Placed on Leave During a FULL scale investigation!!!

What’s this she asks as she opens her FB Timeline and finds a share there… First rubbing her eyes and then a few blinks she reads the following and jumps for joy!!!

Killeen police are investigating the city’s Animal Control supervisor, who was placed on paid leave Friday while police determine whether animals were properly cared for at the facility. Police spokeswoman Carroll Smith would not elaborate on any details of the ongoing investigation of Killeen Animal Control Manager Stacie Sherva. However, a news release said the Killeen Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division is investigating allegations that Sherva broke department policies for the proper care of animals and management of personnel. Killeen police Commander Lee Caufield assumed command of the Animal Control Unit while police conduct the investigation. Caufield also serves on the city’s Animal Advisory Committee. Sherva has been with Killeen Animal Control, a division of the police department, for five years. She worked for numerous animal control departments and shelters throughout Williamson and Bell counties before being hired by the city. Sherva manages a staff of about 10 animal control officers and office staff at the Animal Control Center, a two-building facility at 3118 Commerce Drive. Killeen Animal Control is a kill shelter that euthanizes about 40 percent of the animals housed there, Sherva said in 2010. The facility typically houses dogs and cats, though it is equipped to shelter other animals. The facility takes in stray and abandoned animals. It also vaccinates and adopts out animals. Staff also work in conjunction with several nonprofits.


Local Animal Control Official Placed On Leave

KILLEEN (October 9, 2013)—Stacey Sherva, the Killeen Police Department’s animal control manager, was on paid leave Wednesday while the department’s internal affairs unit investigates allegations of policy violations, police spokeswoman Carroll Smith said in a brief statement. The allegations involve “violations of department policy as they relate to management of personnel and the proper care of animals,” Smith said, but she provided no further details. Sherva was placed on leave on Friday. Commander Lee Caufield is serving as interim animal control manager, Smith said.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B


~ by topcatsroar on October 20, 2013.

One Response to “Placed on Leave During a FULL scale investigation!!!”

  1. ABOUT TIME!!!!!!! NONE TOO SOON, FROM ALL I HAVE READ OF THIS DEPARTMENT AND OTHERS! I PRAY they will correct what they can and try to MAKE IT RIGHT with those whom this person has had a hand in STEALING from then subjecting to ABUSE by the animals’ supposed SAVIORS! All a MONEY THING, As usual! But WHOSE MONEY?????YOU guessed it! yours, mine and the legal owners!

    thoroughly disgusted

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