Message from TX-RPOA -One step closer to a perfect city-NOT!

The Animal Rights Movement is MARCHING ACROSS TEXAS with a vengeance. Animal Rescuers won’t even like this one-This will put an end to the merchandise offered up for FREE so they will likely join in putting a stop to this-After all, nothing sells better than a puppy-they don’t grow on trees!!!

This proves that the government has NO INTEREST IN ANIMALS although they have been stealing animals from their rightful longstanding owners for years and giving them freely to NFP organizations to do as they wish to do with them…Texas cities and counties will no longer need those big buildings to shelter animals and the vets they hire for S/N. The vets that are doing S/N for these NFP organizations will be out of a job as breeders are forced to either give up their business or move out…Relief vets will no longer be needed as veterinarians will see fewer animals and they too will be forced to move to keep their practice going…THE END IS NEAR if this is put into effect!!!

Cities and counties directly within range of Houston north, south, east and west, will be next to feel the effects of these terrorists where thy live; as the Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Nazis spread their reign of terror through out the state and the states at their borders-Their true agenda will be put into FULL force…This is of concern for you even thou you don’t live in Texas…Remember, other cities and counties in other states will follow!!!

And you thought it was only about ‘puppy mills’ and putting them out of business. You didn’t believe that the TRUE GOAL of the Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist Movement was to end all humane association with animals all along.

This proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that the goal was a sophisticated scheme all along was to end ALL animal usage…It’s dogs and cats now…the rest is in the making…ALL animals!!! So if you don’t think this concerns you because Rover is S/N, think again!!! From dogs and cats it becomes horses, exotic animals to chickens and cows…The choice of how you feed your family will no longer be an option.

Remember when you said this doesn’t concern me and this couldn’t be true when you first stumbled across this blog and/or others with a warning  about the REAL goal of the Animal Rights Movement and you said couldn’t be…THINK AGAIN-because if this becomes law the end of many of the freedoms you enjoy today will be changed tomorrow for you, your children and generations to come…

Let this mayor know that the Nazis were defeated years go and she’s another vote away from being defeated!!! Even if you don’t live in Houston-Get your message sent!!!

> From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach Crossposting is
> encouraged!
October 12, 2013

Houston, Texas, Heads Up!

The “Animal Rights” Brigade continues their march across Texas to end all
use, breeding, sales and ownership of animals for any reason, including pet
RPOA just received the Houston ordinance proposal yesterday and we’re still
digesting all 66 pages!  (Ordinance link is below)

Since any Houston dog or cat breeder who speaks out publicly regarding the
new proposal will immediately receive a knock on the door from BARC, it will
be up to all of us elsewhere who vacation and attend Houston area dog and
cat events to protest for them!

Since only 5% to 7% of shelter dogs and less than 1% of shelter cats are
purebreds according to the American Humane Association, banning all
purposeful dog and cat breeding will have little effect on Houston’s number
of impounded animals.  Surely being a licensed “commercial” breeding
facility would violate all zoning laws.

For the time being, email Mayor Annise Parker at with
your comments.  We’ll have more later.  Please read Sherry’s comments below
and thanks to all of you for keeping RPOA informed!
Crosspost with permission from:
Sherry Wallis, Akita Club of America Delegate in Houston.

***  Here’s the short part–The City of Houston is getting ready to make all
breeding of dogs and cats illegal.  It has already made it illegal to sell a
dog or cat (although I’m only using dog here), just one, without a
commercial breeders permit.  The end of this application asks you to assert:
“The above applicant hereby states that he/she is in the business of
breeding or selling dogs or cats on the above property, in the City of
Houston, Texas”  So the HOA in your neighborhood could easily force you out
even if the city permits you, especially if the city permits you.

The existing ordinances also make it illegal to sell any unsterilized dog
or cat without a permit.  So if you bought a dog from someone and resell it
without a permit, you are subject to whatever penalties the city has for
this offense.

Their new proposal will further extend the restrictions, making
non-commercial breeding illegal.  What is that?  Any breeding at all.  You
can’t even breed an animal and keep the offspring.  And there are NO permits
for non-commercial breeding. This is a great Catch-22.

Does anyone besides us care?  The person speaking on behalf of BARC at the
presentation that’s online doesn’t seem to think this is an issue.  (RPOA:
See links below)  He says he doesn’t see any reason for anyone to breed dogs
or cats in the city when the shelter has so many coming in.

I talked to BARC today, to Jarred?  I asked how I could find out who held
breeder’s permits in the city and he told me that information was only
available if I filed a request thru FOI, and even then, he didn’t think I
would get it because it would have to be reviewed by the legal dept.  I
asked him how many had been given out, and he said that in the 3 yrs he’d
been there, it was only three at the most.  He also expressed his opinion
that no one should be breeding and that anyone who wants a pet should come
to BARC or another shelter.  This begs the question of what happens after
the one generation is gone or the extinction of many breeds.

Clearly permits aren’t effective in curbing the problem, so why penalize
all responsible breeders and owners who want a pure-bred dog because of the
irresponsible ones?  This merely provides a tool for harassment and is
clearly unreasonable.

The mayor is running for reelection and she clearly doesn’t see us as a
group with which she should be concerned.  This is her regime, these are her
people, and so, this is probably something she supports anyway.  She’s
undoubtedly going to win another term, so the only shot at fighting this or
affecting any change for the betterment of Houston dog owners and breeders
is to start trying to work through the city council people.
This is something the people who live in the city will have to do.  Those of
us in dog clubs who live outside the city or in other cities have no way to
influence these people.  We’re stakeholders only to the extent that we
participate in an event that brings a huge amount of money to the city.
If y’all want to know more about this, you should visit the city of
Houston website for BARC.  You can locate the new regulations there and also
watch the online presentation.  There is another meeting next week which
people should not only attend but should also sign up to speak.

The last round of changes went though without any notice and that’s when the
commercial breeder was introduced without our being able to say a word.
This time, they’ve not been so successful at sneaking this in, and we might
well have a chance to make some changes for the better.  One thing is for
sure, if you don’t do anything, this is going to go right through without so
much as a mention, so none of us has anything to lose by speaking out.
*** End of Sherry’s quotes.

For more information, check out

In particular, read the following and note sections 6-1 and 6-120

In addition, here are the links to the YouTube videos of the Oct 1 meeting  BARC held on the revisions.

Stakeholders Meeting part 1:

Stakeholders Meeting part 2:

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Disclaimer connected to this blog…things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B

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