cruelty escalating for no purpose!!!

This just he tip of the iceberg in the latest trend from the Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist community to terrorize animal lovers everywhere-What happens in Dallas will spread like an infectious disease. Remember, the government has no interest in the animals with the majority of the animals going to the Not for Profits community to sell the animals where they claim they don’t make a profit from the animals-HA! I guarantee you, at the other end of the $200,000.00, people are making money off these cases and the animals they claim to be rescuing. I said CLAIMING to be rescuing!!! -How many animals have died in the process of being rescued and were just fine and happy in their homes?!? -This is animal cruelty or is rescue itself cruelty?!? And what about these nation NFP organizations-Are they all collecting money in the name of helping animals and then using it for legislation or to fund an animal cruelty unit in Dallas and possibly elsewhere?!?

Unless there is a crime being committed, there is no issue animal cruelty for anyone to take your property-NONE!!! It is not a crime to own and love your animals…Laws to vaccinate animals are for public safety but there is no issue of public safety concerning animal cruelty people…Never was…Isn’t now!!! I don’t care if you have 1 dog or 10…no one has the right to take a single animal way from you. It serves no purpose and most certainly, I repeat, has nothing to do with any public safety issue. You want to keep 10 cats in your home, then that’s your right and your business and not that of law enforcement to bust into your home with an illegal, unconstitutional warrant and take a single one for not having yet cleaned the litter box (or so they might claim) and possibly the only reason they can come up with to do it besides maybe the planted dirty water and/or food bowl…Why is it We see the pictures and the words just don’t suit the claim-“deplorable” or “Worse ever”?!? Watch these videos before turning up the sound…and what the Hell is the media doing there trespassing on private property?!?

Please note the date on this article is December 4, 2012-Is the Dallas Animal Cruelty Unit in operation yet?!? And exactly how many animal cruelty cases have there REALLY been?!? Or are they processing all issues under the cruelty laws…These are just some of my thoughts on this issue.


Animal Cruelty Unit Proposed In Dallas County

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas County has reported more than 2,500 cases of animal cruelty this year. Now, the county is set to take hisotric measures to crack down on people accused of animal abuse. The Dallas County District Attorney’s office is about to establish a unit dedicated solely to solving animal cruelty cases. It will be officially presented to Dallas County Commissioners on Tuesday morning.

Animal abuse cases led Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia and the organization ‘Safer Dallas, Better Dallas’ to move in this direction. Animal cruetly experts called it imperative that law enforcement give these cases a bigger priority. “Animals are defenseless,” said Jonnie England with the Texas Humane Alliance, “and so those who think they can take out their rage, their frustration, their emotion on a defenseless animal can do that on a defenseless or a weaker human being as well.”

This is going to be the first unit of its kind in North Texas, and the hope is that it will be funded through donations. A large donation of $40,000 will be announced at a news conferencey on Tuesday. ‘Safer Dallas, Better Dallas’ will be leading the efforts to raise the $200,000 necessary for creating the unit.

The Dallas County District Attorney’s animal cruelty unit will be made up of one prosecutor and an investigator.

Final approval by county commissioners is expected on December 11


SO Dallas County is going to be safer because they bust into homes and take animals from their longstanding owners-I see???-NO I DON’T SEE!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B
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3 Responses to “2,500 cases of animal cruelty in Dallas?!? -SERIOUSLY?!?”

  1. No, no. You got it wrong. They’ll take animals where the litter box is full or where the animal kicked sand into the water bowl and it’s “dirty,” or where the owner forgot to take the animal for its weekly grooming session… “and so those who think they can take out their rage, their frustration, their emotion on a defenseless animal can do that on a defenseless or a weaker human being as well.” -In other words, those who fail to keep the water bowl filled with fresh, clean, bottled water are going to go out and beat up a kid, so they are preventing that. -Get it now? I didn’t think so. Neither do I.

    A most EVIL animal abuser MAN: Michael Garritson is a man who lives in Valley Center, California. He has a past history of killing an infant in his wife’s care, and THEN committing felony animal abuse, including occular injuries to animals, and then later, convicted of felony abuse of a severely autistic patient in his care, which included eye gouging the autistic patient! WHEN will this country realize that people who abuse animals also ABUSE helpless vulnerable people like infants and severely disabled people! And they are EVIL THey always play the “victim” while they are victimizing those around them. They are parasites. Working inside homes where they can take advantage of those they work for. We need NEW LAWS that provide the harshest punishment for people who abuse babies, animals and severely disabled or elderly people who can’t DEFEND themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael Garritson has a fan pool, as do many evil people. They usually manipulate their family members to think they have done no wrong, just see all the DATELINE SPECIALS where a family member has done something HORRIFIC and the stupid family members think the murderer or abuser did “no wrong.” For example, John Garritson. Blake Garritson. Jarrod Garritson. Heather Garritson. Linda Garritson. Michael Garritson. All associated with this family and involved in covering up the father’s crimes.
    IF THIS ANIMAL ABUSER would have been STOPPED he would NOT Have gone on to ABUSE a helpless autistic person@! CONVICTED ANIMAL ABUSERS need to be put into a DATABASE so if they want to become nurses, OR ARE nurses, the public can SEE the danger that is associated with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHY hasn’t animal abuse been considered a crime of “moral turpitude” in California????????

    • Sounds to me like you are discussing REAL animal cruelty…not the ‘FAKE’ -we want to seize those animals for Resale Retail Rescue…
      One of the problems might be that so many innocent people have been charged…some falsely convicted some not…
      You want support for cruelty laws then you better make certain that they straighten out the law for true cruelty in a PENAL CODE because it is not in the cruelty laws-Ownership is not a crime…those are just Bullshit laws for stealing animals…
      Look at it this way -It’s like wanting an orange and you asked for an apple…Go visit the Penal Code Laws and ask about proper prosecution
      -NO ONE likes REAL cruelty of person or animal -B

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