Knoxville, TN to Detrot, MI -No excuse justifies it!!!

Unfrickin’ believable!!! Why the Hell is a community with a stray dog problem bringing dogs from somewhere else to be rehomed?!? Gee, could it be that these dogs are more valuable than that dog living in the street?!?-huh??? AGAIN…rescue is not rescue anymore-While I support no-kill, I do not support this!!! Frickin’ crazy~ Is the public really buying this load of crap?!?

We’re talking DETROIT!!!

With so many strays on the street in Detroit~ they can’t say anything that will justify this!!! What…would it be too difficult for them to work with an animal?!? Of course it would considering they have no skills and that 501-c-3 is nothing more than a tax deductible BUSINESS. A business that contributes nothing to the community. The problem escalates  and they sure went to an awful lot of trouble  for ‘sellable merchandise’ to pay their salaries they get off the pet sales and the donations they bring in-HA! How much do they claim it will take to transport those animals and exactly how much did they collect before grabbing up the dogs and rolling down the road with them and aren’t they or some other stinking NFP in TN importing animals from Mexico-vicious cycle…I call ANIMAL TRAFFICKING!!!

Not absurd-happening everywhere and represents the new form of rescue as no more than a tax free, unregulated pet shop!!! -Get it yet!?! You aren’t rescuing a thing!!! You are buying an unknown dog from an unregulated pet shop (BUSINESS) calling itself a rescue -get it right!!!

Questions raised over shipping Knoxville dogs to community with stray problem

Members of the Michigan Humane Society picked up 21 dogs Wednesday morning from Young Williams Animal Shelter. The shelter's CEP says the dogs are on their way to a better home.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Nearly two dozen dogs are making the trip from a Knoxville animal shelter to a Michigan shelter, but recent reports of an extreme stray problem in Detroit have people wondering why.

Members of the Michigan Humane Society picked up 21 dogs Wednesday morning from Young Williams Animal Shelter. The shelter’s CEP says the dogs are on their way to a better home.

“For us it’s about sending our animals that have been here for quite some time to another location where they’ll have a better chance of finding their forever home and family,” explained Jeff Ashin, CEO.

Young Williams is often at capacity and many of the pups taken to Detroit had been at the shelter for months.

“They become less socialized and it becomes harder to adopt the animal when they’re here for an extended period of time,” explained Ashin.

Recent reports show the Detroit area has a major stray problem, with thousands of dogs roaming the deserted streets.

“When you look at the economic situation of Detroit specifically the surrounding areas for example, Westland, where these dogs are going, those are areas in the suburbs, the more affluent areas they’re not facing the economic problems of Detroit proper,” he said.

He also explained while there is a stray problem in Detroit those dogs unfortunately often aren’t eligible for adoption.

“There are dogs that are behaviorally or medically untreatable, they have other anti-social issues. Also there are a lot of feral dogs running around in Detroit, most of the dogs are of the pit-bull variety and the pit terriers, and those are not the dogs that people often want to adopt,” Ashin said.

Young Williams is sending dogs that are in high demand in Detroit.

“A lot of people come in looking for the smaller dogs or puppies,” explained Ryan McTigue, a spokesperson for the Michigan Humane Society.

McTigue said the stray problem is there, but it’s not as bad as reported.

“The number is a bit inflated, for anyone who lives or works in the city,” he explained.

In fact the Michigan Humane society has a 100 percent adoption rate when it comes to healthy dogs and they expect the dogs brought up from Knoxville to be adopted almost immediately.

“They will be up for adoption and find homes pretty quickly,” said McTigue. “Some could be as soon as this weekend going home and living in a home in metro Detroit.”


NOTHING justifies this…Ho many of the two dozen dogs will end up on the street only adding to the already existing problem of strays!?!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on November 2, 2013.

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