Zoo Wars -Fighting to Keep Tony

From http://www.onlineprnews.com/news/426483-1381192931-tiger-truck-stop-releases-statement-on-the-la-supreme-court-decision-about-tony-the-truck-stop-tiger.html

“Our constitution demands that all individuals be treated the same. The 2006 Louisiana Exotic Animal Ban is discriminatory because it exempts colleges and American Zoological Association (AZA) accredited zoos. AZA, a private non-profit organization and not a government agency, has been given exclusive rights to accredit zoos in Louisiana, but by creating a monopoly for the AZA they discriminate against other accrediting organizations. Tiger Truck Stop is accredited by the United States Zoological Association (USZA) which the state does not yet recognize. What other evidence of discrimination is there? LSU, the Baton Rouge Zoo and the Tiger Truck Stop all have exactly the same federal zoo license. There is no legal basis to exempt one USDA licensed exhibitor over another. This is blatant discrimination, and is only one of the unintended consequences of the law.

Some have maintained it’s an issue of public safety. During the appeal hearing of the First Circuit Court at the LSU Law Center, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) attorney stated “tigers are dangerous to the public and we don’t want tigers in Louisiana”. In the midst of “Tiger Country”, ALDF stated the obvious, and their true intent -ALDF does not want tigers in Louisiana. It’s true all tigers can be dangerous to the public, not just Tiger Truck Stop’s Tony. If Mike the tiger were to escape at LSU stadium with 90,000 energetic football fans, it would be extremely dangerous. LSU has had a tiger escape. No tiger has ever escaped the zoo at the Tiger Truck Stop. Zoos that have and follow safety protocols do not have problems with dangerous animals harming anyone.

Tiger Truck Stop has a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of this law, which we believe gives us the chance to right this unintentionally discriminatory legislation. The vast majority of people support all Louisiana tigers and understand the value of tiger preservation and exhibition—and trust us and the USDA to take care of our animals. More than 17,000 people have signed the Save Tony petitions. We believe federal licensing is adequate and significant as federal regulations have kept people safe and insured proper care of exotic animals for decades. There was never a need for individual states to become involved. We, with our family, our legal team, and supporters, are doing everything we can to keep Tony safe here in his Louisiana home where he belongs. And we are fighting to keep Louisiana free from outside influences and non-constitutional activism who want to control us.”


Sandlin is investigating applying to the US Supreme court to defend his civil and property rights. The actions of the Louisiana courts and the Louisiana Supreme Court could  result in Tiger Truck Stops property to be taken without proper due process of the law. You people getting it yet?!? Guilty of nothing and they steal property for longstanding animal owners!!!


More Proof Carole Lewis Baskin Of Big Cat Rescue/BCR/WILDLIFE on EASY Street, of Tampa Florida continues to LIE about Tony The Truck Stop Tiger. A CORRECTED Associated Press article asserts that LDWF NEVER  stated that Tony would go there. It was the OTHER WAY AROUND!!!

Would some one please explain WHY All these Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist NFP organizations who are mascaraing as Animal Welfare experts and rescuers, that are utilizing taxpayer based law enforcement and the taxpayer based judicial system, have any right to assert such unacceptable behavior to serve there own purpose, to stop all animal usage, as acceptable when, is a fact, this behavior is a breach of authority given rise of more continued attacks on US citizens and US businesses?!?

Just what part of that statement isn’t understood by judges who are paid with TAXPAYER dollars to protect US citizens rather than enforce this breach of authority by NFP Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorist organizations (get this-2% of the population!) and have allowed this invasion of Michael Sandlin’s right to own Tony and display Tony as a free educational exhibit at the Truck Stop no different than any other attraction in Louisiana licensed by the USDA?!?   

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but they are not allowed to disrupt someone’s private business and jeopardize a longstanding animal owners  livelihood -this needs to be stopped immediately rather than be encouraged!!!

It seems that few to no judges are stepping up to the plate and doing their job. The invasion on the Truck Stop continues while some judges refusing to hear the case and then dismisses an appeal without being heard. -How much did Mr. Sandlin pay for a silent appeal and how much more must he spend to protect his civil rights to keep Tony, his PROPERTY?!?

So out of a panel of SEVEN judges only one stepped up to the plate-WTH?!?  When are these judges somewhere, anywhere, going to get it right and set these people on their arse’ to stop using the VOTING TAXPAYER based law enforcement and the judicial system to serve a purpose that the government has no interest in whether it be a tiger, a collection of dogs or cats, snakes or bees. This business of Animals Rights is BIG business paying BIG salaries and only serves to benefit the Not for Profits themselves that PAY NO TAX!!!

How many people have been to that truck stop, saw Tony the Tiger and might have never seen a tiger is their entire lifetime had it not been for this exhibit being offered for FREE to the public?!? Just what makes the truck stop any different than any or attraction in Louisiana?!? What the Hell is so difficult about this that is not understood?!? How much has this cost Michael Sandlin AND the VOTING TAXPAYERS?!?


Correction: Truck Stop Tiger story

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — In a story Oct. 8 about a tiger at a Louisiana truck stop, The Associated Press reported erroneously that state wildlife officials have been fighting the owner in court for years, saying a truck stop is no place for a tiger. Animal rights groups have made that argument, not state officials.

The story also quoted Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue saying that in 2009 the state wildlife department told her it was going to seize the tiger and asked her to take custody. The state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said Big Cat Rescue asked about taking the tiger if the owner did not meet permit requirements.

A corrected version of the story is below:

Truck stop owner vows to keep up fight for tiger

Truck stop owner says he will continue court fight to keep his 550-pound tiger


Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A truck stop owner who has a tiger at his business says he will continue to fight to keep his big cat, despite losing a court challenge.

Last week, the state Supreme Court refused to hear Michael Sandlin‘s appeal over a license he lost to keep the 550-pound Bengal tiger in his 3,200-square-foot cage near Baton Rouge. Animal rights groups have been fighting Sandlin in court for years, saying a truck stop is no place for a tiger.

Sandlin said he probably won’t appeal the high court’s decision but will continue a second bid to keep Tony by challenging a 2006 law giving the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries jurisdiction over big and exotic cats.

“To be quite frank, I don’t really want a state permit. I think the state exotic animal ban is unconstitutional and discriminatory,” he said Tuesday.

The agency has described Tony as the last privately owned big cat in Louisiana. Sandlin said he doesn’t know when state District Judge Janice Clark will schedule a hearing in his lawsuit challenging the ban.

Federal laws and rules already protect the animals, Sandlin said, and Tony gets 20 pounds of meat a day and has regular veterinary care.

If Tony must leave Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, the tiger would go to Joe Schreibvogel’s animal park in Wynnewood, Okla., Sandlin said. Sandlin grew up in nearby Oklahoma City and the two are good friends.

The Humane Society of the United States brought state and federal complaints last year against Schreibvogel’s G.W. Exotic Animal Park — now called The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park — after an undercover investigation. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture this year not to renew Schreibvogel’s license.

Schreibvogel and Sandlin said he properly cares for the animals.

“I know that he loves and cares for the animals. I’ve been to the park and seen firsthand the care that the animals get,” Sandlin said.

On Saturday, a tiger at Schreibvogel’s park ripped up a keeper’s arm, but Sandlin believes it was not the animal’s fault. He said the woman trainer disobeyed the park’s basic protocol by inserting her arm into the enclosure.

In Louisiana, the Animal Legal Defense Fund won its lawsuit to revoke Sandlin’s license to keep Tony when the state Supreme Court refused without comment on Friday to hear Sandlin’s appeal.

Carole Baskin, founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla., said she was at the truck stop in 2009, after the state wildlife department told her it was going to seize Tony and asked her to take custody. The noise of idling trucks and the smell of diesel was no place for a tiger with a sensitive nose and ears, she said.

The state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said Big Cat Rescue asked in 2009 about housing the tiger if the owner did not meet permit requirements.

“LDWF did not request that Big Cat Rescue visit the site or indicate in any way that they had been or would be selected to transport the tiger out of state, had that become necessary,” spokesman Bo Boehringer wrote in an email Wednesday.

Baskin said her company “may have initiated the contact.” But she went to Grosse Tete only because Maria Davidson, the department’s large carnivore program manager, notified her that “they were confiscating the cat and wanted us to pick him up.”



So Sandlin’s fight for Private Exotic Animal Ownership continues…

Sandlin has another suit against the state of Louisiana challenging the Exotic Animal Ban Legislation as unconstitutional and discriminatory. It seems to me and everyone else that the Louisiana Legislation should entertain an amendment to the law to exempt all USDA licensed facilities not just LSU and AZA Zoos.

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