CNN FAILED in their report this morning so decided to send a complaint (below)

This weekend and thru the weeks that follow, my concern and focus is for GW Exotic Park and the truth of what happened-I am sure he will produce his own documentary on this rather unfortunate incident.


I am upset with the slanted story about the zoo incident, You seem to be promoting Animal Rights Extremists Organizations (Terrorists within our borders)view of what is actually a fantastic park…

I dare any one of you to try to keep up with Joe to see what he is able to accomplish in one day, let alone in a few hours…You pictured the zoo and saw for yourself the cleanliness and the safety fences…and the over the top security at the park!

All bad press seems to begin with Carole Lewis Baskin and her tainted past of breeding with a long list of incidents and violations (Wildlife on Easy Street IS Big Cat Rescue/BCR owned and operated by Baskin that began as a breeding facility/attraction (not sanctuary) when she was married to her now missing husband Don Lewis…

When her business failed she became an Animal Rights orientated for a fresh line of unsuspecting ‘marks’ for donations-Heck her big promotion right now is to go for Halloween thrills in the dark at her facility. She paid (excuse me donated) Wayne Pacelle $100,000.00 (from donated money intended for animal care)to HSUS who in turn made her an ‘accredited sanctuary’ when in truth, Florida Fish and Wildlife has stated that BCR does NOT qualify as a Florida Sanctuary; yet Baskin continues to promote herself as an animal sanctuary-deceiving the public for donations and isn’t this type od deception perpetuated on the public illegal!?!

More can be found here with more links to an extensive expose’ of Carole Lewis Baskin, CEO Big Cat Rescue/BCR/Wildlife on Easy Street (included in this link is the long list of incidents-that we know of that is)

Even Dateline did a story -There was no protocol and they didn’t just stick their arms in a cage, they slept…unsupervised….with exotic cats!!!

Read that list of incidents that Baskin ignores and happened under her watch!!!

There’s more, plenty more-You just fell into her plight to take GW Exotic Park down and laughing as you took the bait…Look at her gloating as she forges ahead in an attempt to have these animals banned and removed from private owners when in reality, everyone is a private owner, licensed the same, expected to have protocol and meet the requirements for proper care and the welfare of the animals and the general public.

Frankly, Carole Lewis Baskin should show honest concern as a Private Exotic Animal Owner herself (Although rumor has it that plans are being made to send some or all of the animals at BCR to Scott Loope who’s claim to fame is a cancelled show on Discovery due to obvious deception who worked at BCR and likely Baskin will retain ownership if this is true-ask her point black about this rumor.)

Next time take the time to do an honest investigation and be aware of WHO is supplying the information. Thank you for your time with a matter that is extremely important to me. Who am I, well maybe one of your producers should call and ask…Obviously I have done a great deal of research and first hand information.

Sincerely, TopCat

Lastly, get it right…This the FIRST incident at GE Exotic Park!!! Shame on you!!!

Even Jack Hanna has a shady past and not without incident-This the FIRST at GW and should be noted this is not a new park but has been in operation for many years!!!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others (including this letter to CNN)…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on October 7, 2013.

One Response to “CNN FAILED”

  1. Joe did a great job-jus can not say the same for CNN!!!

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