-This would never have happened had she purchased from a good breeder!!!

Money, Money. MONEY and I’m not repeating the words of the song…of course it’s all about the money!!! Follow this puppy and the chain of events as this puppy went from ‘shelter’ to ‘shelter’ without being isolated or vaccinated…now 15 people have been exposed to RABIES!!! The pup, killed to check for rabies, tested positive and the shelters-well they made their money, money, MONEY!!! Moving on…

Will the new USDA/APHIS regulation finally put a stop to the interstate trafficking of animals from shelters-I truly doubt it…The trafficking of dogs, cats; especially kittens and puppies will continue with the high demand along the east coast and elsewhere (NOTE: There is no over population and while I would promote the distribution of animals to places where they would be in demand, I do not go long with the way it’s currently being done] .

These people do not have any animal husbandry knowledge, training or skills to do proper animal handling beyond their 501-C-3 which is a tax exemption so the animals being sold are tax exempt…So they pay no taxes and hope to increase salaries!!! A NFP is no different than any other business accept it pays no tax…

They didn’t isolate any animal oh, but wait, that requires knowledge and might protect people -they don’t care about people or the animals…just the MONEY coming in thru the tax exempt sales and donations coming in!!!

Why the government considers these Not for Profits to have knowledge or skills in caring for animals is beyond me as time and time again they prove they do NOT!!!…Whether it be the absolute THEFT of VALUABLE animals and law enforcement allowing them to participate even if NOT under any animal control contract or the skills to provide PROPERLY for any animal…Would a single course offered by the state be enough-obviously NOT!!!

Seems the only one who cared about this puppy was the new owner…I wonder how much she paid for this mutt and how much she paid in vet bills!!! This was likely more costly than if she had purchase a pure breed dog…Will she get a refund and be reimbursed and will that NFP pay for treatment to the people and animals exposed to rabies?!?-Bet they would have to file suit for that!!!

My message: Forget going to a shelter and BUYING possible diseased animals-This would never have happened had she purchased from a good breeder!!! If the animals are not receiving proper health care then they should just give them away along with a warning about the health of the animal-This animal had been in three different shelters along the way…ALL three made money!!!

You might not like my message but time and time again I am seeing sick animals being purchased from shelters-it is not a rescue if you bought it!!!



“She was spunky and she was adorable and just full of it. And the cat wasn’t really impressed with her, but they were making friends,” Julie Tillson said.

Tillson and her family adopted Scarlet the pup as a 9-week-old to fill the hole in their heart left by the death of their previous dog, Buck.

“Bought toys for her, took the old dog’s bed right over– she fit right in,” Tillson said.

But last Friday, the cute mutt they picked up at a New York shelter fell ill. Tillson took her to the vet day after day after day.

“Seemed to be worse, was constantly scratching herself, couldn’t get comfortable, she was going around in circles,” Tillson said.

Scarlet grew sicker and sicker until Monday, when Tillson made the painful decision to put her down. The pup bit Tillson the day before, so the law required an autopsy afterward to check for rabies.

“I said that’s a good idea, never in a million years, ever expecting it to come back positive,” Tillson said.

Vermont state health spokespeople say this is the first case of rabies in a domestic dog since 1994.

“So, this is very, very rare. Although we do have the rabies virus here, it mostly afflicts wild animals,” said Megan Stearns, the director of communications for the Humane Society of Chittenden County.

Scarlet was too young to receive a rabies vaccine, but experts say those considering adoption should ask about the animal’s medical history and how it got to the shelter.

“They should ask the adoptive agency what measures they’ve taken to evaluate the overall health of the animal,” Stearns said.

It’s unclear where Scarlet picked up the neurological disease, but the upstate New York shelter initially gave Tillson paperwork indicating the dog had received the rabies vaccination. They called her within hours of the adoption to say they’d provided paperwork for a different dog.

Now, Tillson, her family, her friends, and every animal that came in contact with the pup is receiving medical attention, as well.

Rabies treatment for those exposed involves multiple shots over a 14-day period. Tillson say all of those getting care do have health insurance, but it’s not clear how much if any of the treatment will be covered.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned-you might learn something about what you didn’t know  -B


~ by topcatsroar on October 24, 2013.

One Response to “-This would never have happened had she purchased from a good breeder!!!”

  1. I do not expect everyone to like my message but I think there are far too may horror stories about animals coming from shelter rather than purchase a pure bred dog…Things have changed people-it’s not about animals or the people who love them but all about the MONEY!!!
    If you know of a reputable shelter, the animals are quarantined, the animals provided with proper health care and free from disease, if the animals are vaccinated then fine go to a shelter…otherwise go to a breeder -B

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