Board member of SPCA accused of cruelty!!!

Now isn’t this interesting…An SPCA Board member saying what so many accused of animal cruelty has said over and over again…and now going thru the process-GOOD!…no wait…GREAT!!! It’s not that I’d wish this on my own enemy but people who fight animal cruelty need to see for themselves what that’s really all about -from the inside looking out so to speak!!! I wonder if the hate mail has started-or the death threats…a view like no other can possibly perceive than the view from someone accused of this crime when there was nothing wrong or anything outside of the ordinary…the dog ran away twice-HA! priceless…

So did she make someone in the SPCA organization angry or did the entire group of Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists within the SPCA organization there anger animal control?!? I would not be surprised to hear the REAL root of the issue…Will someone pull a few strings and get her off-BIG question…I sure do hope we get the answer to these questions and more!!!


“When ARs say an accusation of animal cruelty is as good as a conviction, remember this story. Watch for updates…However, maybe it’s about time the SPCA wakes up and smell their own crap…” [Their own BULLSHIT you mean!!!]


from the article: “I don’t know why someone thinks this,” Wyche said of the charge against her. “Quite frankly I’ve never done a thing wrong in my life. I did get a speeding ticket last year at 67 years old.” It was five miles over the limit, Wyche said, and it was her first.

SPCA Executive Director Denise Hayes said she’d been informed of the charge. “We take these allegations seriously and we intend to fully cooperate with authorities if needed,” she said.

Barbara Dalhouse, who retired as president of the SPCA in June, said she’s known Wyche for 12 years and worked with her on the organization’s board since 2006.


I hope she has to go thru the entire shocking process to see just how devastating being WRONGFULLY accused really is!!!  I don’t expect too many will agree with me on this this but then again maybe…KARMA BITES HARD!!! Do they need the merchandise this badly or the claim ‘We fight animal cruelty even when it’s one of our own’…Donation seeking idiots!!! They are always making one claim or another…How many people accused of animal cruelty are older women and might have NEVER had so much as a speeding ticket?!? MANY!!! Most people accused of animal cruelty are law abiding members of society and wrongfully accused…This one no different…

I find it so interesting how people actually believe that conditions for animals need to meet the same conditions for people…I certainly would not survive in a pasture but a horse loves it…it’s not about alga in a water bowl when it is ONLY harmful if blooming…not to say I love alga because I don’t and totally obsessed with providing fresh water for my animals because I know they prefer it to a yucky looking bowl or bucket of water…My dog prefers being outside, romping with clean and dry dog houses with soft bedding…not a cold concrete floors as specified in regulations…Nope regulations do not meet the standards that a dog would prefer to have…

SPCA board member faces cruelty charge

A stray, sick dog she had taken in escaped at least twice, and animal control was called in.

Poo Wyche’s house is decorated with a menagerie of  odds and ends collected at yard sales across Southwest Virginia. In one  corner sits a statuette of three owls. Upstairs, there’s an antique map  of the planet.

Wyche likes fixing things, she says. She likes making them better.

That’s partly why Wyche, who has served on the board  of directors of the Roanoke Valley SPCA for more than two decades, says  she took in a sad-looking dog in June of last year after she spotted it  running loose on U.S. 460 near her house in Blue Ridge.

After more than a year of caring for the dog – which  she named Princess – Paula Sanford “Poo” Wyche, 68, was indicted by a  Botetourt County grand jury Monday for misdemeanor animal cruelty.

“This is wrong,” she said Friday, through vigorous  tears. “I rethink it every second of every day. There’s nothing I  would’ve done differently.”

Wyche said she took the dog to the Regional Center  for Animal Control and Protection in Roanoke immediately after  collecting it from the highway in June 2012. The pound was then in  partnership with the SPCA.

According to records provided to The Roanoke Times  by Wyche, a veterinarian at the SPCA diagnosed the 8-year-old lab mix  with a number of issues, noting Princess had bright red lesions on her  skin and significant dental problems, among other findings.

Wyche said she asked the SPCA vet if she could foster the dog, hoping to save it from euthanasia.

“Being a good citizen of Botetourt County, as soon  as she came to my home, I went to Fincastle and got a tag for her,”  Wyche said. “That’s the first thing I did, because that’s what you do.”

Later in June and into July 2012, records show Wyche  took Princess to her Bonsack vet of 27 years, who determined the dog  had tapeworms and low thyroid levels, which was causing hair loss.

At least three times while caring for her, though,  Wyche said, Princess escaped from an enclosure in her back yard. One  time, Wyche said, Princess fell asleep on a neighbor’s deck and was  picked up by a Botetourt County animal control officer when the  neighbors feared she had mange.

By the early spring, Wyche said, Princess was slowly  improving. But when she worried about a new issue popping up, her usual  vet wasn’t in town. Wyche went to another vet, in Daleville.

That doctor said Princess had mange, a skin disease  caused by parasitic mites. Wyche later tried taking Princess to a  groomer, who refused her service because of the new diagnosis.

In June of this year, Princess escaped again – this  time early in the morning. The dog was taken by a Botetourt County  animal control officer to Angels of Assisi, a shelter in Roanoke, Wyche  said.

“The animal officer in Botetourt came there and said that I had been cruel to an animal,” Wyche said, crying.

The officer asked why Princess’ hair was gone, and why her toenails were long.

“I said, ‘I really think only God knows that because  I’ve done everything possible,'” Wyche recalled. She told the officer  Princess’ nails were long because the Daleville groomer had denied her  service.

That was in June. She reluctantly left Princess at Angels of Assisi, giving up her rights to see the dog.

On Tuesday, two Botetourt County sheriff’s deputies  knocked on Wyche’s Blue Ridge door. It was just after 1 p.m., and she  was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Wyche said she was handcuffed and placed in a squad  car. Court records show she was released a few hours later on a $1,000  unsecured bond.

The grand jury indictment charges that Wyche “did  … unlawfully deprive an animal of necessary food, drink, shelter or  emergency veterinary treatment.”

Botetourt County Sheriff Ronnie Sprinkle declined to  comment on the case, saying he’d prefer not to try the case in the  media since it hasn’t gone to trial.

“There was a report of cruelty to animals, and apparently an investigation was done,” he said.

He referred questions to Botetourt County  Commonwealth’s Attorney Joel Branscom, who has recused himself and his  office in the case because it involves “a party or parties to which the  commonwealth attorney or members of his office has a personal or  professional relationship,” according to documents filed in Botetourt  County Circuit Court.

Assistant Botetourt County Commonwealth’s Attorney  Jill Deegan has a reputation statewide for her aggressive stance on  cases involving animal cruelty.

Instead, Assistant Attorney General Michelle Welch, a  prosecutor in the Richmond office of Virginia Attorney General Ken  Cuccinelli, was appointed to handle the case.

Brian Gottstein, a spokesman for the attorney  general’s office, said Welch was appointed when Branscom’s office opted  not to participate. Gottstein noted Welch is also the state’s expert for  animal cruelty prosecutions.

“I don’t know why someone thinks this,” Wyche said  of the charge against her. “Quite frankly I’ve never done a thing wrong  in my life. I did get a speeding ticket last year at 67 years old.”  It  was five miles over the limit, Wyche said, and it was her first.

SPCA Executive Director Denise Hayes said she’d been  informed of the charge. “We take these allegations seriously and we  intend to fully cooperate with authorities if needed,” she said.

Barbara Dalhouse, who retired as president of the  SPCA in June, said she’s known Wyche for 12 years and worked with her on  the organization’s board since 2006.

“I can’t begin to tell you what a sweet, kind person  Poo is,” Dalhouse said. “She has always been the kind of person that  would do the kind thing.”

Dalhouse called the charge “mean-spirited” and “spiteful,” though she didn’t elaborate.

“It is totally outrageous – the charges, everything,” she said. “I know as a fact they are totally outrageous.”

Wyche said she’s looking to hire an attorney, and is contemplating what will happen next.


Another interesting thing to note is that it appears this staff writer has written a much softer side of the case of animal cruelty than anyone else would never receive…What about the facilities of the SPCA…are they above board and well cared for loved animals in a no kill shelter?!?-HA!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

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6 Responses to “Board member of SPCA accused of cruelty!!!”

  1. This is mean spirited and not christian but I am going to say it anyways. What is going to happen next? I pray that your life is totally screwed up, I pray that you are forever branded an abuser and that for the rest of your life there are people willing to post this far and wide JUST LIKE WHAT HAPPENED and is happening to me and other people that are accused of animal abuse. I pray that NOBODY ever listens to you and you are called a liar and murderer to your face. I pray that people tell you that you are better off dead. I pray you get a lawyer that laughs at you and refuses to defend you. I pray you are stalked for the rest of your days. Maybe it was wrong in your case too but you got what you deserved! You screwed over many people in your reign as a member of AC now it is time for you to walk in their shoes. I honestly hope that you really do love animals and some judge decides to tell you that you can no longer have an animal anywhere near you or you go to jail. This is one time I do not feel sorry for the person being accused. Please Lord forgive me but this is the way I feel.

    • I know that truth and you do not need to be forgiven for saying it anymore than I do for what I posted…Actually, I think you said it better than I was thinking it!!! All things happen for a reason…I will be curious to follow this case!!! Thank you so much for your comment!!! Best -B

  2. A 68 year old woman—-another older woman—accused and INNOCENT until found GUILTY! Yes, just like many others! Thrown under the bus? falsely accused? her own pet probably “put down” because of the opinion of one person or cause? From what I have personally experienced and read, I feel dreadfully sorry for this old soul! If anyone has it coming, it is probably her, but…..NO ONE should have to go through this,,,,,,NO ONE who loves animals! SACRIFICIAL LAMB from a different meadow??? Welcome to the world of the _________accused and ruined! I can not wish any harm to come to this old woman, but she and many others with her from shelters and rescues and vets offices, and more who have so adamantly looked down their noses at every one of the others they have helped to crucify unjustly, also must REALIZE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE OR WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!!! Dear God in heaven, I pray an end comes to this unfair and unjust political system, where all the wrong reasons are taken into account as TRUTH! AMEN!!… It is CRUCIFIXION IN A SAD SORT OF WAY!

    • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one…Unless there is evidence of INTENTIONAL HARM/CRUELTY then it’s complete ignorance and BULLSHIT and if it takes one or several getting screwed by their own organization to get the truth to surface…so be it!!! -B

  3. Welcome to the club, Poo! Be sure and save one of those nifty little pens they allow you to have in your jail cell! Save the tea bag too, so you can use it with hot shower water later in the evening (IF the shower gets hot). And if you do find a lawyer who’s willing to take on your case, please share the name with the rest of us. If you need to vent, you can join one of the growing number of victims’ groups. We’ll listen. We might not sympathize, but we’ll listen… Please also tell us how you managed to get out on only a thousand bucks bail when the rest of us get 20 or 30 times that!

    • I won’t listen…I don’t give crap for all the abuse of the SPCA!!! Let her lean firsthand what good that group does!!! NOT -B

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