Doggie Dog World-NFP Pet Shop

Seriously, they aren’t even hiding what they are doing-They are now the whole ball of wax-You no longer have to go to their shelters to BUY a dog or cat…go to any PETCO or PETSmart but we already knew that…But did you know they are open for business at the mall selling not only the pets but I imagine everything else you’ll need so you can still ask “How much is that doggie in the window?”-That is until the next raid when another no kill NFP decides they want to be ‘Top Dog’ and get that store out of the mall-and guess what, they aren’t regulated by the USDA/APHIS like the original pet shops were…or did that new regulation finally address the issue of NFP shelters-Remember all that NFP means is the do NOT contribute money to the community in the form of taxes!!! -The only difference between a not for profit business and a for profit business!!! They should hang a sign thanking the taxpayers for the merchandise!!! And it’s not just the taxpaying public of that community-oh no it’s every taxpayer in this country funding these RAIDS!!!

My big question is how many RAIDS will some of these animals go through!?! Already no longer in their original homes-taken to a shelter or already a victim of a raid now placed at another shelter…and who knows if they will be trotted of by another and yet another. Will these animals come with their history noted after all they are property like your car -think about it…Do you really want to buy an animal without knowing it’s history?!? And that’s going beyond no knowing it’s bloodlines!!!

So here we are looking at another raid that WE the taxpayers are paying for with the dogs and cats/puppies and kittens traveling to yet another NFP animal shelter begging for money-YES, SERIOUSLY!!! This has been going on for sometime and aren’t you sick of it yet???-Like I really believe any of those animals were in need of immediate emergency animal care-this claim that they needed emergency care is BULLSHIT!!! They are just fine now-a few hours later-HA!-WTF?!? until the distemper starts or some other claim that will come of this. These animals are on hold but come BUY the ones that aren’t-WHAT BULLSHIT-And all of this is FREE ADVERTISING brought to you, the taxpayer, who paid for this raid, by the media…a quick look is exposed so where’s the poop that’s ‘everywhere’?!?-WHERE?!?

Quick people, go take them the needed supplies and $$-NOT!!! My heart doesn’t bleed for these so called rescues-They want your hard earned money without working for it…of course you can write off your contribution on your income taxes…You better believe this is all part of a scheme by these not for profits…You getting it yet?!?

VIDEOS at both links-Where’s the poop?!?-The stink of this raid is enough for me!!!

Dozens of animals seized from KC pet store

Many dogs, cats found at Forever Friends Animal League  in poor health

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Animal control officers  seized nearly 40 dogs and 31 cats from a Northland pet store that investigators  said claimed to be a no-kill shelter.

The operating manager of  the Forever Friends Animal League, Debbie Sharts, may also face several charges  after the raid.

The animals that were  seized are being housed at the KC Pet Project, which said it was a challenge to  find room for so many when the shelter is already full.

City officials said many  of the animals needed urgent medical care when they arrived at the KC Pet  Project.

“Our shelter vet is still  assessing them, but we do see a few with some upper respiratory concerns that  we’re monitoring closely, and just making sure everyone’s healthy for the time  being,” said Teresa Johnson of the KC Pet Project.

Animal control officers  stepped in after the Humane Society received calls from people complaining about  sick dogs being adopted at Forever Friends.

The business, which had  billed itself as an animal rescue shelter, sits empty after the Missouri  Department of Agriculture helped to seize the pets this week. Investigators said  they found animal waste everywhere and it was clear from the outside that the  cages hadn’t been cleaned.

The animals have been  placed in temporary kennels, but Johnson said the strain of having take in  nearly 70 animals at once has taken a toll.

“Because we received so  many cats and dogs, we’re really short on donations, such as canned foods for  dogs and cats or donations for medical care, but in particular, we could really  use canned foods to help care for all these guys and feed them,” she said.

The animals are currently  on hold. It’s not clear when they will be cleared and ready to adopt. People at  the KC Pet Project said anyone looking to adopt a healthy pet should come down  over the weekend and help free up some cages for the new arrivals.

City officials said the  operating manager has been found guilty of five counts of animal neglect from a  prior situation, which she’s in the process of appealing. Charges in the latest  case are still pending.


via PJ Boosinger Blog FB

“Watch the video and you will see that Forever Friends was being run out of a store front in a strip mall. It had enormous windows and they were clearly hiding nothing. What do ALL animal care facilities look like first thing in the morning? After a night of dogs and cats peeing and pooping? They look terrible and they stink too. Not surprisingly, early morning is when animal owners are raided.

From another article: “Kansas City Animal Control, the Humane Society, and the Missouri Department of Agriculture…” Do they mean HSUS? And a tip on their paid tip line? At a minimum, this is the traditional HSUS divide and conquer technique where “rescue” is turned on “rescue”.

Forever Friends is a non profit, claims to be no kill, portrayed in this blurb as a “pet store”. Local humane society gets complaints about them. Animal control raids them, seizes the animals and hands them off to KC Pet Project which is also a non profit that claims to be no kill. KC Pet Project is now overwhelmed and begging for donations. HUH?

In what universe does it make sense to spend money to shuffle animals from one place that was begging for money to another place that is begging for money? Oh, and all this started with the new model which was to write the raided shelter expensive tickets a couple of months ago for “code violations”. Yeah, gee, clearly short on money it was surely going to help the animals to have their owner have to choose between pet food and litter and supplies or paying a stack of tickets!”


Remember there’s more video footage at the link-nothing better than one sided reporting-contributing to the BULLSHIT now is there?!?]

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – It has been anything but a treat for a Kansas City animal shelter on Thrusday. The KC Pet Project is dealing with an overflow of animals after a raid was conducted at Northland shelter on Wednesday. They say they’re overwhelmed after what happened at Forever Friends Animal League and are now trying to manage 70 dogs and cats that were confiscated.

Kansas City Animal Control, the Humane Society, and the Missouri Department of Agriculture all took part in the seizure. The only comment was from a city animal control official who said it was part of an investigation into the safety and health of the animals.

Problems for Forever Friends actually started in August, when Kansas City charged Debbie Sharts, who helps run the facility, with several city ordinance violations including failing to keep animals from unsanitary conditions and inadequate vet care.

Seeing animal control converge on the North Oak Trafficway store came as no surprise to many people who work nearby.

“There’s been talk for some time something was going to happen,” Stephen Overfield said. “Investigators coming and looking in the vans, we saw it coming.”

The operators of Forever Friends claim this all started because a worker failed to show up at work and the humane society came by and found the doors looked. KC Pet Project will care for the pets until ownership is determined. Because so many young animals came into the shelter on Wednesday,  it is in need of canned puppy and kitten food.


If they didn’t have the resources to care for these extra animals then WHY take them in the first place?!? If they can’t provide then once again we must be looking at animal abuse right-the thing they accuse other of-FAILURE TO PROVIDE!!! ANIMAL TRAFFICKING-AGAIN!!!

I sure am becoming interested in looking at the Missouri animal seizure laws!!! Was this yet ANOTHER ‘general warrant’ taking ALL animals alive, dead, and unborn?!? Was there even a warrant?!? Will this go to a judge with jurisdiction to hear the case?!? HOW MUCH WILL ALL THIS COST US THE TAXPAYERS?!?!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  DISGUSTED -B

animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a

very sophisticated network of organized crime who have developed 

a very sophisticated scheme by which they are 

criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners;

divesting them of ownership of entire herds of livestock and

commercially valuable animals.

all of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly

developed scheme to collect donations…


~ by topcatsroar on November 1, 2013.

37 Responses to “Doggie Dog World-NFP Pet Shop”

  1. If you ever dreamed of opening a Pet Shop but thought you couldn’t afford to purchase the animals-think again…just buy the supplies and get your animals as free merchandise -The new face of animal rescue is a new breed of Pet Shop owners…Still believe in animal rescue?!? Go buy from a good breeder and know the animals history!!! Some have older dogs they will sell at a discount too!!!

  2. so these animals just had upper respiratory problems before the raid I will not believe the party line of feces everywhere until there is LOTS of proof. So now these animals are being housed in TEMPORARY shelters (crates???) because now the receiving shelter is over full HUMM sounds like abuse by the receiving shelter on the following grounds, not enough space for the animals, too many animals, no money for food veting (or in their words DEPLORABLE conditions) So who wants to go raid KC pet project??? So what happened to the days when a seizure included photos and video that would break your heart? You know pictures of dead flat dogs and cats, animals with their skin hanging off their bones, cages and kennels stacked to the ceiling in feces Dogs matted from tip to tail YOU KNOW REAL ABUSE!!! Not pic of cute friendly HEALTHY (for now) dogs and cats and even the raiders do not bother to make up stories now about animals having illnesses it is a URI! These raids make me SICK and MAD!

    • Actually, there were pictures of cute adorable puppies, LOL…HAPPY, HEALTHY, ADORABLE PUPPIES-a little early for Christmas but hey-they frown on giving animals as presents for Christmas and it will make a great Black Friday special now won’t it-YUP-in the name od rescue-The only one needing rescue at this point was they gal smart enough to open shop at the mall…or was that her big mistake?!? Of course it was otherwise they wouldn’t have given a crap…A Humane Society with a PO Box is no match for the new NFP shelter moving to town with tigers that everyone will want to see-Get rid of those tigers at all costs-Break every law in the book to do it and show no remorse in doing it…Oh we all have a story to tell and too much for a book of short stories about animal seizure-Think they won-HA! The stories are told in blogs and in books as they steal animals for longstanding animal owners whose only mistake was WHERE they live!!! It’s all public information make no doubt about it-names and places are being exposed in the court documents even if the case never makes it for trial-Judges don’t always get it right and some go out of there way to get it wrong…NEVER has the 1st amendment be used as protection against CRIMINAL TRESPASS BEFORE…but the media is the KEY to any election now isn’t it!?! SO if the media supports the raid then so does the judge-and you thought judges were fair honest people-CRUPTION CONTINUES IN MORION COUNTY!!!

    • This raid was needed. Believe me. My puppy would still be alive if it wasn’t for Debbie Sharts. She had so many cases of Parvo going around in her shelter and did nothing to prevent it. Not to mention knowingly adopt out dogs who were sick. I had to harass her with phone calls to cover the treatment of my puppy who died the first night of treatment. When I went to the vet to discuss his death, they had an entire stack full of dogs with parvo from her shelter. This was back in March. Over the summer I heard from many others who had similar experiences. These dogs were dying due to her blatant neglect for the welfare of these animals. Try speaking to people who actually had experiences with this shelter. They will tell you the true story. She is a puppy mill breeder I’m disguise.

      • Megan-this is your second rant- repeat…you had plenty of time to return that puppy!!! Parvo is not a reason to seize ALL animals with an illegal unconstitutional general warrant-period. Interesting that we haven’t read that there was/is a sudden outbreak of parvo now…been over a week…Yet the next thing we will see is that they have plenty of puppies just in time for Hanukah (Thanksgiving this year) or Christmas…They wanted the puppy inventory-period!!!

      • I called the following morning. She told me there was nothing wrong. This was when we I went straight to the vet. He tested for a strong positive. It’s not about returning the pet. A pet is not merchandise. It’s a family member. She is constantly sending out sick animals. Have you seen her history of animal abuse charges?

      • Honey you don’t get it-it IS merchandise, lol…Yes you make a commitment after the purchase and it doesn’t start until after you take the new property to the vet and get a healthy puppy report during the time allowed-you screwed up BIG time-commitment my ass.

      • I just want to add that this wasn’t a sudden outbreak of Parvo. I adopted from them in March. If you look back at all the posts on other sites from people who adopted there, they had similar stories. I am not looking to argue. I simply wanted to share my experience with this organization. Many of those on this post have not dealt with her or been inside the facility. I however have and believe this raid was necessary. Parvo was one of many illnesses that came out of this shelter. Granted dogs just get sick sometimes. My point is that there were consistent amounts of dogs leaving her shelter with parvo and other diseases since she has been open. She was not properly taking steps to prevent reoccurrences. I might also add that those “cute happy puppies” seen in photos were no different than mine. He looks perfectly healthy besides a slight case of loose stool that she said would resolve. He died only days later despite all efforts from the vet. Who’s to say these dogs aren’t sick too just because they “look” fine. It just sucks all around. I agree most raids may be unwarranted. This one was needed.

      • You will never get it apparently…If you kept a dog you bought and didn’t return it’s your loss…Shows just how much you don’t know about purchasing dogs and puppies…You bought from an unregulated business sweetheart when you buy from a shelter…My heart does not bleed for you-sorry.

      • You apparently don’t have a heart. That’s fine. I’m done. You know nothing about the organization. Do your fucking research.

      • I don’t have a heart…BULLSHIT…it’s you who is heartless…sure it’s sad the puppy died What’s heartless is that you and others seek to ruin this woman’s life and her families life over her efforts to help animals. So quick to have the animals seized…That my dear is heartless…Make sure they shut down Macy’s next time you aren’t happy with the merchandise and have the owner arrested and prosecuted-BULLSHIT!!!

  3. The Humane Society showed up after numerous complaints. There are very valid reasons these animals were seized. I am glad they animals are being vetted. I hope Forever a Friends is put out of business for good!

    • And you didn’t help because…note-I didn’t rag on you…and without a valid answer it will leave me doing so -B

      • Many many complaints are made by yellow bellied cowards that do not have the guts to put their name on the complaint. WHY? because they know that the complaint is FALSE and they know that even tho the complaint is false the agency will go out and since they went out expecting something to be wrong THEY WILL find something wrong to justify the trip. Then the pet shop, breeder, rescuer whatever gets a “record of numerous complaints” to justify the taking of the animals for stupid stuff that REALLY is not abuse or neglect just TIMING! Hence the early morning or late in the day raids. More people are seeing the light as more people that have been unjustly raided are speaking out. Yes there is abuse happening but this was not one of the RARE times

      • An attempt to explain what has been going on in this community and with these dog eat dog rescue has been made-HA! I will respect it for the record…But those animals were not sick-not a single animal in dire need of emergency ‘rescue’ and NOTHING justifies seizing all those animals. Just because they don’t like the way another rescue conducts BUSINESS (it is a BUSINESS whether NFP or FP) does not give the right to anyone to make a moral judgment and seize ALL the animals…The way I see it-There’s no difference in her getting animals from Craigslist for the shelter than it is for dogs to be shipped to Detroit…or dogs being shipped to Nashville, TN from another country-It’s all animal trafficking in one form or another the way I see it-For merchandise for the PET SHOP!!! -B

  4. This woman, Debbie Sharts, and her associate, Christina Tindle, actually was one of the bad ones. She bought rejected puppies from breeders for $25-40 and flipped them for $200-$600, all while claiming to be a rescue shelter. Many were breeder rejects because of health issues, and many that she adopted out had parvo. Pretty much any dog in her care you can assume has been exposed to it. She also takes free litters of puppies off craigs list and sells them, but she only takes them if they look like pure bred dogs. It’s not mentioned in the most recent news stories, but she’s been in trouble with the law before. A basic web search on her will turn up that she also tried to start a shelter in a rural county and the state came down on her after complaints about the care of the animals. If you get the depositions from the MO courts you will see that dog and cat carcases were found on the property, and the animals were sick and living in filth. She may really believe she is rescuing animals, but she’s really just a pet flipper, and a hoarder.

    The shelter that received the animals from the raid, KC Pet Project, is our local municipal city shelter. It was a high-killl shelter until the vet that held the contract to run it had his contract terminated by the city for poor performance- disease was rampant and the facilities were filthy. KC Pet project was formed by local no-kill advocates to try to win the city contract to run the shelter. Their bid was approved, and they took over 2 years ago, cleaned the aging facility and revamped the level of care, achieving no-kill status within their first year. What they have done is amazing. It is run by a not-for-profit that is desperately raising funds for a new building. Our city will not pay for one, and the building is 40 years old, and way too small. They in no way were competing with “forever friends animal league” which was a sham shelter. Animals they ended up there were lucky only in that they were rescued from breeders, and if disease did not kill them first, to be sold at a profit.

  5. Also, I am not involved with KC Pet Project at all, and am a volunteer and foster parent at another local shelter. Just in case anyone thinks I am only saying good things about KCPP because I work there or something. I don’t.

    • No I wasn’t thinking that-just wondering why the ‘moral judgment’ gives anyone the right to seize all the animals when there was no emergency need for rescue -B

    • It wouldn’t matter if you did or not…just remember your rescue could be next on the hit list and you supported it!!! Don’t think it can happen to you well think again when you think yourself so righteous as to call someone a hoarder -B

  6. Now KCGirl isn’t what you said about taking in rejects and sick animals and finding them homes (flipping as you called it) what a rescue does????? So how does that make Forever Friends “bad” That they were making money? That does not make ANYONE bad just a good business person. I can not grasp a business model that leaves any business vulnerable to the whims of “the kindness of strangers” as many rescues operate. Take in dogs/cats ect then BEG for money to care for those animals. THAT IS ABUSE in my book. And like Topcatsroar said once KCPP needs to fill cages or raise funds your rescue can be next. WATCH YOUR BACK!~

    • Exactly…She’d better watch her back-the UGLY side of ‘rescue’ is all tied to UN Agenda 21…

    • The animals were not getting medical care. One thing about KCMO is that our animal control services only remove animals when they are really bad off. Often it takes multiple calls to AC to get them to do anything. I’d invite you to check out another KC rescue group called “chain of hope” that has a blog on wordpress to see how hard it is to get AC to act. They have photos and stories. This group patrols the inner city, looking for dogs to help. More than once they have put in calls to AC about specific dogs, and AC comes out to investigate but does nothing, only for COH to find the dog dead on the end of it’s chain a week later.

      • Funny, there wasn’t a thing wrong with those PUPPIES -just in time for Christmas WOOHOO …They claimed respiratory but suddenly all better now (instantly) after being taken from one shelter to another (what was the temperature that day?!?), housed improperly there and unsure how they are going to feed them-right!!! Got it…Sure is a doggie dog world in rescue and the only stink of it is the stink of the story itself. Best of luck watching over your shoulder hon…If you ever do wake-up, let us know -B

      • You say that they were not getting medical care but do you have PROOF that they were not? I would bet anything that forever friends did vet the dogs in their care but the raiders did not even take a glance at the records or even ASK if the dogs were getting vet care. And if the owners of forever friends volunteered the info on vet care it was ASSUMED that they lied. Now as for ACO not acting on complaints work towards changing the ACOs It is not a private citizens place or right to go steal anothers animals. If ACO is not doing its job report THEM not the pet owners. No NFP has the right to act as law enforcement and remove animals from anothers property. So if this group that “patrols” the city looking for dogs to help why don’t they HELP the dogs? LIke talk to the owners offer their time and energy to correct the problems that they see INSTEAD of just calling ACO when they know that nothing will be done? Is it their intent to help dogs or to cause as much grief for owners that they perceive as being abusive/neglectful? The WHOLE idea behind animal rescue is to help animals. Creating legal battles over the animals is NOT helping! Try patrolling with bags of dog food to hand out! HOW FREAKING HARD IS THAT! Try helping get dogs into better living situations that do not involve law enforcement.

      • I rescued one of these puppies that was suppose to be a breeder release and he had a horrible upper respiratory Infection. He still wheezes when he plays and hes just 4 1/2 months old. Im sure its not an easy job rescuing animals and keeping up on their medical treatment, but if u have 70+ animals and u cant provide adequate medical care for everyone of them, its time to stop taking in animals.

      • It most certainly is not a reason for animal seizure. ALL animal seizures serve no purpose to the general public!!! No a single person’s safety was in jeopardy…There was no intentional harm to a single animal.
        The only way the government can legitimately seize animals (property) is when found in the course of criminal activity-most certainly not someone doing the best that they can to provide care and ‘rescue’ animals-Just the opposite actually…
        Since when do we criminalize people based on how people treat their property?!?
        What gives anyone the right to base their moral opinion on how property should be cared for?!?
        How is it judges are writing illegal, unconstitutional GENERAL warrants to take property?!?
        Are we now taking property because we don’t believe that someone can afford the property?!? -Seriously?!?
        I’m sorry if your dog has a problem-you had time to go to the vet concerning the health of that animal and return to animal based on what the vet said-if you chose not to then that’s entirely your fault. Frankly that was a rejected dog from a breeder so my have had that issue long before it went there…Yet your claim is that she did not properly care for the puppy-REALLY?!?
        By the way, it isn’t a rescue when you PURCHASED the puppy!!! STOP CLAIMING THAT and demonstrate some intelligence on the issue of your PURCHASE of this puppy…
        Hope your dog grows out of it!!! -B

  7. The point being that our local AC does not take animals out of someone’s care unless the situation is very very bad.

  8. I see that many of you think this shut down was not needed. I wish you were correct. That is not the case however. I adopted a puppy from them earlier this year. They adopted him to me while he was exhibiting signs of parvo (a deadly intestinal virus). I had asked her about his symptoms and she told me he may have eaten something bad. I fell in love with him instantly and followed through with the adoption. I set up an appointment with my vet and he tested positive for parvo. He was going to die without extensive treatment. I tried to call Debbie because he contrated the virus under her care so she should be held responsible for his treatment. The vet wanted a $300 deposit and $100 a day for treatment. It took me 50 tries (I was not about to give up) to get her to call me back. She then decided to tell me that his siblings had the virus as well. (She had never separated them so it spread quickly). I finally got her to take home for treatment at her vet. He died that night along with the rest of his litter. The shelter may look clean on the outside but inside it was filthy. A few months after he died I decided to reach out and offer to volunteer and assist with cleaning the shelter to prevent further cases of parvo. I was blown off. Countless other sick dogs had been knowingly adopted out by Debbie. It has also been said that she is a puppy mill breeder in disguise. (Feel free to do research) these animals will be much better off far far away from Debbie Sharts and FFAL.

    • Really?!? And you didn’t return the dog immediately because…and that’s a good reason to shut her down and take all the animals not to mention what all this will cost the taxpayer-SERIOUSLY?!?

      • By the way, when you adopt an animal you make a commitment to them. Why in the world would I return him? I did what was right and got him to the vet. My anger towards this organization is due to the fact that I was not the only one with this type of experience. Many other people had to go through this as well. When there is a Parvo occurrence the shelter should close their doors, seek treatment, and sanitize the facility before opening back up. I encourage you to reach out to others who have had experiences with FFAL and ask how they believe FFAL takes care of their animals. Are you from Kansas City? As a taxpayer to Kansas City, I will gladly let my tax dollars go towards removing animals from bad places. To me an animals life is important.

      • Then you have no clue how much it will actually cost…The removal of the animals is just the beginning…Did she go to jail?!? They claim that costs $50.00 a day…Appearing before some magistrate…then of course there’s the court appointed attorney…the judge…jury fees…etc. for what crime?!? There wasn’t one-get a grip!!! Your revenge cost taxpayers everywhere money…and it was your mistake not returning the puppy. And what’s funny about your story Megan, is that you would do it again…

      • I would do what again?

      • Oh yeah, I am certain you tell people your damn story and your great attempt to save this poor puppy -bet that story grows each time you tell it-Well let me tell you something-YOUR FUCKING STORY doesn’t add up to making any sense what so ever!!! And telling me to do the research-Where was your research BEFORE you bought the puppy!?!-HELLO!!!

  9. […] for more of this horror show: […]

  10. Does anyone even know how many dogs are adopted out of shelters that have been exposed to PARVO??!! How many times shelters had do kill entire kennels full of dogs because of a parvo outbreak?? MANY MANY TIMES> and once parvo is in an establishment it is almost impossible to get rid of. So what makes Forever friends different than a local kill shelter when it comes to parvo??

  11. Rochelle-Your comments were received and will NOT be published here. My blog and my decision…I know this person very well…and means nothing to me…If you can’t do any better than to attack a person, than you don’t have much of an argument I’d say…in short, that blows a BIG one especially since the person you wrote about KNOWS what they are talking about and apparently the best you can do is attack the person and off topic. How about NOT following this blog…Thank You -B

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