But wait-I missed the best part of it…UPDATE!!!

Can you say C-O-R-R-U-P-T?!?

If there was ever a good reason to toss a case this was and didn’t…Please note-We’ve never looked into the ‘support’ of these so called rescuers-Have the judges in these cases donated money to these NFP?!?…ah Hell, are the prosecutors sleeping with the accusers?!?

UPDATE: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2013/11/03/if-i-am-guilty-of-animal-cruelty-then-everyone-is/

Justice refuses to throw out Hoskins’ animal-cruelty case

The 74-count animal-cruelty case against Beth Lynne Hoskins will not be dismissed.

The Aurora town justice presiding over Hoskins’ animal-cruelty trial denied a motion to drop the case on the grounds that an alleged romantic relationship between a prosecutor and an SPCA investigator during the trial has compromised court proceedings.

Town Justice Douglas W. Marky did not accept the allegation of prosecutorial misconduct, which Hoskins said was caused by a relationship between Assistant District Attorney Matthew A. Albert, one of two prosecutors in the case, and SPCA employee Alex Cooke during part of the nonjury criminal trial he conducted.

The nearly packed courtroom heard back-and-forth arguments between the District Attorney’s Office and Hoskins’ attorney on this matter, John P. Bartolomei, for about an hour before Marky announced his decision.

Hoskins’ parents, Susan and John Hoskins; her brother, John Jr.; and her daughter, Alexandria, attended the hearing.

Albert sat silently at the prosecutor’s table, while Cooke, dressed in her SPCA uniform, sat with her parents a few rows behind him.

While Marky said the issue or appearance of impropriety is “certainly something we should all be concerned about,” he said that after reading cases and their correlating circumstances cited by Bartolomei, he did not see those cases “as being right on point” with Hoskins’ allegation. In some ways, though, they were “similar,” Marky said.

“I don’t see this relationship as being in some ways … a relationship that is out there for the public to know about – that the motion should be granted,” Marky said.

Prosecutor Nicholas Texido, who defended Albert and argued on behalf of the District Attorney’s Office, said in court that the relationship between Albert and Cooke ended in March, shortly after Bartolomei contacted the District Attorney’s Office.

Texido summed it up as a short, four-month relationship between a prosecutor and someone who was not a witness in the case.

The prosecutor said that there was no legal basis for the motion and that to say the relationship undermined the criminal-justice system was a “stretch.”

Afterward, Bartolomei said he will appeal Marky’s denial of the dismissal motion.

“Ms. Hoskins is entitled to have impartiality by the district attorney. That has been shaken,” he said. He also noted that five of Hoskins’ 30 horses are boarded at Cooke’s parents’ stables and that Hoskins pays the couple as part of bond requirements for horse care.

“Alex Cooke is an agent of the SPCA. The SPCA is the complainant” in the case, Bartolomei argued in court.

Hoskins was clearly disappointed by the judge’s ruling.

“I feel the motion to dismiss had a lot of merit,” she said outside the courtroom.“I feel the public’s confidence should be eroded by this.

Hoskins defended her care of her large herd; 40 horses have been returned to her. The SPCA Serving Erie County still is caring for 30 others, and Hoskins says three others died under the agency’s care.

Hoskins insisted that she did not commit any crimes involving her horses and called allegations of malnourishment involving her horses “absurd.”

Marky said he plans to issue a verdict by late June or before July 4 on the 74 misdemeanor counts stemming from the SPCA raid on Hoskins’ horse farm more than three years ago.


Sorted ugly things that you usually never learn about of what goes on behind the scenes of these cases.

I bet Judge Lex Jones and Judge Phil Parker have donated and in full support of NFP Humane Society of Marion County, Carolyn Wedding CEO for all her ‘good work’ (good work my ass) of taking homeless animals to the Marshall Animal Control, Marshall, Texas, where most were euthanized and HSMC claims to be no-kill-BULLSHIT!!! There is no excuse for hearing a case out of the jurisdiction of the court and the judge-it’s called treason!!!

Sheriff David McKnight received an award after a second time involved in STEALING animals from their longstanding rightful owners, from HSMC-for what-helping steal animals?!?-on more than one occasion!?!

1/3 of the animals were killed without permission from any judge or the owner-claims that District Attorney Gleason (now retired-a win for citizens in Marion County) gave permission to do the deed yet not a single test was done to demonstrate the killing of those animals that were NOT in need of any emergency medical treatment and most certainly had no disease that would endanger the public -ALL done after housing the animals in freezing weather overnight in an outside un-insulated, unventilated storage shed BEHIND the Jefferson Animal Clinic, Jefferson, Texas…

Maybe these officials had taken their animals to Dr. Carol Hedges dmv for one reason or another-NO, wait, the Jefferson Animal Clinic held the registration office for the NFP HSMC!!! The Jefferson Animal Clinic is now closed-OUT OF BUSINESS -at least one victory for the animals-but not for the owner accused and NEVER convicted of any crime!!! Where’s the justice in any of that?!?

Heard that there’s now a dog park in Jefferson, Texas-could it be the Humane Society that is now more than a PO Box has finally put at least part of their 17 acre property to good use-However is that not subjecting other animals to possible disease that could exist there as they now have an outside holding area for animals-with dreams of a 37,000 sq foot building…for what?!? Population 16,000-HELLO!!!

After tracking the dogs to their ‘rescuers’ nearly TWO months later, following their stay at the Jefferson Animal Clinic it is learned they were in worse condition than they ever accused the owner-WHAT!? Placed their by the HSMC…

What a dirty web they weave when they practice their deception of accusing innocent animal owners and make moral rulings while not following the laws of the state with no governmental interest in the animals. Waiting to see who will be next…the next Marion County victim could be anyone owning any animal in that county-one of the smallest counties in Texas with at least 5 Illegal animal seizures…Wonder how the people in that county like having one of the highest seizure rates in Texas per population…Just full of animal abusers waiting to be seized…think not…you so secure and self righteous?!? Their mission is to fight animal cruelty-WHAT BULLSHIT!!! Don’t waste your hard earned money on an extremely questionable local NF that seemly supports PETA (the animals were sent to PETA recommended facilities-HSMC receives a rather large grant shortly thereafter-) and HSUS!!!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of MY opinion and the opinion of others…Protected by the Citizens Protection Act to speakwhat’s on my mind on things that concern me that are a community and nationwide issue…Stay tuned as more of truth behind these stories are exposed for what they are -B

~ by topcatsroar on November 3, 2013.

6 Responses to “But wait-I missed the best part of it…UPDATE!!!”

  1. The Clerk of the County Court in Marion County wrote (Actually I don’t believe that she wrote it-just signed it) an affidavit that she was unable to compile a jury for a case in 10 days for the County Court appeal in the County Court of Marion County -Denying citizens of their right to jury trail-APPROVED by County Judge Phil Parker-If The County Clerk of Marion County can’t do her job then she shouldn’t have that job….These the ELECTED COUNTY OFFICIALS OF MARION COUNTY, TEXAS…and Federal Magistrate says there is no cause of action-a year and a half later-BULLSHIT!!! I guess it made little difference anyway since ANY JUDGMENT from these courts in Marion County on an animal cruelty case are void as without jurisdiction!!!-

  2. One of the defendants is deaf-was noted on the warrant and about the only thing valid on the warrant…yet no interpreter was provided…no interpreter all the way THROUGH the first hearing in non-lawyer Justice of the Peace Lex Jones-depriving a citizen of equal access and Federal Magistrate Payne says there is no cause of action-Explain that one-you can’t!!!

  3. Three days of un-warranted searches before they applied for a search warrant -that application had NO PROBABLE cause but what did non-lawyer Justice of the Peace Judge Lex Jones know or care?!? AN elected official of Marion County-

  4. Let’s not leave out the original complaint from Jeff Kozlowski of Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue (WBCR)-a CONVICTED BANK ROBBER

  5. Matt Albert is a scumbag attorney with no ethics or respect for courts, judges, police , and da. He will get his in the end when board nails him. Truly an unprofessional and a stain to all lawyers.

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