Zoo Wars -Can you say H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!?!

I don’t know whether Carole Lewis Baskin was asked to give a testimonial to this product or if this was the early stages of ‘getting stuff for free’…Either way she certainly admits to animal bites and scratches (even one that was quite serious but Don Lewis wanted to keep a secret (at least that’s her claim here) This is just like the bites and scratches she now lists on her site…for everyone except herself that is!!! Can you say H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!?!

The following was found on the Internet…

Don and Carole Lewis
12802 Easy Street
Tampa, Florida 33625
(813) 920-4130 626-9155
June 5,1996

Kiss-Cote, Inc.
12515 Sugar Pine Way
Tampa, Florida 33624
(813) 962-2703
fax 961-0579

Dear Dr. Keith Kent,
Thank you for your wonderful products, Kiss Care and Kiss Cote. As owner
of Wild Life On Easy Street, Inc., a sanctuary for big cats, we have found many
uses for your marvelous “miracle spray” as we commonly refer to it here. When
an animal or a person gets bitten, scratched or scraped, It Is the first thing we
look for in the medicine chest. The following are a few Incidents which occurred
and were greatly improved-through the use of your product

A 200 pound Leopard leaped 24 feet and was caught in mid air by my
husband, Don Lewis. The cat was smiling and had his mouth wide open as he
flew through the air. As he landed, his top canine tooth caught on Don’s neck.
The weight and impact caused the tooth to slice deeply across my husband’s
throat The gash was so bad that we thought surely his head would fall oil, but
Don, typical to his nature, refused to see a Doctor. The only thing in our
medicine box that we felt safe with was your Kiss Care. We sprayed it several
times daily and affixed bandages at intervals across the wound to hold the skin
together. yet allow K to breathe. While we would never recommend that
someone treat themselves In such a serious situation, we would like to praise
Kiss Care for aiding In healing and would suggest it in addition to medical

Boots, a old and crotchety domestic cat got into it with a raccoon and the
coon won. Boots suffered a nasty bite to the head and face. Her veterinarian
administered antibiotics and said to leave the wound open to heal. We sprayed
her regularly with the Kiss Care and the wound never did get Infected or
parasitized and the healing was quick and Is now undetectable. The fur grew
back quickly and now Boots is working on her “next life”.

Nakita, a rare and beautiful White Tiger was here for boarding. She was
badly inbred and apparently had little or no feeling in her tail . One cold morning
she was chasing her tail, as was her habit and she accidentally sunk her claws
into the flesh, ripping it open, She fussed over her tail incessantly after that and
the problem became worse and worse. Her owner would not allow our
Veterinarian to treat the cat and would not call one of her own, so we used the
Kiss Care to seal the wound and give ~ a chance to heal. We felt ~ was the
safest product to use’ in an area that would be constantly licked by the’ cat The
tail has not only healed, but the fur has grown back and the damage can no
longer be detected.

MyKinga, a two month old baby and lion and Elsa, a four month old baby lion
were being introduced to each other as life long mates. They had to have a
fence between them, until ~ could be determined that they would not kill each
other, but both were so eager to check out the other, that they rubbed raw,
oozing spots on their noses and eyebrows. Again, Kiss Care to the rescue.

Kaluah, a very old Margay was clawed in the eye by her mate. She is not
tame, and would not allow me to administer any sort of ointment to her face so I
tried spraying the Kiss Care in my own eyes. .The spray was soothing, so I
sprayed her for three days and the eye healed beautifully. A few days later a
couple of female Bobcats got Into a scrape over a male, and the smaller one was
bitten in the eye and nose. Again, we used the Kiss Care and in just a few days
the wounds had healed without a trace.

Exotic kittens have very fragile immune systems and contract every little
sneeze or sniffle that floats through. We have found that spraying their eyes
with Kiss Care while they are being treated antibiotically for upper respiratory
problems, seems to greatly reduce the need for eye ointments. Kittens are
always biting and scratching each other as they are learning their limitations,
and these wounds always receive Kiss Care above all else.

The autofocus, telephoto lens on my Nikon would not slide freely. I took it to
a camera shop and they said that the lens was a self contained unit and that it
was not repairable. The only other option was to purchase a new ($600.00)
lens. Since I was told that my lens was no good, I pulled ~ out to It’s full length,
sprayed ~ with Kiss Cote, wiped ~ with a hanky and ~ has been working just
perfectly for several months. I use this lens almost daily by the way.

We have successfully treated every imaginable cat fight. and human
interaction with you product We have been bitten by Otters, Binturongs, many
of the cats, raccoons, and that doesn’t even get in to all of our construction
incidents, such as smashed fingernails, nail holes, wire scrapes and exhaust
burns that we have used your product for. It is simple and painless to apply and
we have never encountered an infection while. using your product. We are very
pleased with Kiss Care and Kiss Cote and hope that it will be available for years
to come.
For the Animals, Carole Lewis
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B


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