HSUS Political Agenda



Former HSUS member reveals the Humane Society’s socialist political agendas and why One World Order guru Maurice Strong is on the HSUS Board Of Directors.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the “HSUS Defense” article by Jon Kimes in your letters to the Editor … (but) I have done my own research and come up with several reasons to hold HSUS in contempt.

1. Twenty plus years ago at a conference I attended, HSUS was there. I was thrilled with the agenda, I joined. Over the years the infiltration of a once-noble organization became complete. Or maybe it was always as it is now and I became educated?

2. All the “good stuff” is published and marketed to unsuspecting individuals like a cream puff and who would not want one? Who would not want animals cared for?

3. Its all a ploy to get good folks who care to donate to HSUS which funnels the money to “animal rights” legislation which is a socialist progressive political agenda much like the environmentalists. I guess if you are of that persuasion, well OK, then just come out with it and let people know up front who and what HSUS is. But no, it’s the dirty little secret, because who would donate to that cause… I mean they have a good thing going there by cleverly not revealing the politics. It’s all about the animals…right?

4. Check out ii Maurice Strong. Get the Instant Info and then Google his name, you won’t even have to read his quotes, it’s all there in the google returns. He’s on the board of directors for the, you guessed it, HSUS. The global warming-Chicago Climate Exchange-Al Gore-George Soros buddy is a current adviser to Obama.

Back to why I enjoyed the reader’s letter. In his HSUS Defense, Kimes uses their words and it does not get any better or clearer than that. This article claims if you cared about animals you would support HSUS.

In their own words, people are too selfish to care for animals so HSUS must. In their own words, people are too stupid to know how or what to do to keep animals in a humane and safe way.

I see a trusting, caring person who has not done any home work on his own or, he is actually a progressive who is keeping politics out of it, because, you know, the ends justify the means.

I am for individual rights…. not human rights or social justice. I am for law enforcement, arresting and punishing those who mistreat people or animals.

I am not for having my rights or your rights impinged because someone else mistreated a person or animal.

HSUS has become a legislative organization for social justice, profiting on animal abuse. Not my cup of tea, no thanks, keep the change.



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Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on November 6, 2013.

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